Monday, November 22, 2010

Atta-boy Vs Awe-shit

   Every man/women as an individual gives by action or word to the society they live in “enlightenment”, whither we notice or not, even if it is, but a one time occurrence. It’s sort of like the Atta-boy/girl or awe-shit contributions to a job or to society at large. In self-evident truth, each individual gives far more awe-shits than Atta-boy/girls’.
But this does not lessen the value to a job or a society just because Atta-boy/girls may be rare, it means we need to be on the alert not to let them slip by unnoticed regardless the individual source. Unlike the joke, one or many awe-shits do not wipe out or lessen from the value of the Atta-boy/girls.
   I could list a lot of awe-shits that came from Albert Einstein as an individual, but no one can claim they even in aggregate deter from his Atta-boy contributions to the knowledge and thus additional enlightenment of mankind.
   Regardless of the personal awe-shits of the founding fathers of The United States of America they produced more Atta-boys by far than awe-shits yet our modern educational system focuses on their personal awe-shits and by inference tries to degrade the value of their Atta-boy contributions to America and the entire world of man. All that should tell us is, that American academia can no longer tell the difference between an Atta-boy and an awe-shit. This also stands true for American history in general.
   Overall that comes to one big awe-shit for American academia.