Sunday, March 15, 2009


  Who would have thought that it was even possible 100 years ago that our American system of government would not only become tyrannical but assume all the powers likened only to an almighty god. The issue at hand isn’t tobacco it is about the reintroduction of out and out slavery on a universal scale. It was tea the last time around that turned out to be the straw that broke the camels back, and it may well be tobacco this time around.
  We spend all our efforts in debating the pros and cons instead of the abuse of power at all levels of government. It’s sort of like a man being pulled under water by a shark and cries out to others “help me I’m drowning” never mind the water, it’s the damn shark that needs killing in order to save him.
  We as a people get all bogged down in the rhetoric over stats, fairness, and antidotal probabilities when in reality none of what people do in their personal lives is the business of government or the majority. This can only be so if we are propagandized into believing it has profound effect on others in some nuanced phantom way.
  There is hardly anything that humans do that is not seen by some as offensive even repulsive, physically or intellectually. This in turn is not justification for any social rule or law, which uses consensus or manipulation of the truth of evidence that lacks empirical or objective fact. Science is now, what ever consensus they arrive at through their subjective human nature, empirical or objective evidence or truth is not ever a consideration. Simply said, to be offended is a matter between individuals not law, and to keep law or social rules out of it, one or the other must separate from the other not by force of law but mutual respect of each others individual Sovereignty.
  Smoking is one such issue all laws and or rules of coercion have been created in the deceitful techniques and subterfuge of human nature, through junk medical science and consensus, political correctness, manipulated statistics, and the perceived offenses and the selfish greed of public officials through their human nature and the sanctimony of other’s sense of smell or psychosomatic revulsions and allergens.
  Colognes, perfumes, and or body odor, auto exhaust, hair spray etc even halitosis are just as offensive, in fact more harmful to human biology than cigarettes. So what!! This is not to say that some, even many people are not harmed by smoking it just means it’s a personal choice and/or risk that does not belong to society or to punish the purse strings of smokers simply because they are the minority.
  The producers and users of tobacco products have been demonized by the social hypocrisy and egos of our human nature to no less a degree than witchcraft and witches of old with no more empirical or objective evidence of its evils to society than they had then, and will soon seek punishments akin to burning at the stake to purge us of this evil conjured up through subjective perceptions of the self-righteous and hypocritical kind.
  The subject of tobacco and/or tobacco use overall is only used today in order to distract the attention of the mind from objectivity to a subjective point of view leaving the objective view of other things in society that are much harder to manipulate public opinion about, like fast foods, global warming, oil consumption, gun use for self-defense and environmental conditions that will stop human progress instead of preservation or conservation, which America has been doing as a society all along. But they are working on them as I write and their demonizing is eminent. All this is socialist tyranny and is not Constitutional or American.
  Society and the individuals within are not to be used as playthings through the human nature of government officials, the courts, religion or the majority. We do not live in a majority rule society (democracy) The socialist’s tendencies of human nature are not complimentary to the American way of life or in concert with the U.S. Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence that separated us from despotic socialism in the first place with a decent respect for the opinions of mankind as so stipulated therein.
  For the opponents of my filthy habit of smoking as you put it, I want you all to know, you are my countrymen/women and no matter how perverted your particular personal behavior may be I support your right to be so. thus I will not support in fact appose any attempts to restrict or close your favorite bathhouse where you take the high personal risk of contacting HIV or spreading it around, nor will I appose your overall sexual promiscuity again risking all sort of STD’S to your self and/or others. If you or I are part of society it is our duty to put up with others personal communal peculiarities and I might say at great personal risk.
P. S. To those I’ve read who stipulated they hate our country for these abuses I must say; it is not our country, or our system of government but the vast insurgency of people who propagandize day in and day out and garner our votes that places them in office. So please, don’t blame your country just the elitist assholes we have elected and remember who they are. ------- Publius