Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Individuality & leadership

  The civil discourse we witness between men/women is the refection of our individuality but to then add the influence of collectives to that discourse raises the potential level to extreme violence between them. Every individual within a collective has surrendered his/her individuality to the group, thus they are no longer individuals but members of the herd or a band of brothers. The only place this form of collective effort by people becomes a positive affect to a society is in the military for the security purposes’ of the whole society.
  No two given people agree on everything, so in order to maintain our individuality certain limits must be imposed by the whole of a civilization and they must always be mutually agreed on or self imposed. Standards are obvious to all, beyond that everything else, is off the table and individually decided. That represents Americas’ Constitution and every new civil law created moves America closer and closer to a collective and further and further from individuality which is always the opposite of the primary goal and purposes of our Constitution.
   I have never met an American that didn’t view themselves as an individualist and I have come to understand that many of them are delusional or don’t understand what it means. You can’t say you’re an active member of a union and claim the mantel of an individualist at the same time. You can’t say you’re an active member of any collective group and claim the mantel of an individualist unless you loudly protest and appose them when you don’t agree with them.
  What Americans are witnessing in the tea party movement is pure individualism that is why they have no head person to represent them nor do they want one. The organizers of tea parties do not claim leadership and if and when they ever do, they will cease being representative of individuals but of a collective. Every individual that attends tea parties agrees on certain things but disagree on many others and it is those certain things only that they agree on, that brings them together, and no leader will ever decide what those agreements or disagreements’ are. That is what makes them true American patriots.
   Having said all that, it should be noted that the congress and the entire federal government are not the peoples leaders the people of the United States have no leaders of our society we accept leaders only in war.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concious Dreams!

   Every man/woman sees a different view of their surroundings personally, socially and worldly from completely different perspectives. Those perspectives are locked within the subjective mind based on personal experience and the conclusions one draws from them, many of which are imaginative.
   If we observe without personal experience what appears to be the plight of others we immediately transfer what those suffrages and conditions must be like onto our own imaginations. We see a homeless person and imagine or maybe even try to put ourselves in their position to obtain their thoughts and views of their own homelessness.
   No matter this subjective effort; it’s all imaginative because we cannot in reality transfer their thoughts and feelings on to or within ourselves in order to understand. The only way to understand is through an objective view which does not allow for the imaginative.
   The physical view and the imagination constitute the conscious dream of reality that all humans must bear until we mature via the objective mind. Many of our peers in society become locked in their subjective dreams and never mature intellectually throughout their life span. They wander throughout life in the imaginative world, in a conscious dream of their own created reality.
   On the personal level, the pitfalls and suffrages that men/women endure in life are what make them stronger or weaker both physically and mentally provided they can survive them. Others may assist their personal efforts toward maturity but we cannot give it to them or force it on them, they have to achieve that maturity within their own minds. This includes our own children our peers in society or others around the world.
   We cannot blame them, nor accept the blame for their failures or others, it is the human nature of life which none can avoid but can ascend from. This is the true rat race of the human condition.

Friday, March 26, 2010


   Homosexuality should be defined by society as to its true not imagined condition. An act of sexual gratification is in undeniable and basic truth, merely manipulation of the sexual organs of the human body. Nature created the opposite genders for that purpose and the perpetration of the species. Those whom psychologically choose the same sex to gratify the their sexual drive are achieving what could only be described as artificial gratification of the sex drive akin to the singular of masturbation which every human does. Thus it adds a companionship factor to gratification giving the homosexual the emotional feeling of natural normalcy to sexual gratification..
   So what’s the big deal, simply a matter of religious conscience or hate for the homosexual?  No; it’s a matter of  a cultural conscience of social health and the promiscuity that endangers it, coupled with the aggressive promotion to the young addle minded youth and their susceptibility to their own subjective feelings and emotional expressions of the sexual drive inherent in the human animal.
   Homosexuality is not a life style, it is a learned self established sexual gratification preference and no one is controlled by emotional preferences unless they psychologically live at the subjective level of an animal. And they don’t come out of the preverbal closet until they completely give their mental psychology over to the subjective which is to say a narcissistic condition of emotional and sexual self indulgence.
   To accept the principle of “we are born this way” which implies normalcy or beyond individual control we would also have to accept the pleas of child molesters, serial killers and kleptomaniacs, as normal also, because it’s beyond their control thus making social control of these behaviors unacceptable.
   If something is beyond the control of any individual in society does not make it acceptable as just a different life style and thus a normal pattern of human behavior. Normal implies the median at least, and nothing in human history demonstrates any human culture was ever 50% or more homosexual.
   Homosexual behavior is not a victimless crime any more so than rape of a mentally retarded person is. Even though they may be adults and consent to the rape. And to say that you knew you were homosexual as a young person demonstrates only your mental adolescence carried forward into adulthood.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God and America!

   In Christianity God gave man his commandments via a middleman, making it clear that only he/she will hold those who violate them to account. God also gave humans the right to disobey via freewill which is an undeniable self-evident worldly truth. God did not assign to any man/woman on this earthly plain, the authority or power to enforce his/her laws not even Jesus. It is only man that lays claim too this self righteous authority over men/women in this worldly life that all men/women share.
   I know of no man/women or organization of men/women that has/had or was given by god the authority to implement God’s will, which can only be known by God. In plain language there neither is, nor ever was middlemen with god’s authority of enforcement of his/her will, upon mankind. Only the most egotistical of mankind claim gods authority and power to punish perceived violations of gods will. So when any given society punishes one of its members it is for violations of mans laws, not those of god.  
   Only the arrogance and self-righteous imagination of mankind could or would dare to take on God’s mantle of authority over men/women, and that also will most certainly be judged and dealt with by our creator in his/her own way and time.
   America’s governance and its worldly authority over its citizens, was establish by men, but in like manner. It also has no authority over the god given sovereignty of its citizens beyond those set forth in its founding documents. And it is answerable to the aggregate authority of those same said sovereign citizens, not the arrogant and self acquired authority beyond its founding authority. And the citizen’s will most certainly judge and deal with the people of government in their own way and time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Enterprize!

    The single most exclusion, and stark deliberate omission from the Constitution of the United States was government’s role in the providing of direct public services. This was not accidental, because our forefathers understood in great detail how the providing of individual services always leads to dependence which would destroy individual incentive and responsibility. It is the natural progression in things of human nature and it destroys the very things that make Americans unique among all others of this world.
   Today if we Americans wish to eliminate most of our civil and social problems and problems with government, it can only be accomplished by forcing government out of the service business including States, cities and towns.
Every service provided, when provided by force of law, costs more in money and liberty than they are worth, and are always monopolies, which only interferes with our free enterprise system.
    A serious and prolonged effort against the status quo in government and a genuine change in the sentiments, principals’, affections and opinions of the people is prerequisite, if America is to regain her potential and responsibility to mankind in general and the individual in particular to wit, the tea party movement is a good start.
   It is and has been much of the time, the ignorance that is prevalent among the young and the minorities that consistently pursues what their country can do for them, as apposed to what they can do for their country this is why history is so important.
   Historically; socialist, communist and fascist are always touting themselves, as for the workers and the children, that is, until they have total control, then they are only for themselves at the cost of liberty and freedom for same. Blind obedience, imprisonment or death, are their only mandates for all.
Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.  John Adams

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.  Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sovereign Citizen: Self-Evident Resolve!

All Being Equal!

   All peoples are not equal, we are not even born equal, but similar only, and that similarity is called a species referred to as mankind. Aside from that point each are distinct and individual as apposed to cloned copies. The female is not by any stretch of the imagination, a copy machine, what is sanity to some is insanity to others leaving the establishment of what is sane to fall on the society of jurisdiction. This fact creates another fallacy that says in essence that mankind is a herd animal, which the history of man shows to be another misperception among men.
  Our natural collective inclination never leaves the reality and the bonds of the cohesive family. We can and do join another or different family but only by individual rejection of the one of our birth. The more of us that we accumulate in family Societies of men we tend to defy this natural and instinctive development of social gathering or grouping together. From that time on the collective becomes self destructive.
   This is the very core of the constructs of American society by emphasizing family first and individualism beyond the bounds and bonds of family. Governments that try to make by rules and laws, regarding individuals into a single family or collective go against the nature of mankind.     
   In American society a person is not considered sane that truly believes in honor killing, infanticide, human sacrifice, socialism, Islamic law or the tooth fairy etc.
   American psychiatry or psychology is completely incapable of judgment under our laws, to establish insanity or sanity of peoples of other systems or cultures because it is the civil system of any given culture that is the determinate factor of what is sane or not. To attempt to sit in judgment of sanity not within our culture is insanity its self.
   America must re-establish its standards of immigration that are exclusionary of all those things and/or people that are not compatible (Meaning not individuals or families) with our culture and its civil standards of conduct irrespective of ethnicity or national origin.
   All men/women are not equal in the eyes of our culture whither god sees it differently or not. American government is not Christian, or governed by any other ideology than what is espoused in our founding documents.
   It is our individual responsibility, in fact our duty, to each other and our society as apposed to the laws of the collective tyrants among us. Dissimilar cultures will never melt and blend in the great melting pot of the world.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


   Convictions are developed over time, as sets of principles that are the determinant aspects of individual human character. No individual can adopt the real or perceived convictions of others as their own; those are beliefs, which always requires a leap of faith as appose to personal knowledge and are absent individual intelligent development.
   The idea that one should have the strength of their own convictions implies only that they have no convictions, all true conviction are strength of character, the words, “Beliefs and convictions” have no associated meanings, nor can they both exist in the same space or mind-set, they are distinct and separate. Convictions are supposedly immovable mind sets, thus if no attack on ones convictions will cause a rise to violence, that only means you have none. Whereas violence is the final act of diplomatic defense of ones convictions as developed and established core human principles.
   Within the human mind, an attack on ones convictions is the crossing of a line that is an intolerable act, in plain language if you attack ones convictions you attack the character of the individual, rendering them as persona non grata or non-entities among humanity.
   This means if the difference between belief’s and convictions are not identifiable the individual becomes defenseless against the ignorance and diversity of belief systems, which reflects only the extremes of human nature absent the principled convictions of our human character.
   The character of the individual is established within the mind and is seldom shown openly except when challenged or under assault and today is rising in a crescendo among the American people because it is under assault by its own government, under the control of a alien ideology that stands apposed to the convictions of its own citizens and the very core values and principles that are the contents of those same said convictions.
   The founding of America and our nations true history is where our convictions come from regardless the passions of our individual diversity or the tolerance of foreign ideologies we have shown, our convictions remain as strictly our American character, in taters it may be, but individually unassailable by others in perpetuity!
   People that live their lives under the pressure of belief systems, play the game of pick and choose and what to believe at any particular time dependant on their individual passions of the moment, like what we call eleventh hour religion when they fear death is knocking on there door, or love or hate someone or thing for the personal advantages they believe they may acquire by doing so. These are people absent any true convictions or the personal character that represents them, and in my judgment are pseudo Americans and have zero redeeming value to society or America.  

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Savages Among Us!

   Rahm Emanuel, personifies the savage animal that is mankind’s uncivilized and uneducated mind and he does so with a single quote “never let a good crisis go to waste”
   We can all see on full display the numbers of people all around the globe and even in our own country that are mental savages. Every time a crisis arises, the mental savages jump into action, their instincts are to riot or loot etc from others taking full advantage of any and all cultural crisis’s for personal gain. They do this because they perceive others to be weakened by the crisis, unable to defend themselves or what belongs to them. This is precisely what Rahm Emanuel means “take advantage when others are weakened”.  This is un-American traditionally.
   I personally took the more civilized and/or intellectual approach like our forefathers did, particularly when it come to our fellow countrymen. If by chance my neighbors house was torn apart I would defend his property in his absence as though it were my own without being asked to do so, it would never even cross my mind to do otherwise. In fact if my neighbor is being put upon in any un-American way I would/will step up to help defend him/her without request as apposed to just call the police, but stand back while my neighbor suffers the savages among us. A collective style society is but the breeding ground for savages.
   We Americans are fortunate in that the savages among us are in the minority but growing while in other countries of this world the savages are already in the majority if not overwhelmingly so.
   The savages of this world see people like me as Pollyanna in our thinking, but that’s OK because it coming from savages not true Americans. Americans traditionally are a band of brothers while separate and independent but with responsibility to each other in times of crisis.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rules of Congress

   The rules of congress are rightfully given by the Constitution to Congress too decide upon. But those rules cannot overrule the constitutional authority that governs them and remain as a constitutional body.
  The rules giving unelected individuals of political party’s active involvement in government is unconstitutional. The creation of leadership roles based on party’s numbers is also unconstitutional. What ever your party affiliation, does not or should not have any basis for committee selection. No caucus should be exclusive of other members that wish to engage with it. Party secrecy in committees or caucuses was never part of the basic constructs of constitutional law making. Random selection is the only way to achieve justice on behalf of the people at large.
The women’s caucuses, black caucuses, gay caucuses or any other special interest are nothing more than balkanization of congress not rules making.
   It is one thing to plot against or on behalf of certain segments of society by elected officials, and is a prosecutable crime of official conspiracy and it is another thing to expect it to be done on the people’s dime and time. To compound this secrecy by party affiliation or any other special interest affiliation is a form of extreme bastardization of the congressional process as set forth by the Constitution. No justification can be made under the guise of making procedural rules stipulated in the Constitution apply.
   This ignorance of American Constitutional government did not happen over night but a slow but sure intentional corruption of the most unique form of government ever conceived by man.
   The idea of departments under the executive branch making laws that the people must adhere to is also non-constitutional. Neither congress nor the executive can re-assign their constitutional rights and authority to unelected bureaucrats’ that is malfeasance in and of office in the first degree.
   A just congressional rule would be; no congressman/women may vote on any bill they personally do not fully know and understand and its full impact on the people. That is the kind of rules that were expected constitutionally.
  If and when we ever have a constitutional convention these are just some of the amendments needed to further restrict the avarice of human nature within government.
   American officials today have no shame of what has been done, but plenty of ignorance of American history and constitutional law. Most modern men/women today believe manipulation of the system is the right way. NOT SO!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mutual Admiration

   Mutual admiration societies; is my way of describing social collectives that start out to help and/or assist others but end up as simply patting its members on the back and giving each other social awards for being so compassionate as to give of themselves to help others and wallow in their own egos of self righteousness. Like the legend of a thief called Robin Hood.
   They all end up morphing into businesses, and like to call themselves non profit, whereas if anyone makes a living from it, it can not be called non-profit except in their own hypocrisy. They call people being paid “volunteers” the amount of payment is irrelevant, it is compensation or pay to allow them exclusion from minimum wage laws which themselves are illegal under our American Constitution.
   Common cause collectives are an overall benefit to any society only if they are one hundred percent voluntary and strictly limited to direct involvement of and with their founding mandates, receive no government financial or otherwise support, solely of a private civil nature. Otherwise they tend to blend with government and/or are literally taken over by government using the cry of social justice as justification.
    In America; legal justice is the responsibility of government, but social justice and or welfare is the sole authority of the private sector through private means and resources, free from government interference or support but promotion only, and getting out of the way is governments only Constitutional Mandate.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Analyze this!!

   We Americans have over time reversed the way we analyze events and situations not only in our private lives but in our public lives. Many of us don’t recognize this reversal contained within our thinking, and how we end up establishing our views of other people and things. The source of this reversal of thought is the result of poor education in the development of analytical social skills, where we don’t teach how but what to think, which there after without the teacher present to tell us what to think, many are lost in the purgatory of personal thought without the analytical skills that used to be the truly American way of life.
   We went from answers to the questions as most important in analysis. We now say there are no wrong answers! This is the reverse of the truth, implying no analytical skill is required in coming up with an answer, and that all analysis exists in the question or questioner, to produce the answer desired. In plain language if you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull shit in the questions, thus there are “wrong questions”! But even with this way of thinking, the majorities in time, learn on their own individually, how to analyze with good answers of brilliance that only tends to baffle the questioners.
   This is the long over due surge in individual analysis taking place today as evidenced by the tea partiers across our fruited plains by refusing to just take instructions or answer thoughtless questions, and choose to analyze things individually. This puts the roughly 30 to 40% of non thinkers back in the underground of public intercourse where they shall remain asking ignorant questions to analytical peoples.
P. S. Don’t allow the equivalence to stand between a liberal anti-government stand and a conservative anti-government stand, they are opposites and in total do not represent anti-government as a whole.

Friday, March 5, 2010

To Allow or Disallow

   The most disgusting and I might say illogical phrase used and accepted by Americans today; is government should allow people to do or say things, whereas the US government was never granted sovereign authority over the individual lives of citizens to either allow or disallow otherwise legal behaviors or activities.
   Local communities set behavioral standards with State oversight only, which leaves the federal government outside of the social and civility standards business. National laws regarding the individual and his/her behavior; applies too only members of the bureaucracy never the sovereign citizen of any State.
  The term “govern” is and was intended constitutionally, as in respect to security and constitutional law only. All federal law today regarding the individual citizen has been usurped by tyrannical representatives of the people resulting in despotic government and the undermining of Constitutional law that our forefathers sacrificed so much to bequeath us.
   We have become so comfortable in our hovels that we allowed through this apathy, to give free reign too the corrupting influence of progressive ideology and to undermine not only our government but our very lives. We in this sense defied the very warnings given us by our forefathers not to let this happen!
   At this point in American history we have only one option, that is to not only replace the progressives in power but to undo more than one hundred and thirty years of their evil handy-work, or otherwise accept our fate as slaves to the collective like the rest of the worlds nations. America will then be soon lost to history, as the last best hope of all mankind.
   It is only hoped that the old adage “the apple never falls far from the tree” and that our forefathers were depending on that reseeding as to perpetuating the America of yesteryear, for our rebirth as a Republic, a nation of laws not men.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


    We let the kids have their way for too long now, and now its time to rein them in from where we knew they would take us in the first place, and back to real world of American common sense, and repair the work of our forefathers and mothers.
   The hippies and flower children failed at developing a communal way of life on their own; only to go on to try their failed ideology through the coercive powers of government with the support of world socialist. This is what we get for not properly disciplining and socializing the kids, but followed the advice of Dr. Spock. Now we may have to irreparably damage their unjustified self esteem that has no foundation upon which to stand. We can not afford for the sake of our entire nation, allow these spoil brats anymore of our tolerance.
   Within America’s bureaucracy and including 90% of elected office holders the preceding condition exists, and is trying its best to bring the American people on their knees in subservience to the historic destroyers of individual liberty and freedom; socialist!!!
   No one wants to punish the kids, but it is obvious it has to be done, no matter how much it hurts or they will self-destruct anyway, but take everyone else with them, like a suicide bomber obeying the ignorance of his faith. It is ignorance that they never learn the lessons of history or human life itself when left to their own vices. That is the big lesson we should learn about excessive tolerance and/or apathy toward childish and backward thinking peoples.
   Technology has made the entire world too small; tolerance and/apathy only works at great distances. The closer we all live together on earth requires us to be intolerant of abusive and violent peoples. The only other alterative is for the world to fall into global conflict until we all return to Stone Age status.
   Every socialist and/or socialist thinker’s are and always have been children that never grew-up; thus playing with matches, bombs or life and death, means nothing to them. They all dwell in the fantasy world of spoiled children. Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mao and others were evil only in the sense of the evil locked in adolescence, and the tolerance or apathy of those adults around them that knew better.
   This is our American government in the twenty first century!!