Monday, June 28, 2010

Unified Theory

           Unified Theory of the Human Thought Process
  When a human being is born we empirically know it has a physical brain developed sufficiently and specifically as a biological engine that controls the entire body determined primarily by the blueprints in the genetic codes inherent in it, but the personality and character is developed after birth.
   Then comes, the mind to which we have only circumstantial evidence of its existence but we know from experience that all imaginative and reasoning of thought is inherent within it.
   All things in our human existence that have little to no empirical evidence of form or design are considered metaphysical, if and until we develop physical, empirical evidence. Based on circumstantial evidence alone we (mankind) develop philosophical theories regarding these circumstantial phenomenons such as God, love, origin of a species, universal systems and laws etc.
   This theory is based on both observed and personally experienced circumstantial evidence regarding the system of universal human thought. (How we all think) (The art of critical thinking, or not!)
   All human thought is developed and takes place in the mind of man and is a separate entity from the physical brain. The brain contains in the frontal lobes a buffering transceiver as its link to the metaphysical mind of man, a window as it were for the mind into the physical world of our existence. The metaphysical mind has the ability to deliberately override the functions of the brain/body and contains all learned knowledge in both subjective and objective categories’ contained in mind-sets in like kind.
   The subjective mind-sets are developed, controlled and set by the imagination thru the perceptions’ of the body. (Fantasy) (Imaginative suppositions)Whereas the objective mind-sets are developed independently from, “reasoned learned knowledge”, or by application of reasoning applied to the imaginative mind-sets and are reset after vetting with full understanding in the objective category of mind-sets. The objective mind will not accept incomplete reasoned and vetted knowledge, which is reserved to the subjective and imaginative mind-set category. All the fore mentioned determine this; the brain/body is what you are, while the mind is who you are! The personality and/or character of us all are developed within the mind.
   Because the metaphysical mind has this duality of thought processes that can interpret the real world, the question that needs definition is which process is in overall control or doing the interpretation at any given or specific time.
   This difference is between the imaginative and the real world of mans existence. We start out in the imaginative and as we physically mature our minds mature in kind into the real world. This is normal with one fundamental glitch for many, that is a learned control switch that makes the determination as to when we mentally function as a pure subjective animal, or when we switch to the real objective and empirical world of our humanity. This mental control switch must be established under the authority of the objective mind in order to achieve full intellectual maturity because it is what determines recess or play time, (imaginative) verses development and growth time (truth of fact)! There is a time to sow and a time to harvest so to speak.
   The educational efforts on the part of a society or culture of these principals will determine the development or the decline of that society over time. Each generation must be taught this theory, if cultural progress is to be achieved, continued and unending. The basics of which is; what an individual sees, hears, feels, does not define them or anyone else for that matter. The mind teaches itself, we only need to teach it how to think, not what to think.
   They are each unique as individuals, and the sum of who they are known only to themselves. By the time of full intellectual maturity of the individual their physical presence is the least of who they are!
   Intellectual maturity is not an education it is the development of a thought or the thinking process in anticipation of an education. It is a process by which the individual not only acquires knowledge but in depth objective understanding of it.
   The imaginative powers of the mind are the most effortless and fastest in terms of drawing resolves to the intercourse between us but is also fraught with error and usually governs the earliest stages of human life. Society usually refers to them as smart people. Once a large data base of objective knowledge and understanding is acquired the speed of recall is slower but seldom erroneous in its application. Society usually refers to them as intelligent, then there are those that vacillate between the subjective and objective in thought spontaneously, they constitute the large middle class of thinkers.
   The objective Mind-sets do not contain gender, ethnicity, fear or anger among them for reaching a resolve, but recognizes those consideration in thought as subjective only, like when someone prefaces a statement with; “as a woman I think” which is the subjective mind expressing its self. Or that they cannot accept something for consideration because it upsets them in one way or another,
   Wisdom and truth rarely comes forth from those locked in the subjective, while imaginative things rarely come forth from those locked in the objective mode of thought. No normal person is permanently locked in either mode of thought that is why the control switch needs to be in conscious objective control, to provide the best overall and advantages conditions for both the animal pleasures and intellectual growth and development of each individual.
   In regards to cultures or nations it is incumbent on the people contained within and their thought processes that determines the growth and/or development that each may enjoy or not. Governments can influence but not control with certainty how its peoples think. Those that contain a majority of subjective thinkers will develop least over time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Enterprise

The big lie that young Americans are living with today is the big lie taught in American schools regarding American history. Its one thing to slant history for favor of the overall country but it’s a crime against the people to teach it as a total lie and rob generation after generation of their rightful heritage among the entire world of mankind. It is taught by telling lies that appeal to the emotions and that can be done by telling it only from the loser’s point of view and antidotal evidence, instead of the whole truth as it was in the cold hard facts of history. Appealing to the emotions in our educational system works as propaganda on all those to young or ignorant that didn’t experience it as it was.
   This country was built by the free enterprise and the ingenuity of her people with government as a Johnny comes lately or after the fact, imposing it’s self on the efforts and accomplishments of the people and taking credit for those accomplishments civilly.
   The Indian tribes of America were overall by their nature; combatants against each other constantly at war, thieves, slave masters, savages and destroyers of their own environment without regard, long before the white man come to this land. They did not think of the land as something that men owned until the white man moved in along side of them, and then only if it could be profited by them to claim such. The white man didn’t kick them off there tribal lands until he could no longer suffer their crimes against humanity. Until such time the white man wanted only coexistence and cooperation and they only wanted marks and/or gifts of tribute. It was the Indians that desired apartheid or death to wit the white man simply complied by forming reservations as the only means to achieve it.
    This is not intended of a put down on individuals within our American population it is simply the cold hard facts of history. In today’s world the American Indian is no longer strictly confined to those reservations and after more than two hundred years most of the American Indians still refuse to blend into the American melting pot and prefer living a subsistent life on those reservations as slaves to their own traditions, seemingly unable to leave the past behind.
   Every society on earth has racist in their midst and in many they constitute the majority. (Mexico  comes to mind first) It is an injustice for our educators to use anecdotal racism by individuals or groups as a blanket indictment of Americans as a whole; nothing could be further from the truth of our history. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Medusa Tenacles

   Human nature is the natural inclination that all human beings share and those inclinations vary between the extremes of compassion and the sinister. Aside from the influence of the natural world and its powerful influence on societies of men, there is nothing else on this earth that is an all too powerful influence on the individual than the peer pressure of his fellow man. The less we function intellectually as individuals the more we function as a herd with a hierarchy imposing its will on the whole.
   America was founded on the principle of individuals intellectually and independently following their own best interests first and the rest of society secondly. Once a group or small herd formed within society they were held in check by the individual actions of the majority, but as the groups became larger in numbers the individual actions of others were insufficient to contain their power and influence.
   Groups that contained wealth were the first to apply them selves at the expense of the rest which caused government to generated special laws to contain their power and influence while simultaneously making special laws to enhance the power and influence of the less than wealthy groups. Both of these efforts coincided with the formation of groups or herds within government each trying to gain advantage over the others, for all practical purposes individuality in America died, where even the average individual had to join hands with one group or herd just to survive the struggle.
   Today the most powerful groups are political parties both socially and inside government, they are unelected, have no authority within our under the Constitution which is why as a nation we no longer recognize the authority of those documented laws contained within. We have become a lawless and lost country influenced and manipulated by a world wide Medusa snake like creature out of control.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

   Conspiracy theories are the product of social political conspirators (SPC) and the theories are the functioning of over active imaginations. They are the culmination of stories created by our human nature to entertain the subjective mind, in like fashion too novels of fiction and fairytales created in Hollywood fashion and presented as fact and truth minus vetting by the objective mind of man.
   Conspiracies are always implied as the sinister unseen motives of people that do not conform to the political views of the actual social conspirators. When mom and dad work in tandem to raise a child the best way they can the child sees that as a sinister conspiracy against them as apposed to a collective effort to aid their development.
   Children who’s world view of others is in like fashion that the actions of others is nothing more than a sinister conspiracy against them, causes a inability to see the real objective social and truly sinister political conspiracies that they themselves have become part of.
    The Nazi party was started as a conspiracy against the German government and ended as a conspiracy against the German people on behalf of one man. All those who joined were in effect conspiring against their own best interest ignorant of that reality. The question in the conspiracy to kill Hitler; was it on behalf of the people or the conspirators, but being that it failed we will never know!
    The afore mentioned shows that there are potentially good and bad conspiracies’ it all depends on which side of the social politics involved and where each individual stands that determines wither its viewed as good or bad.
    Conspiracy theorists’ are in reality apposing social and political people creating myths to degrade the opposition in the eyes of the general population to enhance their own political and/or celebrity positions in society. (Adulterated but pure propaganda)
   A conspiracy theory is like any other theory until you can prove it out by making a bomb it has no practical application to benefit society and until such time the rest of society should not waste time giving it any attention.
   Mankind develops societies by what works, not by what might work on it’s behave.