Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Koran is not a religious document! It is a public edict based in myth presented by a madman for consumption by emotionally handicapped and ignorant people.
The Bible is not a religious document! It is a historical account of a myth presented by organized religion for the emotionally handicapped and ignorant people.
An atheist is a religious faith that believes in a myth that mankind was not created, but just happened by osmoses, and is for the consumption of the emotionally handicapped and ignorant people.
All the fore mentioned documents, beliefs and their associated backers use them as a crutch and control of the emotionally handicapped and ignorant peoples of the world. They represent the adolescence of mankind overall, where mans intellectual maturity is held back by the emotional aspects of life it’s self.
The ego of mankind refuses to acknowledge its own ignorance and lack of knowledge, and will never admit there are things it doesn’t know or understand.
The intelligent design that surrounds mankind in this life identifies a creator s, but mankind so far, is unable to understand it. So we make it up to calm our emotional beings.
Life itself is a search for purpose among the human species, we live and we die and if there is no purpose it drives the emotional aspects of our beings to the verge of insanity.
There is purpose to human life; we just don’t understand intellectually what it is. But to surrender to our emotions does nothing to further enhance or understand the purpose for our existence, and neither does arguing or killing each other over emotional beliefs further or advance our understanding.
Right or wrong does not exist in the subjective emotions of human life. Any ideology that is established on emotion alone is a false path lacking understanding religious or political.
Grasp intelligent understanding and reject the emotional, which is the future if there is one, for mankind to reach maturity where true enlightenment resides. That is not the easy way, but the necessary way to human maturity.
In the aggregate we hold each other back as individuals by the oldest of social punishments called shunning or scoffing which is a hurdle to high for the emotional aspects of humanity to leap over and still be a part of belonging.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Assumptive Thinking

“Assumptive thinking” is the prerequisite to all opposition to American society, at all levels of American society. This assumption of which I write is that society in aggregate has some kind of right to make judgments and laws regarding the behavior of any individual or group of individuals’ social behavior, based solely on their perceived consensus of opinion.
Liberals lead the pack in this regard, regardless of how you are successful makes you suspect, at everything you do, and their personal behavior does not contribute in their conclusions, they are above it all.
Average people do not create jobs, the government does not create jobs, ask your self a question what the hell is a job anyway? Well as an individual you could gather together the material and say; build a chair with the ideas and the risk of failing to then sell it to someone else and derive a small profit. If you are successful you might do it again and again. Now this based on time, may provide you with food and maybe housing, but if you get sick take a vacation get married or have children let alone save for a retirement in your older years would be way beyond your individual capacity. So what do you do?
You cut your own income and share it with someone else that will help you build your chairs. But they don’t have too use any of their share, to advertize and sell, purchase the raw materials, provide a place to work, tools etc. “Walla you have created a job”.
Now it only stands to reason, your employee has the same desires in life you have but is not willing to risk anything to get it except time and labor, so he wants you over time to share a larger percentage of the income from the chairs you both produce and he will tell you that he is making money for you, so this is why he wants more of your share. Never mind that he only does a small part in the overall production without any reinvestment in the job with a portion of his share or profit. Taking no risk that the demand for your chairs might slow down or stop, or find out you have stiff competition.
So what you do is give him a raise in time, but hire another person to increase your production but you hire him/her at what his starting share was, again with no responsibility but building chairs. “Walla you just created a second job”,
But now the first hired, decides he doesn’t need to work as hard because he thinks you have just increased your share by a third more, so he slacks off and will ask for an even larger share at the same time. All this is not even considering the employee theft they engage in because you are “rich” so they figure it’s not theft just self compensation. This of coarse forces you to hire stop loss people, to protect all of you, from employee greed.
If the chair business is in a boom period you might repeat the same process a number more times where you have 6-8 jobs created. But when the chair business slacks off, none will be willing to adjust their share proportionately; you will be the only one that has to accept less. And the job holders will keep asking for more regardless of the downturn in business. And it will be their contention as before that they are making money for you, and that you now owe them all, not only more money but that you owe them the their jobs as some kind of right. And if you don’t acknowledge this, they will band together quit working and violently if necessary prevent you from hiring others, and shut-down your chair business. (Walla!! Unions) All backed up by government.
If you cannot manage to overcome their demands, you go out of business and they will then demand through government “the jobs” that “you” took away from them, because you are a “greedy capitalist”.
This represents the liberal and socialist model for all of society, you give the most, and they take as much as impossible. Then we all start all over again hoping beyond hope the next generation learned something along the way. From where I stand that’s probably only a pipe dream.
The moral to this scenario is that personal GREED starts with the individual, not the entrepreneur whose only goal is to make his life better and while helping others that are afraid to risk anything, at least move forward in their own lives, drag them along so to speak.
People get out of life only what they are willing to put into it, if you’re lucky. No one owes you anything beyond your personal efforts. The only free ride in life is when you are not free and that always ends in slavery so it was and so it is.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Young

Americans used to abhor just the thought of accepting the charity of others, today roughly fifty% demand it. That was then this now is standard fare.
All the upheaval in American society starts with personal greed. The elites in the southern states bought slaves for the same reason. Then they had to keep them in as much ignorance as possible in order to hold their power over them.
It is this same motivation to control and power over others that have turned American academia into the peddling of ignorance to keep us as ignorant as possible in order to control and wield their tyrannical power over all. This deceitful repeat of history is no longer even visible to many of our young they wallow in the propaganda and ignorance of American education with the false impression that they are intellectually enlightened were their parents and the older generation are believed to have stopped learning things around the same time they started and they have excelled beyond.
Acquiring knowledge is not a foot race wherein the physical age slows one down so the young can excel over the more mature and experienced of society.
The rate of acquiring knowledge increases with age for most people, not stricken with a physical mental disability. In plain language the only way the young can gain on or surpass the older generations’ accumulated knowledge and understanding is after they die and then they become the older generation. If they do not take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of the past they become less wise than their predecessors. (dumbed-down)
"Without wishing to damp the ardor of curiosity or influence the freedom of inquiry, I will hazard a prediction that, after the most industrious and impartial researchers, the longest liver of you all will find no principles, institutions or systems of education more fit in general to be transmitted to your posterity than those you have received from your ancestors." --John Adams, letter to the young men of the Philadelphia, 7 May 1798
It is not wished that the younger generations believe the older generation just take what is offered into their considerations with serious thought, as apposed to rejecting it out of hand because we may be old fogies.
The younger generations of Americans up to 50th%, are today far less intelligent than the older folks, but seem to chose to wallow in their ignorance and argue nonsensically against the undeniable self-evident truths of history and experience. This does not bode well for their future or their posterity.

No human wants to neither admit their own ignorance nor discuss the issues that demonstrate that ignorance, thus they must make the issues personal like referring to age, faith or social standing as a negative, to conceal their ignorance. This is not the pursuit of truth but the avoidance of it. The modern term of “self denial” is all that is gained.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mistaken !

What is a mistake? What is not a mistake? When ever we use that word, and we know it wasn’t a mistake, that’s not a mistake, because a mistake is an error judgment.
An error in judgment to the layman is nothing less than ignorance. If anyone makes an error in judgment that’s their ignorance on display, not a mistake, referring to ignorance as a mistake may be a more civil way of expressing it, but its still ignorance. We should not patronize the ignorant by referring to them as mistaken.
It is the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong and if one knows that difference, but still chooses to go with what is wrong, that is not a mistake or ignorance it is civil deceit and evil intent that’s behind it. The difference between right and wrong is not a social game, except for children and the ignorant adulthood many grow into.
When we are children and want or desire something we just take it, and if a resistance is displayed we strike out and hit others to achieve our desire, the other child we hit, just learned that it is wrong to hit someone to satisfy our desires, but we succeeded by hitting, so we see it as the right thing to do. That is until the tables are reversed, then we learn how wrong hitting is. We now know the right and the wrong of hitting others to satisfy our wants. From that point on one cannot claim ignorance, or a mistake, in the practice of hurting others to achieve our personal desires. This knowledge is then extrapolated into all human activity as we mature; we know and understand all civil discourse and the right and wrong of it on a individual basis.
In society. people don’t lose the knowledge of right and wrong they learned as children, they knowingly chose to do wrong for the sake of child like self aggrandizement and power over others with the ego of evil deceit, and think that all the rest of us are just like themselves and desire the power over others as the right thing. But what they don’t realize is that we know right from wrong, but will knowingly do wrong to them to remind them of what they learned in childhood as apposed to expressing deceit, or the desire for civil power we just don’t want to be hurt anymore.
Politicians are self delusional to think themselves superior in their inferiority regarding right from wrong.
Right will always overcome wrong in time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whats the Difference

Communism, Marxism, Fascism and every type and style of socialism known to man have been the cruelest forms of governance ever conceived, for the individual in particular, this is undisputed history. So ask yourself this question; what has changed about those ideologies that makes them acceptable today? What has change about them that makes them desirable for America, as apposed to the ideology of our founding fathers? And don't say slavery because slavery was never condoned or encouraged by our founding, but was and is a standard fair for all the others. So what has changed?
The truth is nothing!! Has change except the number of people today in America that have come to believe that slavery is preferable to liberty and freedom. The aggregate is more important than you, if you don't except that view you are narcissistic. Your very existence and life is only worth its contribution to the whole and must be sacrificed to it.
Being as I was born American free of the oppression of the group and governance it is beyond my comprehension. In my entire life of 71 + years, I have never encountered a fellow American that said they would rather be slave than free. Although I have met many who desired and in some cases demanded what I had, both materially and psychologically and it didn't matter that what I had was hardly anything more than average if not classified as poverty. The only disparity between us had nothing to do with the resources we had, in fact many of them earned more money than me. The difference as I discovered was how we individually handled the resources available. The trade offs where significant, like I cut my own hair instead of going to a barber; I bought clothes off the rack where they bought designer clothes. I chose entertainments with minimal costs where they went high end. I didn't buy drinks for the house to impress others nor spent money on drugs etc. The simplest explanation is extravagance verses frugality yet I and my family ate better always had transportation and over all was never in need. I lived my life within my means for the most part yet many saw me and mine as better off than themselves. The envy was disgusting and they would have no willingness to see the differences. It was like I was evil and somehow I was depriving them.
You might say, it would be like being in a lifeboat and others want a larger share of the resources than you because you appear to be getting along better on your share and in some cases you already get the smaller share.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Capone

Al Capone ran what most called a criminal enterprise that when deemed necessary, did violence to further advance itself. It stood for the promotion of and services for human vices and the overall general avarice of ordinary men/women. The American public in general and primarily in large cities encouraged Capone's business, but just did not like the level of violence employed to provide the services they desired.
Human natures fear, lust, and general avarice was what made him and his criminal organization, and it also is what destroyed both. When carried out in the open and in your face style is what the general public detested more so than the actual business itself, so future such entrepreneurs just moved the violent aspects into the shadows of society. In plain language what the public wants, the public gets +.
Wallah! The drug industry, prostitution, gambling and overall graft the exact opposite of the civil virtue and fidelity of public conduct that the founders of America had tasked us as a people by the Constitution's laws they created, and expected would be our guidance into the future. They did not deny their own weaknesses in vice and avarice but required of themselves as well as their posterity to keep them out of the public realm as much as possible for our own sake and the longevity of America as a good and righteous nation.
The question that each individual American must ask them selves today is this; do you as an individual want to restrict you're own avarice in a civil manner, or do you want to continue and accelerate it.
But don't think for one second that any of us is blame free because we go to a place of worship or other such self-righteous delusion, when by even our votes or non votes we have placed in governing office the most corrupt officials ever imagined in our history over as many years, and keep encouraging them to further service our personal avarice and greed. It's not Al Capone or his type organization he ran, it's us!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bull Shit or Reality

The most common expression or response I heard for many years from others was “I don’t’ believe it” when ever I would relate some of my earlier youthful experiences. Some found what I had to tell them as though I was just spinning yarns or such, or they were expanded stories or beyond the pale of normal youthful experiences. But the tales I told were true stories from my own past, and after a few years I gave up telling them because I was afraid I would get a reputation for making things up or even stretching the truth bordering on lies.
Like how do you tell a short story about how you felt as a six or seven year old child being shot at just for fun, or target practice and no less then your own brother and a cousin were the shooters just to see how close they could come without actually hitting you. Only I didn't know who was shooting at me and they were quite far away. That is only part of the story, but everyone thought it wasn't anything more than a tall yarn. In my youth I had quite a lot of what others thought of, as just plain bull shit, so most of my youthful experiences went untold except for those closest to me, and ever then I restricted many tales of my early experiences even to them.
This not sharing of certain experiences went on for many years. Then by the time I reached approximately 55 years old or such, when engaged in just general conversations with people, I started hearing a new phrase from people in regards to things or statements that I might say, this new phrase was “I don't understand”
Now if someone said to you “I don't understand”; how can you explain where you’re coming from without explaining the reasoning behind your comments which could amount to a very large book or story? For myself it takes me right back to many of my life's experiences that I know very few if any, would understand anyway. In plain language many others will never be able to understand without the same or at least similar experiences.
Now, I understand were generational ignorance comes from regarding things like American history regardless the number of written explanations or stories. They just don't understand, primarily because they perceive all that is not of their own experience as false, and even when some things can be verified they still doubt all the rest that can not be verified as just story telling or spinning yarns. Do we Americans have to be enslaved in order for us to understand what its like or to understand how it feels to each individual? Thee predominate fiction and modern deceit by every day average people; never was the historical way of relaying real stories for their posterity. This I know personally!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Summing It Up

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't; that is the catch 22 used universally by social do goobers of every culture on earth and it represents all of historical genocide among humans. It is the human nature of mankind at work casting stones onto the path that providence has set for mankind we truly are, our own worst enemies.
Where would we be, if people like Alexander Bell or a mired of ‘what if" kind of people said “so what” if it lights up, it just means we will destroy human vision by using it, so we should burn the research, oh but that will pollute the air, no bury it, no that will pollute the earth, maybe just hide it, ignore it or legally seal it from the eyes of all in perpetuity.
Everything or action by either man or nature contains things that are positive and all positive things also have a negative aspects to them and vice-versa. So, what to do? Being as which ever way we go, good and bad exist.
This represents the historical ignorance of mankind since we first appeared on this earth, we are ignorant how in deciding and/or drawing a conclusion in every fork in the road we come to. We humans continually vacillate what we view as and between the good and the bad where what's good today is bad tomorrow. As individuals we have no difficulty deciding about what's good or what's bad for us. The problem and dilemma that faces us is when we try to decide for others what's good or bad for them. There are some universal good and bad, that all can agree on.
Walla!! You now have the founding documents of America which set out only the universal truths of what is good and right for a society and the individuals thereof and made them law. All negative or wrongs ever, in America society, stem from our deviation from the principled tenants of those sacred documents. The real problem for Americans is our historical memory not only American history but world history unbiased by nuance and parsing or reading between the lines and imagining the reality of it..
In modern times the computer holds the historical memory that man seems not to be able to access in real time from the written word or our biology. The mind of man is more capable in processing memory and drawing conclusive direction from it than the computer, but is weak in memory recall.
If you can feed me all the straight honest data about anything, I can draw the best and right conclusion every time and so can any other do likewise, without nuance or parsing or guessing. No pre-summarized data, that is what the minds of men do best and the computer does badly.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Set Your Own Course

The course of your life or mine over time has to be reset many times because of circumstances and conditions that are bumped into or are presented, completely unrelated to the coarse we are currently on at that moment in time and the current development of our own Character. Many of us see the need of resetting as adversity or obstacles and challenges instead of what they are as opportunities for further personal growth.
If you have never experienced the need for resetting the course of your life, you have none, and you are wandering aimlessly without reason or purpose. The course of your life is being manipulated by others and you have no idea where you being lead too, let alone any direct influence over it. Set Your Own Course!!
This personal control, over course and direction of ones individual life I am speaking of, was and still is what guided our forefathers in the creation of The United States of America. As our unique country developed we individually developed with it by resetting our courses individually do to circumstances and conditions made manifest by the development of America and the people that made her what she was.
The view from our government officials at various times is called the “State of the Nation” and our president gives an address to congress regarding his/her view of what it is and should be. This is the reverse of the truth and the reality that individuals know and understand about the country they love. The address to congress should come from the people as the “State of the people as a Nation” not the other way around. It is the people that set the course of the nation by the aggregate of setting their own individual courses in their own lives. Those in governance are not the pace or course setters for America, the people are. In America the sole purpose and authority of government is physical security both foreign and domestic nothing more as it relates to the people.
As citizens of America we are sovereign from government in which we direct the course of our individual lives and only suffer the inconveniences of governments existence for the physical security it provides us. Anything else is servitude and removes our ability to set our own individual course in life.
This relationship between the people and government was set during our founding and it was set in perpetuity not subject to the whims of any fundamental changes conjured up by the imaginary authority of modern nuance.
Absolutely nothing of government proposals today is within their authority to implement short of insurrection.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"No country upon earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so plainly; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass." --George Washington, letter to Benjamin Lincoln, 1788
In the written words of this, truly the father of the American way of life, one can read his wariness of the direction his followers in governance were already desirous of departing from constitutional principles to the point he couldn't or refuse to acknowledge, and knowing full well that it would fall upon him to establish original precedence in the governing of America as a new nation of states. All this with the hope his precedence setting would stabilize the future of American governance.
If he were to see and hear today's governmental leaders he would go back and erase the final phrase in that letter.
The true measure of success in life on an individual or social basis is not wealth, power, influence or celebrity it is within the inherent individual Sovereignty of the minds of mankind. In other words the development of the mind itself, or ones personal psychological development, is which determines success throughout the life of all individuals.
George Washington's last words, “Tis Well”; were meaning personal satisfaction with his own life. Not as historians think he was implying the state of the country. He had many reservations about the future of the country that he played such a pivotal role in creating. He was satisfied with himself and probably the only subjective thought he ever had outside his own family.
The more thought one gives to the lives of others, the less it gives to ones own life. We individually think we understand others and adjust our own thoughts and action based upon this errant thought process. Don't get this confused with narcissism, but if you don't know and understand your own psychological processes you cannot understand yourself, let alone any other, which leaves one to be grasping at straws all through life making the mind a vacuous entity void of value to ones self or any other.
A truly sovereign mind is under the primary control of the objective thought processes, where subjective thought is reserved primarily for the intimate aspects and feelings of life.
Subjective thinking in the activities of society is mostly detrimental to society and ones self. GAP

Monday, December 7, 2009

Real Town Hall Mettings

Real town hall meetings in America have been on a resurgent rise ever since the death of the fairness doctrine in the eighties. Talk Radio is the modern reincarnation of the town hall meetings of old, The Tea Party phenomenon is the resultant political response by the people created by a corrupt election process and its resultant corrupt government that views them as the enemy.
Talk radio has given the people voice more so than even the original town hall system of our founding. The master of ceremony in talk radio will only remain such as long as he/she conducts the meeting in accordance with the wishes of the participants as apposed to lecturing with propaganda that flows down hill like sewerage from the political elite. The debates within must be held to the standards of civility set by the participants themselves. The miserable failure of leftist talk radio demonstrates this truth when their every attempt only results in their town halls burning to the ground, or being propped up by the ruling class.
I would be remiss if I did not recognize Rush Limbaugh as the single most patriot that led the way to re-establish the voice of the people through the shear power of his intellect and the inspiring of many others of comparable abilities. And he did it by espousing the latent thoughts of so many real Americans by which common ground among the people demonstrates the inferior leadership of American government today and its rejection of all things American.
Free peoples cannot be lead or pushed too excel, the only way is by inspiring. Americans were not pushed or lead from our origins, but by motivation, by inspiring the latent talents of each individual to a common purpose which was sovereign liberty of the individual. The more sovereignty individuals lose or have taken from them, the less they are motivated to aspire toward greatness, and they will sink into the abyss of the mediocrity of the rest of the world's nations. Hell hath no fury than That of the will for liberty.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Ignorance of Racism

The modern home of racism lies solely within the minds of historical racist that have failed through out history too impose their racist convictions on all others. The only nation and or culture on earth that has shown themselves and the world to be non-racist, is America. That doesn't mean that America as a diverse culture of ethnicity has no nor had any racist individuals within, but it does mean that overall the American culture has never been raciest in its approach to others.
The historical condition of slavery throughout the world has been opportunistic advantage over the weak, but was never founded upon ethnicity as the primary reason for its adoption, in particular America. From Americas founding and ever since, slavery was and has never been acceptable or tolerable. Historically all nations in conquest, made those they conquered their slaves. America was the first to break with this cultural tradition from her founding on. Slavery was a world tradition before America ever came into existence and many of the old schools of nations today still adhere to that tradition even in the face of Americas example. And today they point their stained fingers at the only ones in opposition to their own slavery bent mentality.
Socialism is slavery, that is the why and reason that acted as the catalyst that led to the American Revolution.
Within American culture today, in fact any culture or part of it, one can find examples that distort the truth and whole of anything. When people are so intellectually lazy, that examples are what represent the whole truth, they are destined to become an ignorant and manipulated people. Only consistent and continued behavior and conditions carry the mind to the truth of social and/or cultural matters and points to the motives behind them and the driving forces of deceitful purposes.
The mythical history of the world and Americas place in it taught in schools, fools only fools all others check it out independently of academia making their mythology a joke to most whom have had to suffer it. Americans overall are not the fools academia perceives them to be. The ignorance that prevails in American society is not ignorance it is optimism and all optimism has a limited time frame which then degrades into deference and is followed by defiance and anger against the teachers of said ignorance.

Tolerance of The Sociopath

Tolerance of social extremes as apposed to traditional precedence goes against common sense as well as thoughtful consideration. All societies have within themselves what might historically be called individuals caught-up in the sociopathic wing of human nature where their primary purpose is disruption of successful civil precedence.
These individuals must cast there sociopathic behavior in a sympathetic light to beg “tolerance” of society, to enable them and their sociopathic behavior of social corruption. Tolerance as a form of acceptance in society does one thing, it corrupts the fabric of civility, crucial to the continuance of a cohesive culture as apposed to solidifying the once purposeful and individually beneficial aspects free, or nearly so of social corruption.
Every sociopath around the globe uses the same tool of tolerance, backed up by the fear of being ostracized by their own. This leads to the establishment of groups and organizations that apply coercive power even violence to further enforce the policies of social corruption and the accumulation of excessive power over the individual, as well as the entire society.
America was a hard nut to crack for these sociopaths, but their persistence has paid off. The entire U.S. government and the bureaucracy that supports it is today nothing more than a cabal of sociopaths that now seeks to continue to make their successes here, global in scale!
There is only one glitch or kink left to overcome in their pathway to world wide insanity, and that kink is the percentage of the American people that have lain latent in their patriotic love of liberty and revolutionary heritage that is stirring up within the traditional and solely American spirit, to quash tyranny wither individual or collective absent tolerance, diversity or forgiveness, they seek only individual liberty or death nothing short of this is on the table.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama and Sovereignty

Sovereignty cannot co-exist with fragmented tribalism within any geographic location. Sovereignty is the establishment of singular authority within specified geographic boundaries, and can only be maintained by force.
Tribalism is collectivism without any recognizable geographic sovereignty to others. This is the historical reality and truth that tribalism and sovereignty cannot share the same sentence as they are oxymoronic terms.
Obama’s view of sovereignty shows his ignorance of it historic place in the birth and maintenance of nations. This should show Obama’s incoherent ignorance of history and the nature of man.
We live or die by the bastardizing of long established words, terms, or expressions and the modern nuance of them only confuses the minds of men/women. At this point in the history of men, Obama represents the epitome of worldly ignorance.
America was founded upon a triad of sovereign powers to which he has aspired to one as though is was all three which he himself is ignorant of the other two, or refuses to recognize them. This refusal of state and individual sovereignty in America will be his own undoing as well as that of the current democrat leadership.
Neither the States nor the people will tolerate indefinitely the ignoring of their sovereign authority by these wannabe tyrants at the federal level.
Go figure; that it will be Obama’s ignorance of the term sovereignty that will trump his audacity of hope which he also does not comprehend or understand historically. He fancies himself as a teacher of men when it is he that needs the education.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Seed

As physical beings in the form of and likeness of animals, subjective thought is unavoidable and our primary state at birth, yet we have an inherent objective mind that develops by chance or intention, the choice is ours and the degree of which ascertains our overall psychological maturity. Objectively is the undeniable and self-evident truth of human life and the only pathway to the truth..
As human beings much of our thoughts have habitually been about survival of our subjective selves. Where a few throughout mans history ever seek to understand or even question the existence of our objective selves as separate.
Study, reason or analysis is not an attribute of the subjective mind, which can only use previously created mind-sets from personal experience and the imagination to form conclusive mind-sets and/or calls on objectively created mind-sets with its favorite tool the imagination the polluter of all human thought.
People who are in a permanent or constant state of subjective thought are not aware of the mental state they are locked in, anymore than an animal has awareness of thought, yet they know the difference between subjectivity or objectivity only by the processes of the imagination.
The subjective mind of man is found in the physical organ call the brain and has only physical perceptions to direct it, and is processed by the imagination to create mind-sets both temporary and permanent or conclusive.
That which we call the objective mind cannot be found in the physical existence of our being it exists in what we call the metaphysical or that which our subjective thoughts through the imagination call the spiritual aspects of mankind and which mankind has thus far failed to locate in or around our physical beings yet we know both subjectively and objectively of its existence.
All life on earth starts from a seed within which the human seed contains the germs or if you will, genetic DNA blueprint for our physical make-up and development to our maturity.
It is my hypothesis through objective thought that a germ with in the seed of man, contains either a physical link to the metaphysical mind, or the development of the core metaphysical mind itself, permanently linked to the physical, and it is this linkage that makes and places mankind psychologically above all other animals and gives us the power of reasoning and all the analytical abilities contained within.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Power to the People

As an individual citizen of America I have choices in living my life as I see fit which no one can deny me. We all talk about them day in and day out the catch is, our conversations are usually about what choices are being denied us via the authority of law. The question that then rises, is if a law is unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful its self should it be considered in the minds of citizens a law, when it has no legal authority behind it other than brute force, it is what I call a non-law and is not worthy of the citizens to accept or acknowledge nor adhere too.
The true judge and authority of what is Constitutional does not lie in the hands of Congress or the Supreme Court but in the hands of the people at large. This condition is of their own making by the malfeasance and conspiratorial behavior on display for all to see in the form of tyrannical governance beyond the Constitutional authority they have sworn to defend and protect. Power to the people!!
Look at these scenarios not as sunshine Patriots, but as a true Patriot;
If you and I as ordinary citizens are taxed to pay for things like prisons the more of us they arrest and throw in prison for civil disobedience the less money they have to keep us there. It's a cinch there are not enough cowards and sunshine Patriots in America to hold their socialist system up; it will collapse of its own weight just like the Soviet Union. That's even without the people engaging in violent revolution.
In order to engage in violent revolution requires organization which they will suppress upon inception. If we engage in violent revolution as individuals without an organization at its core it will decay into anarchy which is even worse.
So if we fail to bring American government to heel by our constitutional vote today, because of the depth and degree of corruption that is prevalent, the fore mentioned scenarios are the only options left for the people to employ if we are to ever expect restoration of our sovereignty as individual citizens.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


“Oh-Oh Harry, you shot a good guy”! That line from a Dirty Harry movie is being played out in real life and real time all over the world. All based on the false and ignorant assumption that if someone or group in one instance validates its value to society at large, it for ever more, needs no validation of its actions in future instances. When in all truth and reality, a good precedence of ones reputation does not contain a cover for new or present deeds, because people and their human nature are only trustworthy if and when subjected to “Reagan's Rule, trust but verify”.
Within America and in fact all over this world, long established institutions and individuals have and are no longer held to that Reagan standard, and are in effect working feverishly against humanity's best interests. This phenomenon is not new from a historical point of view, but America as the one nation on earth that used to act as the filter of truth has for decades now refuse to change our filter and it is all plugged up both in the domestic and foreign activities of the avarice inherent in human nature.
The latest event exposing the myth and lie of global warming or if you prefer climate change, is only the latest case in point, but because of its worldwide effect, should cause nations and their peoples to reconstitute across the board “Trust but Verify” all human alarms of pending danger or harm and expose them for what they are in truth, manipulations of the minds of men/women for the empowerment of the few over the liberty of all.
All of this afore mentioned is simply a resurgence of the insidious communist ideology which only the ignorant and fools still favor as the tool to manipulate and subjugate the entire world of mankind.
When soviet communism was shot down and laid down dead in the eyes of the world of man, we forgot a cardinal rule of the kill, we forgot to “poke it”, with the “big stick” too ensure and/or confirm its demise. We instead felt sorry for it and applied CPR, to breathe new life into an ideology that deserves not compassion, only death. This is a lesson that we all should forevermore have tattooed on the inside of the lenses of our eyes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The blurring of right and wrong in American society starts with equivocating, some of us think of it as patronizing ignorance. But the overall social mind-set created is the equalizing value of right and wrong and good and evil. You cannot have right and wrong or good and evil within society if all is equally accepted with equivalent weight in the minds of the majority, nor can we expect civil behavior to reign under equivocation.
Equivocating is the art of deceit in its perfected form. People who equivocate are personal and social cowards by any measurement known. Equivocating is a form of justification of the “wrong”.
There is not equality between legal and illegal, thoughts and actions, political parties. Religions, socialism and the Constitution etc. you may find similarities but nothing that approaches equal. By acknowledging the similarity does not make someone or thing of equal intellectual value.
When a Democrat does something wrong, we cannot equivocate that because someone else in the Republican Party did the same or similar sometime in the past or present. That's like saying two wrongs make a right or all sex is rape or a terrorist is just an ordinary criminal or the teacher at school is just like your mom and dad. This is what we do by acknowledging equivocation between them. It's a form of social comparison between apples and oranges.
All that said, this type of equivocation is the rule in American discourse and stands apart from commonsense or intelligence as the mainstay of our social and political intercourse.
The longer we as a society continue to patronize the ignorant by equivocating, the deeper we sink into the abyss of human natures purgatory on the road to its hell.
There really is black and white, right and wrong!! And nuanced parsing and equivocation destroys those truths!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mouse That Roared

One of the things Americans need to have ingrained to the degree that when they hear one thing they think something else. Every time you hear someone brag or otherwise state they are liberal or progressive what you should think is communist, for that is what they truly are and it is their mind-set, they use liberal and progressive as cover words to mask and hide their political objective of communism.
Obama, Pelosi, Reid in fact most all the leaders in congress today publicly have announced they are in fact communist in they politics and intents for this country, America. Unless your one of the thirty some odd percent that thinks “better red than dead”, that is necessary to place them all correctly within their political goals. They are not soviet communist or Chinese communist they are American communist just like Fidel Castro is a Cuban communist that called himself a freedom fighter for democracy until he took complete control then he came out of the closet.
Within history, the first thing communist in power do is what is called a purge of all that do not accept their ascension to power and it is done by spilling the blood of patriots.
Obama is forcefully without regard doing this very thing in similar fashion and given enough reign, the blood letting will follow the destruction he is currently bringing down upon America. He is a communist tyrant if there ever was one. Based upon his public posturing he thinks of himself as an American Lenin, and is waging a communist revolution in America. He is the consummate believer of the socialist, communist ideology to be brought about by insurgency.
He has only one known weakness, that he does, not know his enemy. He no more understands Americans or America then Osama bin laden. Americans will always prevail from our darkest point under his revolution of subterfuge. His fate is preordained only he and his followers don’t know it yet. The entire communist conspirators all around the globe (read; United Nations) will feel America's wrath, and in time he will be known as American history's biggest laughing stalk, (The mouse that roared) and all the time Senator Joe McCarty will be turning in his grave rolling with laughter he will truly have the last laugh and told you so from fifty + years hence!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Losing the Argument

Within all cultures about thirty three percent of which when losing most arguments; children, fools and the ignorant develop deep psychological problems that ultimately drives them, do to frustration, into the automatic condition of devils advocate where truth, reality and commonsense are nonexistent commodities, and the subjective imagination reigns supreme. The majority overcome this syndrome as adults, the rest are called liberals as adult human beings.
War is war with or without official documentation as much as a common law marriage under the law. The acts of war themselves constitution a declaration more so than words or documents. A congressional declaration of war is only for the official benefit of nations and to enlighten the America public as to national intent in case they may be too dense to comprehend it.
A congressional declaration of war is nothing more than officially documenting the obvious; it in no way is the granting of permission to the executive branch, but a showing of support.
The Korean war, Vietnam war, Desert Storm and others that America has engaged in without a congressional declaration were and are what only can be described as congressional malfeasance by hedging their bets leaving the total responsibility to fall on one person and giving themselves deniability from the outcome if it goes south or credit if not.
The power to declare war given to congress in the Constitution was intended as a backup authority in case we had a weak kneed commander and chief making him or her wage a war wither he/she wanted too or not.
The parsing and hyperbole of American academia and its unholy alliance with political parties is the reason the general public no longer has understanding regarding the very laws that govern our society. The ignorance of academic intellectuals follows in precise tandem, America's unconstitutional social and political decline.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Precedence; is what every mother and father historically tried to warn us about and like all children we couldn't see the forest because of all the trees. In simpler terms the word precedence as expressed in today's social experience means the absence of what used to be called reasoning or common sense.
Our parents repeatedly told us that just because others choose a different path w/ “just because Johnny jumped off the bridge doesn't mean we should necessarily do like wise” was the wisest way or thing to adhere to.
The legal and or political aspects of American society have adopted the idea that if some ignorant or even stupid act or illegality is set as precedence, reasoning the of such is out of bounds, based solely on how long the ignorance or stupidity held sway over society.
The first President, Congressman/Woman, Senators or Judge that knowingly agreed to something unconstitutional set the precedence that all succeeding ones cite. This is the nuanced way of breaking with the past precedence set, by constitutional law, by setting a new precedence bit by bit little by little which defines insidiousness, where original precedence is reset by modern precedence. This of coarse makes the word precedence meaningless, when the original precedence was set by deliberate reasoning of the human mind and modern precedence is set for transient and subjective purposes, completely unrelated and at cross purposes to the original precedence set.
All of this raises the question of intelligence verses the ignorance that is so prevalent in modern law and jurisprudence and American government.
I know America has some intelligent men and women, but they appear to be short on insight when they allow themselves to be sidetracked by the minutiae of the issues that stare them in the face on a day to day year by year basis totally obscuring the obvious inversion of America's original constitutional laws and the culture that once was unique in the world but has yet to reveal its latency.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change of Mind

“A change of mind” is not what we typically see or experience within our selves or among others, particularly those in the public eye, with the result being a lie or at minimum deceitful.
All human mind-sets once established are “permanent”. We cannot erase them. Sort of like a judge ordering a jury to disregard something said or done in a courtroom, which can only be superseded by contradiction, not erased or ignored. Without contradictive knowledge we all revert to the mind-sets previously established. The single most individually restrictive mind-set is the one that automatically rejects all contradiction, and it is always a subjective mind-set. We mostly call that a closed mind, which is an accurate description of it, it acts like a barrier to new knowledge and enhanced understanding.
When we consider mind-sets we must make a distinction as to their creation within the mind, in other words how they come about. There are only two modes of thought that create them, one is subjective through perceptions and the imagination which is a reactive response, the other is through objective cognitive reasoning and analysis within the core mind.
The reactive becomes a mind-set instantly and confirmed only by repetition, whereas the reasoning and analysis of the core mind delays the establishment of the mind-set, and leaves it open to amendment. In either case no change ever occurs.
These two modes of thought are independent of each other at birth, even in the sometimes contradictive mind-sets they may contain. Which of these two modes is predominant determines the degree of mental maturity each individual may ascend too.
Subjective thought; is at the level of animal thought.
Objective thought; is and represents only, the potential acme of human thought.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here are some quotable quotes drawn from my American experience;
Today all politicians in fact the American government as a whole, is but a facade, what's on its face is one thing, but behind the facade, is an asylum for the ignorant. (G.A.P.)
The birthplace of modern ignorance is Academia. (G.A.P.)
Knowing the words is not the conclusion, but the starting point. (G.A.P.)
Men/women of true intelligence need not be careful of the word/s they utter, that is a requirement of the deceiver only. (G.A.P.)
There is no justification for redo of the words we utter, unless we intend to deceive or enlighten. (G.A.P.)
The context and intent of the words we use should always stand on their own merit. (G.A.P.)
Once said; cannot be taken back, we cannot justify ignorance! (G.A.P.)
The presence of men/women tells us nothing, only their words and/or deeds. (G.A.P.)
Slow but sure; is the path of higher thought. (G.A.P.)
Little by little, bit by bit; is but treachery by the insidious. (G.A.P.)
Vacillating in thought is what makes the truth into a lie. (G.A.P.)
If one cannot discern ulterior motive from honesty they dwell in the realm of the ignorant. (G.A.P.)
The birth of a person does not grant him/her virtue. (G.A.P.)
Risk aversion is the hallmark of treachery as of the sunshine patriot. (G.A.P.)
The instincts of mankind may grant survival only, as like the animal. (G.A.P.)
The ego of mankind is but an insurgent within. (G.A.P.)
The egotist is intellectually deaf, blind, and ignorant. (G.A.P.)
There is no such thing as a healthy ego, that modern phrase is oxymoronic. (G.A.P.)
"One single object ... [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation."--Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Livingston, March 25, 1825
"[T]here is not a syllable in the plan under consideration which directly empowers the national courts to construe the laws according to the spirit of the Constitution.- "Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 81, 1788
"[J]udges, therefore, should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men." --John Adams
"The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded." --French political philosopher C. L. De Montesquieu (1689-1755)
"The soundest argument will produce no more conviction in an empty head than the most superficial declamation; as a feather and a guinea fall with equal velocity in a vacuum." --English cleric and writer Charles Colton (1780-1832)
"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." --author Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
The historical compilation of objective reasoning passed on to their posterity through time represents the true intellectual progress of mankind, whereas the subjective reasoning from history represents mankind s' folly and repetition of historical ignorance to which modern man is prone to follow. (G.A.P.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forgive Them ?

We; meaning American citizens, have allowed a mass mind-set to take root in our society that is slavish to all diversity of thought under the false premise of tolerance. This diversity of thought has robbed the average citizen of our purpose as it was established in and by our founding as a Nation among Nations.
America was founded due to intolerance of long established precedence of the world's governments and their tyranny over the individual in the name of the sovereign rights of the few. It was not just England and it's Sovereign, but the entire world of, and the behavior of, all sovereign claims over the individual citizen. The politics and the political matters and concerns were no business of the general population and America turned this principal on its head where the political matters of society was to be a “responsibility” of each individual citizen held as a sacred trust by all for all.
Based on our founding and its limited authority it was thought to be able to keep the people from working at cross purposes as long as it's constitutional authority was held inviolate. Diversity of political matters was and still is nothing short of civil abuse of the individual in the name of diversity and tolerance for the few, at the expense of the many until all become chattel, where no diversity or tolerance can co-exist for any individual.
For all those who actively seek enslavement within, it represents surrender of “the self” and a return to the womb in the face of the harshness of life itself, a silent wish to have never been born. Too the creator of humanity; this human attitude most certainly must cause doubt of the wisdom in the creation of mankind.
“Forgive them they know not what they do”. Not in my life time!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Bill Clinton didn't realize at the time that better than any other he pointed out the key deficit of modern American minds by the simple question of what the definition of the word is, is.
In essence we don't understand the definitions to most of the words in the English language, we look them up in the dictionary but that gives us only more words we don't have understanding of within the definition. A definition if not compared to the real life working applications in our lives, is only half of what we need to understand about all the words we use.
The void in Clinton's mind is what most call ignorance and what he calls intelligence. So for Clinton I have just given him the answer to his question, not the definition of the word “is” but to his question “ignorance”!
All of the previous is to say we may know the definitions to the words we use but we don't fully understand the words until we understand the definitions of them. This is one of the most profound weaknesses we suffer from as a people.
The definitions of words found in dictionaries are only relevant to the intended use of the word by any particular individual and the understanding it may or may not convey to the listener or reader. These confusions exist from the lack of understanding within both listener and speaker or writer and reader.
What this all represents is a fertile ground for mental deceit between us all where few raise questions and few have answers to them for fear of appearing ignorant. When in truth not asking the questions or giving the answers is where ignorance flourishes and prevails.
Example; I just heard on TV some politician start his speech with; “in regards to Americas first Constitution”, what the hell does that mean, like does that mean we have a second and/or third Constitution. What it means is he misused the word “first”. Or he doesn't know how many there were or are or finalized and when, or maybe he doesn't know anything about it, only that there “are” or “is” one “at least”. The last possibility might be he thinks no one understands anything anyway, so it matters not to him the accurate use of his own words.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Path to Serfdom

The school teacher's job in modern America and their primary responsibility to educate our children has followed the identical path as our government, by reassigning and restructuring their basic organizational structures and I might say unconstitutionally. The entire resultant is to remove and separate public office holders from the public eye or scrutiny. It first started due to inappropriate use of modern technology as a buffer zone. This is sort of like answering machines or computers to avoid or ignore direct communication or contact with those they are supposed to serve and each other. Many large businesses have done or do the same thing.
All the technology available to modern Americans today has both positive and negative applications and if we do not work with it, it works against us individually and as a nation and our entire culture. It all represents the difference between use and abuse, like the difference between music and just noise, sense and nonsense, conversation or just words, teaching or propaganda, government or anarchy etc, etc. this all leads to a society of pure ignorance on a individual basis and repetition beyond the sensibilities of sanity where insanity and ignorance becomes the norm or excepted standards we all must live by, Its not that our modern technology is bad or a negative. We appear not to use it to our advantage but to our own detriment. Like five men with shovels in their hands but only one is using it, the other four are worthless to the task at hand.
The American public began to recognize in the TV news what we called appropriately “talking Heads” and TV news has paid the price for the most part. Well today that is what elected officials have become as well as educators they are empty suits, or figure heads that wallow in the celebrity of public office while unelected staff and party members and others inform them what to say and do.
I don't know about you but when I purchase a computer program, I want more control of the process not less where the program will not allow for what I want it to do is but control of me by the programmers. That is the path to serfdom.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Spirit of Party

The democrat party has become the nemesis and the adulteration of the American way of life. It has done so by stealth and infiltration of the most crucial institutions of America, including its opposition the Republican Party, turning it into its unofficial subsidiary while simultaneously pretending they are the loyal opposition. Thus in essence removing all political choice and making our political system a one party system.
The entire idea of political parties is contradictory to our Constitution in the first place; if and when any single aspect of their platforms or goals is in conflict with our founding documents. The purpose of political parties is to raise public attention to the worthiness of potential office holders not too change our original system or provide services to the people outside of the limits of our original founding. Political parties are not nor ever were considered as additional branches of American government in or by the Constitution. This makes official congressional recognition of them or any official authority within its self illegal. Political parties at all times are part of the public sector not governmental.
The last thing ever to be contemplated as part of official office in the United States was to change or redesign our Constitution and its specified form of government. Any political party or any member of same that advocates on behalf of contradiction to our Constitution should not receive any official sanction as a legitimate political party or member of such. All political parties represent public individuals not government or its elected members.
George Washington warned us about what he referred to as the “spirit of party” which admonition we have ignored to our own peril. Any American citizen; that places loyalty to party above loyalty to country is UN-American, and a potential traitor too his/her countrymen.
Any political party that does not hold our Constitution as its platform should be denied by all true and patriotic Americans now and for ever more. Damn democracy, Hail the Constitution! GAP

Monday, November 2, 2009

Psycological Forensics

The past hates the future for its lack of memory and the future hates the past for the same reason.
One should never try to live in the past, but one should always learn from it.
The past is history so don't drag it into the present, just make new history!
Restoration of past truths is the refreshing of the present and validation of them, absent self deceit.
Self doubt and self deceit are both products of the subjective mind, neither of which exists in the objective and open mind.
The view of the subjective mind is always twisted and full of spin and always expands this distortion over time.
The subjective mind is a cripple that is incapable of caring for itself, lacking self awareness or the truth and cannot be enlightened by self pity or self righteousness.
The mind that is a subjective cripple is always unaware of how it became a cripple and it cannot find the answer via the consistent exercise of the imagination.
The subjective mind learns the answers while the objective mind learns the formulas and they rarely work in tandem.
Time in a life is wasted without objective thought as its guide and reduces man to the level of pure animal.
Most men/women vacillate between subjective and objective thought, the degrees of which determines their intellectual capacity.
For a man or women to be mostly ignorant does not grant them worthy of mental maturity as compared to physical maturity in time.
The single most deficiency of academia is its failure to enhance mental maturity among American youth, they in fact diminish it.
Subjective thought is the harbinger of most mythology and is the cold blooded killer of truth.
It is the subjective mind that predicts the thoughts of others as it pretends to know the unknowable.
A racial or sexual act or word does not a raciest or a sexist make, a raciest or sexist is a state of mind which no one can judge unless habitual or confessed too, otherwise it is but civil abuse.
Criticism just for its own sake, withers public or private is another form of civil mental abuse unless done in a most constructive way.
Criticism to the subjective mind is always perceived as abuse as it can only be view constructively by the objective mind.
The more compacted a society is the more it deters intelligent objective thought and encourages ignorant subjective thought in individuals. (We call it socializing or partying) Comprehensive objective thought is best achieved under solitary conditions or nearly so. Subjective thought is a distraction to objective thought and vise versa.
Historically speaking the best objective minds were mostly solitary in the area of objective thought or thinking while the subjective minds were acquiring social celebrity and it is the same today.
Celebrity rarely produces truly intelligent people unless the celebrity comes as a result of previously acquired objectively arrived at intelligence and never via social or other wise civil networks.
Celebrity, wealth or social standing offers no contributions to the intelligence of individuals.
Mankind can develop tests and such to measure how smart someone is, but cannot or has not been able to measure intelligence, so if you are deemed smart or knowledgeable this is what is passed off in society as intelligence.
Intelligence is a thought process as apposed to accumulated knowledge or smartness which can only act in support of the process.
If one accumulates a vast amount of knowledge and/or smarts, that will make one useful to a society but without the understanding that comes with intelligence, you will never be intelligent, just smart and knowledgeable.
Most truly intelligent people avoid as much as possible social celebrity because they understand how it acts as a deterrent to their own intelligence, its mostly unavoidable do to that which is referred to as the ego.
The most ignorant in society have inflated egos to match with precise proportion, and ignorance is the hallmark of subjective thought that has no understanding to speak of.
I lay no claim to being intellectual but I have acquired enough intelligence in my life to know what it is and is not

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Selling Out

Snap out of it!! Its time for Americas national nightmare to end, but it won't unless everyone comes out of this stupor and regains consciousness with full awareness of what happened, before we were seduced into our comatose state of being. If one looks back in time to reacquire what they once knew and understood, we would find the sounds of deceit as loud as the screeching tires before the wreck.
While our forefathers fought the civil war in order to live up to the promise of “all men were created equal” we didn't notice that too many men of principal were lost in the battles, leaving mostly carpetbaggers and opportunistic, unprincipled people to seize power at all levels of society and government.
That was the time when twisting, parsing, and redefining the meanings of words and in particular those of our founding documents, represented the wreck, but we were in a stunned state of mind which slowed down time and cast most of us into a slow motion intellectual mode of thought where we have remained stupefied ever since with the worst of us playing doctor and nurse.
As it stands today as Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution it is the problem” and this condition has been put into hyper accelerated mode by the democrat party w/ Obama at the helm.
We need to go back to the civil war period and undo one by one almost every change in law that has been applied starting with all Constitutional amendments and all consequent civil laws created because of them.
We need to reaffirm that government was never gifted the authority to make law regarding human behavior beyond the limits placed on them. They were not given the power of franchise or permission outside the restraints of the Constitution, nor can they grant rights or make laws that take them away, which only criminalize the rights of the peoples pursuit of happiness. All rights stipulated and not stipulated are the peoples by default and our creators gift to the people not governments. They were never gifted the power too nuance the meaning of direct harm to others, like offense taken by some, of the eyes, ears, feelings or the metaphysical. Judges do not make decisions of law but in law, they do not set punishment or apply it nor give orders requiring obedience from legislators or elected officials.
All civil rights belong to the people and the only way government can give a special right is by taking some other right from the aggregate of the people. For example; you have the right to be a homosexual but you do not have the right to force others to accept the fact by law, like force some one to employ you or serve you in any way, except government must treat you equally not specially but in accordance with historical standards of civil human behavior. For someone to attack you is against the law and calls for legal proceeding against them, and for you to encourage or tell other peoples children that your perversion is normal and healthy is also against the law, its called contributing to the delinquency of a minor and also calls for legal proceedings against you.
The civil rights act was/is the most socially and culturally corrupting law ever contrived by the ignorance of government, and is mostly an attack on the individual sovereignty of each citizen than it is providing any special right or protection to some minority or gender.
It is true that the people can have what ever government they vote for, but only within the confines of our founding, anything outside the Constitution regardless the number of people that wish it is illegal, and if instigated anyway is cause for rebellion against the people holding the reins of our government.
The democrat party and the Obama administration that currently hold the reins of government not only violate daily our Constitution but they are trying to change the team of horses and the wagon. They are selling the old team and wagon to the rest of the worlds lesser countries.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Concepts & experiamce

The expressions “you can’t possibly understand something because you weren’t there or didn’t have the same physical experience” is a justifiable expression only if you are trying to understand through your imagination. The imagination may give the mind a closer look only, but lacks understanding.
The core reasoning of the human mind acquires understanding that may or may not include physical experience, but a solely holistic intellectual experience, without the assistance of the imagination. This is called conceptual thought and understanding, and must never be confused with the imagination. If the imagination is in the forefront of ones thoughts no understanding can be obtained, and it is intellectual understanding that separates the human from the animal.
If sufficient objective knowledge in mind-sets is acquired by an individual, new knowledge drawn from the aggregate mind-sets via conceptual thought is not only possible but likely. This knowledge increases by factors over time. And is usually known in society as wisdom, but is really just plain intelligent thinking. Whereas the subjective imagination has only physical perceptions too create its mind-sets, minus conceptual reasoning, thus only physical experience holds any knowledge of value to intellectual thought minus understanding.
All this is like asking the question “why was I even born”, “why do I have to die” and “who the hell am I anyway”? Until one can answer those questions objectively they will remain in ignorance. Objective knowledge and associated understanding does not just come to the individual it must be pursued through objectivity.
The frustrations of subjective thought lead most people to settle for belief or disbelief as the answers to the major questions in life that plague them which does no more than plague their posterity in like manner, they just pass it of with simplicities like “ oh that’s just the cycle of life” or “its just gods plan” , but it still gives no resolve to the questions.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Your Medicine

Every one with even an iota of common sense knows that sweeping the dirt under the rug solves nothing in the long run it only places the dirt out of sight, thus out of mind. This self-evident truth in American society is lost to our culture in many different ways, but the worst or most serious to each individual, falls under the auspices of the medical profession not so much of what they do, as to the impression or mind-sets they create among the masses through subterfuge by not leveling with their patients. This is all done in a manner liken to medically treating animals. They seem to think that you and I can't handle the real truth, at least as they know it to be.
Most Americans no longer know and understand the difference between cure, healing and treatment. When a maker of drugs, design a drug it will never cure your medical problem it only sweeps it under the rug. It also creates additional problems that any particular body may or may not be able to handle without causing damage to it thus additional risk factors. In plain language most of a doctor’s time and studies are spent pacifying as apposed to curing. When a doctor performs surgery he/she does not cure you, they may mend you, but the body cures or heals itself from both the mending and the original damage. No doctor ever cured anyone, but they might assist the body in various ways to heal and or cure its self.
There has never been a drug manufacturer as capable as your own body it knows precisely what is needed and always is correct in its production of it, so if it fails in this task we can sweep it under the rug or fix the failure which we are incompetent to achieve. It is this incompetence that causes the patient to demand artificial drugs to hide our medical problems as apposed to finding the cause. So they will just say like, your liver or some other organ of your body is not functioning properly but can never answer the big question “why”. That is beyond their competence level, and the patient should never accept guess work even if it's an educated guess because it never solves the problem anyway.
I smoke cigarettes and you might ask why I do such a thing, and I will answer you in the simplest way I know, I smoke cigarettes for medicinal purposes and neither you or any doctor can prove otherwise because for any physical effect you may show on or in my body I can show you a dozen more other things that may be responsible for that effect and you can no more disprove them than I can disprove your opinion of those harmful effects. There are some people that should not smoke just as there are some people that shouldn't eat peanuts or consume too much sugar or salt etc. but punishing them by law is a violation of their Sovereignty as a citizen as it is mine for smoking.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


“Evil” is a subjective social perception via the imaginations of others, the human animal has within its biology equal portions of good and evil that can only be view as such by others. It is a social perception of the degrees of each that makes it viewed as evil or good by the culture we find ourselves in. The prey will always see the predator as evil in the subjective world of both lower animals and the human animal. The good will always see the predator as the doer of evil upon the victim in the subjective realm of thought which is animal thought.
Only the human animal has the additional capacity of objective thought. Which is the core reasoning mind and it is not confined within the physical body but is metaphysical, which is why the subjective refuses to recognize it as such. But it is this reasoning outside the control of subjective thought that conceives that a killing is not always an act of evil doing, and can find justification, thus not evil as viewed by the subjective emotional beings of predator, prey and/or an observer in human cultures.
The only way mankind as individuals can avoid being either prey or predator, is to escape the realm of subjective thought or thinking. Without such escape humans will always be one or the other. The subjective mind is ignorant of all but what might be called common sense.
In the world of objective thought an individuals very life is a means to an end, thus the loss of it is never as a victim or the prey of others. The objective mind is only ignorant related to knowledge accumulated in time and a subjective thinker will not understand any of what I just stated.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Animal World

Among the many old sayings; like fight fire w/fire, use a thief to catch a thief, if you want to understand alcoholism ask an alcoholic etc. Every one of these old sayings has only elements of truth that have sustained them in society. But none express the whole truth of anything. To the mind of the young who are not fully aware, these old saying are either discarded as old wife's tales or accepted as the whole truth. The reason for this ignorance is to be laid at the feet of the individual psychological development within any specific culture.
I would challenge any and all to identify any single culture or society if you prefer that does not have racists within it. No such culture has ever existed.
It takes the height of ignorance to say that when infants are learning and developing sight and can discern between black and white people that some how they are learning to be racist. The researchers that drew such an ignorant conclusion in their studies are only demonstrating their own subjective racist ignorance.
The way the physical body develops is a long dragged out process of identifying difference about all they encounter everything from nose size to feet size and or shape and of coarse skin color. Every child learns racism when they ask question about the differences they have observed over time. The big question “why” every problem people experience is at the root of most, it is the feed back they receive from others that shapes the subjective mind.
When you see and hear someone accuse or express racist remarks without objective reasoning to support it they are simply children that never matured psychologically. When they say well that's just how I feel about it, or what I believe about it, they are only skirting the truth because they don't know nor understand what the truth of the matter is.!! But above all they are not thinking with the objective core reasoning of the human mind, only the subjective thinking via the imagination and emotional feelings and perceptions of their existence, just like all the lower animals of this world.
If you cannot discern the difference between the way animals think and humans think you will forever be locked in the animal world of thought.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mind & Soul

Far be for me to belittle or make light of the religious beliefs of others, but it appears to me that those that are born again or claim a new closeness to God inevitably come to this psychological position out of a frustration in understanding of the things and experiences in life or their individual lives and come to believe the answers lie within one religion or another. Many are ingrained with these beliefs from birth, but only a few accept them blindly until they experience the confusion and frustrations of life which motivates them to be born again or find God.
While those that reject religious beliefs, do so for the same frustrations, but blame religions for them.
All religions speak of a metaphysical soul that during their individual lives is under their control. But in essence belongs to a metaphysical god that demands under threat, blind obedience to his will, and it is the various leaders of these religions that will tell us what those demands are, because they are more enlightened than the masses.
We all speak of the mind of man or the soul of man, which are for all intense and purpose metaphysical states of our beings, but what most don't appear to understand is they are most likely one and the same metaphysical aspect or state of the human condition.
The difference between these two states is the difference between objective thought or thinking and subjective thought or thinking. Neither has a place in the physical brain but is associated only by the perceptions of our physical bodies.
The only further comments I have, are that truth, reality or what one might call the self-evident, cannot be found via subjective inquiry in thought but only via objective reasoning in thought.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Truth

What good is an education in modern America if those that have the benefit of it are totally inept at discerning the difference between the truth and a lie on almost everything? Not being able to tell this difference makes for ignorance to prevail in all walks of American life.
It all started when the idea that there was no truth, that truth was individualistic among the people and that there was no absolute or universal truths either. By accepting that proposition we the people agreed to remain ignorant of it, and gave up searching for the truth completely. This was sometime in the early sixties, you know, when the flower children and that wonderful but ignorant generation suddenly became enlightened usually by way of drugs.
Don't get me wrong on this; it wasn't their fault after all they were just children back then. It was the fault of the vast left wing communist conspiracy just spreading its wings after the house on UN-American activities gave the full political recognition and the right to engage in typical political gaming in America roughly ten years earlier. Then they supported them in making the one man that stood against them a national bogey man, Sen. Joseph McCarty.
Well they are not children anymore, but are still just as ignorant and are now in full control of the federal government which means it is their fault today, and we will not accept pleading ignorance of the truth anymore. Their immunity from the wrath of patriots that know the truth has been revoked!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A question is the mind seeking understanding, but if we cannot identify the mind, which is the source of the question, where do we put the answer. The point being we put the answer into the same unidentified source from which the question came, thus giving this unidentified source, what we call understanding.
Mankind has throughout history searched in vain to identify the mind of man, but always restricted to the physical, meaning if we cannot see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or measure it using instruments to detect and/or record it, it becomes a question from the mind that has no answer or understanding for it.
Almost everyone in America for sure knows what a television is or an airplane but only a few understand with any specificity what they are. This does not interfere with us using these things to our best advantages as individuals as long as they function as expected, so it is with the mind of man.
Science deals with the study of the physical world of our existence, using an unknown tool, which is the mind, and as long as science persists only in the physical, this tool they use, will always remain unknown to them let alone understood to any degree.
Anyone attempting to study and understand a television can attest to how many other fields of study, have significance to it, everything from the human eye to the atom gives substance to its understanding. But it all falls within the known physical world through human perception it never delves into the non-physical world of the mind.
We humans identify each other by our physical presence, which in and of itself gives nothing to the mind which needs understanding, which the physical presence does not give or emit. This also means the mind can know of someone else but cannot understand them. In plain English, the psychological state or condition of each individual can only be understood by each individual it is in truth, a world of existence onto its self alone. It can share tidbits of itself with others only, and even then only via the physical world. Have you heard or even said yourself, “ wow you must be living in a different world than me” as a response to what someone else said to you. The truth is yes they are!
Although humans gather together in societies as physical beings our mind's psychological condition is as different and varied as our genetics.
You might ask, well where is the mind if it's not in or part of the physical being? “Where”, implies a physical place like, where is the universe which doesn't have a place? Only physical things have a place. The mind is metaphysical. Many aspects of the metaphysical have only links or connections to the physical world. Having stated that, I would go further by stating that mankind is the only animal that has this psychological link or connection to the metaphysical, which is the only profound difference we have from all other animals.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The people that spend the bulk of their personal efforts in society propagandizing should not be a focus of attention to all the rest of society in any particular way. Now many might say; “how can you say that when they have my kids believing their twisted points of view”.
If they have your kid believing their propaganda, you have failed as a parent regardless the authority by which they impose their propaganda. This is because you are still using the same techniques they use, but with the authority of a parent. The children are put in a position where all they have to do, is make a choice of who they will believe. In simpler terms you have failed to teach them how to think, and like the propagandist, you try to teach them what to think. This places the young in a position of simple pick and choose like an animal do I go left, right or fight or flight and their choices are made by the emotional perceptions of their physical existence, thus thinking or the thought processes of humans is being side tracked and you are contributing to it.
The parents in the past and many of today still play this game on children via stories about; Santa Claus and his reindeer, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and the like, which may appear harmless but carries a sinister effect regarding the relationship between parents and their children as the child grows. They may realize as they get older that the parent was only amusing their childish mind, but at the same time makes them less trustworthy and skeptical of everything they are told by their parents. It's sort of like fool me once or fool me twice principal.
The source of knowledge and understanding bears the needed trust before; it can be accepted to the subjective world of youth, thus it is a matter of choice of whom you trust most, not of the truth or reliability of what is presented. But with all this said the fairy tale teller or the propagandist in general in modern times has a new obstacle to the effectiveness of their deceit, and that is the computer.
As a source of information the computer and or the Internet must never be allowed to come under the sole control of any authority under any guise or otherwise reason or the propagandist will be the winners in the social game of subjugating the minds of all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Keep Talking

Tom Brokaw wrote a book and did specials on what he dubbed “the Greatest Generation”. I would be the last one who would attempt to denigrate the willing bravery and suffering of that generation of WW2. I only point them out as Brokaw did to make this point too the current generation.
The suffrages of both the soldier and civilian alike were as severe as that suffered in our original revolution and or the war that freed the blacks of America. The primary differences should be obvious which is, the blood aspects and fighting of those earlier times was primarily within our communities and towns and cities which to me is more severe, fearful and traumatic to the overall American citizen.
To the current generation; you may well have to prove that your generation will end up being the greatest or the worst generation America has ever produced. Because the currently known worst generation so far, is directing America toward what they hope and pray will be her final days, and all that stands between and their hopes for our demise, and that fate is in the hands of the current Generation.
Make no mistake; this battle will be internal and more severe than anything from Americas past if the audacity and arrogance of those who are destroying with vigorous glee every aspect and institution that sustains us as free nation, remains their objective.
I know I'm not reading the progressive movement wrong they are following an old and historic plan and like all that have come before they will not back down unless their defeat becomes obvious, then and only then will they go away to come back and fight another day.
They currently believe they have us on the run, and like all the other wannabe tyrants they wallow in this ignorance of America and the Americans, they believe we will bow to their will. I know better! They eagerly dish it out but they cannot take it in return. Their current reaction to the Washington tea party tells it all, that's why they are accelerating the use of the race card.
From this point on we must increase our attentions aimed at them with nothing, or no options off the table. If they are true to type they will start quaking in they boots. Just keep talking Obama, the more he talks the angrier we get.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Contract

A contract is drawn up to establish a legal position for all parties that come under its authority. The legal authority that does not back up and enforce violations of contracts losses its authority of enforcement. The Constitution of the United States was and is just such a contract between the federal, the several States and the people. Neither one of these three parties where authorized under this contract to change the rules of this contract.
If an individual citizen violates the rules he/she is subject to punishment by one or both the other parties. If the states violate the rules it is likewise punished by the other two. But the federal being the most powerful has only its force to prevent the other two parties from forcing compliance on itself without the two weaker parties resolve to use force with numbers gives them carte Blanche.
If either the States or the people refuse to employ overwhelming force it is admission of capitulation to tyranny. The question that always remains is when we reach the point or time for violence to avoid coming under the yoke of tyranny. This is the identical position our founders found themselves in, they tried and tried in vain to approach their masters threw- the legislative and legal means available, but in each case they were rebuked and more restrictive laws were applied. And so it appears today.
The Hondurans were watching and learned the lessons we had to suffer, and took action before tyranny could get a foothold. Are we less aware of history than the Hondurans?
America's federal government no longer recognizes the contract, our Constitution, and remains in repeated violations of it. This alone justifies any action in violating the illegal laws and rules or mandates that emanates from that illegitimate source.
If we cannot muster overwhelming numbers to stop them, it will fall to individuals, to stand and fall one by one until they run out of prison space or bullets.
If the numbers we a generating today fail to stop all the corruption and all legislation that is now or currently being prepared against the people. Our destiny will not be written by them, but by each patriot that says “ not me, not now, not ever” and individually puts his/her life, wealth, and sacred honor on the line of defense against the age old tyranny of the ignorant, fools, and the shiftless among us. “We will not be ruled” “ THIS I PLEDGE”

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Can anyone show you or me where in the Constitution there is a political left or right? The answer to that is simple; the founders intentionally left no vagueness within its structure. It is only within the subjective imagination of men/women that vagueness can be found. This leaves the political left or right in the fantasy world of human natures imagination. So; in the real world, where is the political left and right?
America is as much a part of the physical world makeup of nations as any other, but that's where it ends. Politically we are like night and day from the rest of the world. This means that both the political left and right are outside of Americas politics and to imply otherwise is to try to integrate politically, America with other countries, which is precisely what is in the process of happening. Our Constitution specifically forbids such co mingling of governments or the politics surrounding them, treaties and international agreements not withstanding.
Ever since the election of Obama I have not heard a single official in the democrat party utter even one American statement, I have heard nothing but the flowery expressions of our American adversaries and outright enemies of our way of life, flowing like standard fare from them. To say they are UN American is a understatement, they are traitors.
In 70 years of life as an American I have never witnessed so many ignoramuses in one place as are currently in control of the federal government and they all think they are on a higher intellectual plain than the rest of we peons. Their arrogant condescension is sickening to the most ordinary men/women of America and in their world tearing down what others have spent a life time creating is the acme of their life's dreams.
Obama and his spouse represent the lowest form of humanity on earth. If there ever was an American government that needs to be overthrown this is it. Bring back the troops from Iraq and have them take over all the government in D.C. tolerance and so called diversity is what got us here intolerance is what can take us back.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yea Right !!

OK I admit it we didn't use your money for or on behave of the children, let alone any of your children, or the poor and disadvantaged. That being said puts the issue and the facts behind us right? Now how about me taking some or even a lot more of your money to help the poor the elderly and all those who have no guarantee of good health.
In the entire history of mankind no government has ever been gifted the ability to do for, or on behave of men and women that which nature herself or even god cannot or refuses to do. In fact, every time in history when man engages with other men and women to help others, ends up exacerbating the situation.
The missing elements are sincerity and commitment, which are always lost in collective means to achieve good on behave of others; they always come off as arrogant superiority and condescension to the disadvantaged. So the disadvantaged will accept your largess but hate it and you, and only the future knows the true outcome of such efforts.
The best example is right here in America; No single group in all American history been showered with more largess than the black community, America has given of it’s blood in battle to free them from bondage, they have been coddled like no others and given special rights that no others in history can claim, America has clothed them, paid for their housing and medical care for several generations, given them preference in education, business, and government. But they see it not, and loath America for all its efforts. I say this not in the since of all the black Americans but the majority who have only contempt and loathing for our collective efforts on their behalf.
America is not a collective or democracy and consists of sovereign individuals with mutual purpose as such, and if we had remained true to our founding documents and the principles they stood for the blacks of America would have made it on their own or fallen on their face with out America to blame. I personally think, they may well have been what keeps America great and noble place to live and may yet do just that, but not through the likes of a bitter UN-American that wishes only to put all of us under the yoke of socialism including the very people he says he wants to help through his collective means. We already know where that leads, and its not life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sacred Honor

Many American citizens today spew-out quotes, phrases or paraphrases of men and women of both the past and the present mainly because we lack the capacity of original knowledge surrounding either the past or the present, in simpler terms we lack understanding of objects and events that others had or have, yet we are aware enough to recognize what others understood and think that by regurgitating their words or actions will place us on a higher intellectual plain than we rightly stand. We repeat these things until they become habitual, without understanding our own words, deeds or actions let alone those of others.
The reality of much we say or do is lost in this fog; ask a young person, why are we taught, that when meeting someone, we greet them by shaking hands? The understanding behind this is no different than the original purpose yet we will infer a hundred things not related of or with honest purpose which we created while forgetting why we did it in the first place.
I don’t want to get caught up in explanation of the particulars, so I will express this by an overall concept that we Americans today not only don’t understand but many have turned their backs on its in the very concept that used to be called “personal honor”
At the time of Americas founding most all true Americans had what they said was their sacred honor to wit it took precedence over wealth and life itself. Most Americans of my youth still held their sacred honor in higher regard than wealth and their personal life. But during my life little by little we have lost “personal honor”. Even as a young teenager most young men would protect with their very lives the female companion they were with. Not out a macho kind of reaction but out of respect for her femininity and perceived virtue. The girl may not have been safe from the young man she was with, but it was a certainty she was safe from all others.
Today way too many young men have no personal sacred honor to defend because this honor can only be found in personal responsibility and too many have none. This is true of many but not all it is a broad net I cast but is not the majority yet and I do see encouraging signs among the young.
The nineteen sixties and seventies were the worst of times in this regard and most of that generation, are pulling the strings in DC and academia and have wasted themselves in the field of personal honor.