Thursday, October 29, 2009

Selling Out

Snap out of it!! Its time for Americas national nightmare to end, but it won't unless everyone comes out of this stupor and regains consciousness with full awareness of what happened, before we were seduced into our comatose state of being. If one looks back in time to reacquire what they once knew and understood, we would find the sounds of deceit as loud as the screeching tires before the wreck.
While our forefathers fought the civil war in order to live up to the promise of “all men were created equal” we didn't notice that too many men of principal were lost in the battles, leaving mostly carpetbaggers and opportunistic, unprincipled people to seize power at all levels of society and government.
That was the time when twisting, parsing, and redefining the meanings of words and in particular those of our founding documents, represented the wreck, but we were in a stunned state of mind which slowed down time and cast most of us into a slow motion intellectual mode of thought where we have remained stupefied ever since with the worst of us playing doctor and nurse.
As it stands today as Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution it is the problem” and this condition has been put into hyper accelerated mode by the democrat party w/ Obama at the helm.
We need to go back to the civil war period and undo one by one almost every change in law that has been applied starting with all Constitutional amendments and all consequent civil laws created because of them.
We need to reaffirm that government was never gifted the authority to make law regarding human behavior beyond the limits placed on them. They were not given the power of franchise or permission outside the restraints of the Constitution, nor can they grant rights or make laws that take them away, which only criminalize the rights of the peoples pursuit of happiness. All rights stipulated and not stipulated are the peoples by default and our creators gift to the people not governments. They were never gifted the power too nuance the meaning of direct harm to others, like offense taken by some, of the eyes, ears, feelings or the metaphysical. Judges do not make decisions of law but in law, they do not set punishment or apply it nor give orders requiring obedience from legislators or elected officials.
All civil rights belong to the people and the only way government can give a special right is by taking some other right from the aggregate of the people. For example; you have the right to be a homosexual but you do not have the right to force others to accept the fact by law, like force some one to employ you or serve you in any way, except government must treat you equally not specially but in accordance with historical standards of civil human behavior. For someone to attack you is against the law and calls for legal proceeding against them, and for you to encourage or tell other peoples children that your perversion is normal and healthy is also against the law, its called contributing to the delinquency of a minor and also calls for legal proceedings against you.
The civil rights act was/is the most socially and culturally corrupting law ever contrived by the ignorance of government, and is mostly an attack on the individual sovereignty of each citizen than it is providing any special right or protection to some minority or gender.
It is true that the people can have what ever government they vote for, but only within the confines of our founding, anything outside the Constitution regardless the number of people that wish it is illegal, and if instigated anyway is cause for rebellion against the people holding the reins of our government.
The democrat party and the Obama administration that currently hold the reins of government not only violate daily our Constitution but they are trying to change the team of horses and the wagon. They are selling the old team and wagon to the rest of the worlds lesser countries.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Concepts & experiamce

The expressions “you can’t possibly understand something because you weren’t there or didn’t have the same physical experience” is a justifiable expression only if you are trying to understand through your imagination. The imagination may give the mind a closer look only, but lacks understanding.
The core reasoning of the human mind acquires understanding that may or may not include physical experience, but a solely holistic intellectual experience, without the assistance of the imagination. This is called conceptual thought and understanding, and must never be confused with the imagination. If the imagination is in the forefront of ones thoughts no understanding can be obtained, and it is intellectual understanding that separates the human from the animal.
If sufficient objective knowledge in mind-sets is acquired by an individual, new knowledge drawn from the aggregate mind-sets via conceptual thought is not only possible but likely. This knowledge increases by factors over time. And is usually known in society as wisdom, but is really just plain intelligent thinking. Whereas the subjective imagination has only physical perceptions too create its mind-sets, minus conceptual reasoning, thus only physical experience holds any knowledge of value to intellectual thought minus understanding.
All this is like asking the question “why was I even born”, “why do I have to die” and “who the hell am I anyway”? Until one can answer those questions objectively they will remain in ignorance. Objective knowledge and associated understanding does not just come to the individual it must be pursued through objectivity.
The frustrations of subjective thought lead most people to settle for belief or disbelief as the answers to the major questions in life that plague them which does no more than plague their posterity in like manner, they just pass it of with simplicities like “ oh that’s just the cycle of life” or “its just gods plan” , but it still gives no resolve to the questions.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Your Medicine

Every one with even an iota of common sense knows that sweeping the dirt under the rug solves nothing in the long run it only places the dirt out of sight, thus out of mind. This self-evident truth in American society is lost to our culture in many different ways, but the worst or most serious to each individual, falls under the auspices of the medical profession not so much of what they do, as to the impression or mind-sets they create among the masses through subterfuge by not leveling with their patients. This is all done in a manner liken to medically treating animals. They seem to think that you and I can't handle the real truth, at least as they know it to be.
Most Americans no longer know and understand the difference between cure, healing and treatment. When a maker of drugs, design a drug it will never cure your medical problem it only sweeps it under the rug. It also creates additional problems that any particular body may or may not be able to handle without causing damage to it thus additional risk factors. In plain language most of a doctor’s time and studies are spent pacifying as apposed to curing. When a doctor performs surgery he/she does not cure you, they may mend you, but the body cures or heals itself from both the mending and the original damage. No doctor ever cured anyone, but they might assist the body in various ways to heal and or cure its self.
There has never been a drug manufacturer as capable as your own body it knows precisely what is needed and always is correct in its production of it, so if it fails in this task we can sweep it under the rug or fix the failure which we are incompetent to achieve. It is this incompetence that causes the patient to demand artificial drugs to hide our medical problems as apposed to finding the cause. So they will just say like, your liver or some other organ of your body is not functioning properly but can never answer the big question “why”. That is beyond their competence level, and the patient should never accept guess work even if it's an educated guess because it never solves the problem anyway.
I smoke cigarettes and you might ask why I do such a thing, and I will answer you in the simplest way I know, I smoke cigarettes for medicinal purposes and neither you or any doctor can prove otherwise because for any physical effect you may show on or in my body I can show you a dozen more other things that may be responsible for that effect and you can no more disprove them than I can disprove your opinion of those harmful effects. There are some people that should not smoke just as there are some people that shouldn't eat peanuts or consume too much sugar or salt etc. but punishing them by law is a violation of their Sovereignty as a citizen as it is mine for smoking.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


“Evil” is a subjective social perception via the imaginations of others, the human animal has within its biology equal portions of good and evil that can only be view as such by others. It is a social perception of the degrees of each that makes it viewed as evil or good by the culture we find ourselves in. The prey will always see the predator as evil in the subjective world of both lower animals and the human animal. The good will always see the predator as the doer of evil upon the victim in the subjective realm of thought which is animal thought.
Only the human animal has the additional capacity of objective thought. Which is the core reasoning mind and it is not confined within the physical body but is metaphysical, which is why the subjective refuses to recognize it as such. But it is this reasoning outside the control of subjective thought that conceives that a killing is not always an act of evil doing, and can find justification, thus not evil as viewed by the subjective emotional beings of predator, prey and/or an observer in human cultures.
The only way mankind as individuals can avoid being either prey or predator, is to escape the realm of subjective thought or thinking. Without such escape humans will always be one or the other. The subjective mind is ignorant of all but what might be called common sense.
In the world of objective thought an individuals very life is a means to an end, thus the loss of it is never as a victim or the prey of others. The objective mind is only ignorant related to knowledge accumulated in time and a subjective thinker will not understand any of what I just stated.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Animal World

Among the many old sayings; like fight fire w/fire, use a thief to catch a thief, if you want to understand alcoholism ask an alcoholic etc. Every one of these old sayings has only elements of truth that have sustained them in society. But none express the whole truth of anything. To the mind of the young who are not fully aware, these old saying are either discarded as old wife's tales or accepted as the whole truth. The reason for this ignorance is to be laid at the feet of the individual psychological development within any specific culture.
I would challenge any and all to identify any single culture or society if you prefer that does not have racists within it. No such culture has ever existed.
It takes the height of ignorance to say that when infants are learning and developing sight and can discern between black and white people that some how they are learning to be racist. The researchers that drew such an ignorant conclusion in their studies are only demonstrating their own subjective racist ignorance.
The way the physical body develops is a long dragged out process of identifying difference about all they encounter everything from nose size to feet size and or shape and of coarse skin color. Every child learns racism when they ask question about the differences they have observed over time. The big question “why” every problem people experience is at the root of most, it is the feed back they receive from others that shapes the subjective mind.
When you see and hear someone accuse or express racist remarks without objective reasoning to support it they are simply children that never matured psychologically. When they say well that's just how I feel about it, or what I believe about it, they are only skirting the truth because they don't know nor understand what the truth of the matter is.!! But above all they are not thinking with the objective core reasoning of the human mind, only the subjective thinking via the imagination and emotional feelings and perceptions of their existence, just like all the lower animals of this world.
If you cannot discern the difference between the way animals think and humans think you will forever be locked in the animal world of thought.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mind & Soul

Far be for me to belittle or make light of the religious beliefs of others, but it appears to me that those that are born again or claim a new closeness to God inevitably come to this psychological position out of a frustration in understanding of the things and experiences in life or their individual lives and come to believe the answers lie within one religion or another. Many are ingrained with these beliefs from birth, but only a few accept them blindly until they experience the confusion and frustrations of life which motivates them to be born again or find God.
While those that reject religious beliefs, do so for the same frustrations, but blame religions for them.
All religions speak of a metaphysical soul that during their individual lives is under their control. But in essence belongs to a metaphysical god that demands under threat, blind obedience to his will, and it is the various leaders of these religions that will tell us what those demands are, because they are more enlightened than the masses.
We all speak of the mind of man or the soul of man, which are for all intense and purpose metaphysical states of our beings, but what most don't appear to understand is they are most likely one and the same metaphysical aspect or state of the human condition.
The difference between these two states is the difference between objective thought or thinking and subjective thought or thinking. Neither has a place in the physical brain but is associated only by the perceptions of our physical bodies.
The only further comments I have, are that truth, reality or what one might call the self-evident, cannot be found via subjective inquiry in thought but only via objective reasoning in thought.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Truth

What good is an education in modern America if those that have the benefit of it are totally inept at discerning the difference between the truth and a lie on almost everything? Not being able to tell this difference makes for ignorance to prevail in all walks of American life.
It all started when the idea that there was no truth, that truth was individualistic among the people and that there was no absolute or universal truths either. By accepting that proposition we the people agreed to remain ignorant of it, and gave up searching for the truth completely. This was sometime in the early sixties, you know, when the flower children and that wonderful but ignorant generation suddenly became enlightened usually by way of drugs.
Don't get me wrong on this; it wasn't their fault after all they were just children back then. It was the fault of the vast left wing communist conspiracy just spreading its wings after the house on UN-American activities gave the full political recognition and the right to engage in typical political gaming in America roughly ten years earlier. Then they supported them in making the one man that stood against them a national bogey man, Sen. Joseph McCarty.
Well they are not children anymore, but are still just as ignorant and are now in full control of the federal government which means it is their fault today, and we will not accept pleading ignorance of the truth anymore. Their immunity from the wrath of patriots that know the truth has been revoked!