Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A question is the mind seeking understanding, but if we cannot identify the mind, which is the source of the question, where do we put the answer. The point being we put the answer into the same unidentified source from which the question came, thus giving this unidentified source, what we call understanding.
Mankind has throughout history searched in vain to identify the mind of man, but always restricted to the physical, meaning if we cannot see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or measure it using instruments to detect and/or record it, it becomes a question from the mind that has no answer or understanding for it.
Almost everyone in America for sure knows what a television is or an airplane but only a few understand with any specificity what they are. This does not interfere with us using these things to our best advantages as individuals as long as they function as expected, so it is with the mind of man.
Science deals with the study of the physical world of our existence, using an unknown tool, which is the mind, and as long as science persists only in the physical, this tool they use, will always remain unknown to them let alone understood to any degree.
Anyone attempting to study and understand a television can attest to how many other fields of study, have significance to it, everything from the human eye to the atom gives substance to its understanding. But it all falls within the known physical world through human perception it never delves into the non-physical world of the mind.
We humans identify each other by our physical presence, which in and of itself gives nothing to the mind which needs understanding, which the physical presence does not give or emit. This also means the mind can know of someone else but cannot understand them. In plain English, the psychological state or condition of each individual can only be understood by each individual it is in truth, a world of existence onto its self alone. It can share tidbits of itself with others only, and even then only via the physical world. Have you heard or even said yourself, “ wow you must be living in a different world than me” as a response to what someone else said to you. The truth is yes they are!
Although humans gather together in societies as physical beings our mind's psychological condition is as different and varied as our genetics.
You might ask, well where is the mind if it's not in or part of the physical being? “Where”, implies a physical place like, where is the universe which doesn't have a place? Only physical things have a place. The mind is metaphysical. Many aspects of the metaphysical have only links or connections to the physical world. Having stated that, I would go further by stating that mankind is the only animal that has this psychological link or connection to the metaphysical, which is the only profound difference we have from all other animals.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The people that spend the bulk of their personal efforts in society propagandizing should not be a focus of attention to all the rest of society in any particular way. Now many might say; “how can you say that when they have my kids believing their twisted points of view”.
If they have your kid believing their propaganda, you have failed as a parent regardless the authority by which they impose their propaganda. This is because you are still using the same techniques they use, but with the authority of a parent. The children are put in a position where all they have to do, is make a choice of who they will believe. In simpler terms you have failed to teach them how to think, and like the propagandist, you try to teach them what to think. This places the young in a position of simple pick and choose like an animal do I go left, right or fight or flight and their choices are made by the emotional perceptions of their physical existence, thus thinking or the thought processes of humans is being side tracked and you are contributing to it.
The parents in the past and many of today still play this game on children via stories about; Santa Claus and his reindeer, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and the like, which may appear harmless but carries a sinister effect regarding the relationship between parents and their children as the child grows. They may realize as they get older that the parent was only amusing their childish mind, but at the same time makes them less trustworthy and skeptical of everything they are told by their parents. It's sort of like fool me once or fool me twice principal.
The source of knowledge and understanding bears the needed trust before; it can be accepted to the subjective world of youth, thus it is a matter of choice of whom you trust most, not of the truth or reliability of what is presented. But with all this said the fairy tale teller or the propagandist in general in modern times has a new obstacle to the effectiveness of their deceit, and that is the computer.
As a source of information the computer and or the Internet must never be allowed to come under the sole control of any authority under any guise or otherwise reason or the propagandist will be the winners in the social game of subjugating the minds of all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Keep Talking

Tom Brokaw wrote a book and did specials on what he dubbed “the Greatest Generation”. I would be the last one who would attempt to denigrate the willing bravery and suffering of that generation of WW2. I only point them out as Brokaw did to make this point too the current generation.
The suffrages of both the soldier and civilian alike were as severe as that suffered in our original revolution and or the war that freed the blacks of America. The primary differences should be obvious which is, the blood aspects and fighting of those earlier times was primarily within our communities and towns and cities which to me is more severe, fearful and traumatic to the overall American citizen.
To the current generation; you may well have to prove that your generation will end up being the greatest or the worst generation America has ever produced. Because the currently known worst generation so far, is directing America toward what they hope and pray will be her final days, and all that stands between and their hopes for our demise, and that fate is in the hands of the current Generation.
Make no mistake; this battle will be internal and more severe than anything from Americas past if the audacity and arrogance of those who are destroying with vigorous glee every aspect and institution that sustains us as free nation, remains their objective.
I know I'm not reading the progressive movement wrong they are following an old and historic plan and like all that have come before they will not back down unless their defeat becomes obvious, then and only then will they go away to come back and fight another day.
They currently believe they have us on the run, and like all the other wannabe tyrants they wallow in this ignorance of America and the Americans, they believe we will bow to their will. I know better! They eagerly dish it out but they cannot take it in return. Their current reaction to the Washington tea party tells it all, that's why they are accelerating the use of the race card.
From this point on we must increase our attentions aimed at them with nothing, or no options off the table. If they are true to type they will start quaking in they boots. Just keep talking Obama, the more he talks the angrier we get.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Contract

A contract is drawn up to establish a legal position for all parties that come under its authority. The legal authority that does not back up and enforce violations of contracts losses its authority of enforcement. The Constitution of the United States was and is just such a contract between the federal, the several States and the people. Neither one of these three parties where authorized under this contract to change the rules of this contract.
If an individual citizen violates the rules he/she is subject to punishment by one or both the other parties. If the states violate the rules it is likewise punished by the other two. But the federal being the most powerful has only its force to prevent the other two parties from forcing compliance on itself without the two weaker parties resolve to use force with numbers gives them carte Blanche.
If either the States or the people refuse to employ overwhelming force it is admission of capitulation to tyranny. The question that always remains is when we reach the point or time for violence to avoid coming under the yoke of tyranny. This is the identical position our founders found themselves in, they tried and tried in vain to approach their masters threw- the legislative and legal means available, but in each case they were rebuked and more restrictive laws were applied. And so it appears today.
The Hondurans were watching and learned the lessons we had to suffer, and took action before tyranny could get a foothold. Are we less aware of history than the Hondurans?
America's federal government no longer recognizes the contract, our Constitution, and remains in repeated violations of it. This alone justifies any action in violating the illegal laws and rules or mandates that emanates from that illegitimate source.
If we cannot muster overwhelming numbers to stop them, it will fall to individuals, to stand and fall one by one until they run out of prison space or bullets.
If the numbers we a generating today fail to stop all the corruption and all legislation that is now or currently being prepared against the people. Our destiny will not be written by them, but by each patriot that says “ not me, not now, not ever” and individually puts his/her life, wealth, and sacred honor on the line of defense against the age old tyranny of the ignorant, fools, and the shiftless among us. “We will not be ruled” “ THIS I PLEDGE”

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Can anyone show you or me where in the Constitution there is a political left or right? The answer to that is simple; the founders intentionally left no vagueness within its structure. It is only within the subjective imagination of men/women that vagueness can be found. This leaves the political left or right in the fantasy world of human natures imagination. So; in the real world, where is the political left and right?
America is as much a part of the physical world makeup of nations as any other, but that's where it ends. Politically we are like night and day from the rest of the world. This means that both the political left and right are outside of Americas politics and to imply otherwise is to try to integrate politically, America with other countries, which is precisely what is in the process of happening. Our Constitution specifically forbids such co mingling of governments or the politics surrounding them, treaties and international agreements not withstanding.
Ever since the election of Obama I have not heard a single official in the democrat party utter even one American statement, I have heard nothing but the flowery expressions of our American adversaries and outright enemies of our way of life, flowing like standard fare from them. To say they are UN American is a understatement, they are traitors.
In 70 years of life as an American I have never witnessed so many ignoramuses in one place as are currently in control of the federal government and they all think they are on a higher intellectual plain than the rest of we peons. Their arrogant condescension is sickening to the most ordinary men/women of America and in their world tearing down what others have spent a life time creating is the acme of their life's dreams.
Obama and his spouse represent the lowest form of humanity on earth. If there ever was an American government that needs to be overthrown this is it. Bring back the troops from Iraq and have them take over all the government in D.C. tolerance and so called diversity is what got us here intolerance is what can take us back.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yea Right !!

OK I admit it we didn't use your money for or on behave of the children, let alone any of your children, or the poor and disadvantaged. That being said puts the issue and the facts behind us right? Now how about me taking some or even a lot more of your money to help the poor the elderly and all those who have no guarantee of good health.
In the entire history of mankind no government has ever been gifted the ability to do for, or on behave of men and women that which nature herself or even god cannot or refuses to do. In fact, every time in history when man engages with other men and women to help others, ends up exacerbating the situation.
The missing elements are sincerity and commitment, which are always lost in collective means to achieve good on behave of others; they always come off as arrogant superiority and condescension to the disadvantaged. So the disadvantaged will accept your largess but hate it and you, and only the future knows the true outcome of such efforts.
The best example is right here in America; No single group in all American history been showered with more largess than the black community, America has given of it’s blood in battle to free them from bondage, they have been coddled like no others and given special rights that no others in history can claim, America has clothed them, paid for their housing and medical care for several generations, given them preference in education, business, and government. But they see it not, and loath America for all its efforts. I say this not in the since of all the black Americans but the majority who have only contempt and loathing for our collective efforts on their behalf.
America is not a collective or democracy and consists of sovereign individuals with mutual purpose as such, and if we had remained true to our founding documents and the principles they stood for the blacks of America would have made it on their own or fallen on their face with out America to blame. I personally think, they may well have been what keeps America great and noble place to live and may yet do just that, but not through the likes of a bitter UN-American that wishes only to put all of us under the yoke of socialism including the very people he says he wants to help through his collective means. We already know where that leads, and its not life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sacred Honor

Many American citizens today spew-out quotes, phrases or paraphrases of men and women of both the past and the present mainly because we lack the capacity of original knowledge surrounding either the past or the present, in simpler terms we lack understanding of objects and events that others had or have, yet we are aware enough to recognize what others understood and think that by regurgitating their words or actions will place us on a higher intellectual plain than we rightly stand. We repeat these things until they become habitual, without understanding our own words, deeds or actions let alone those of others.
The reality of much we say or do is lost in this fog; ask a young person, why are we taught, that when meeting someone, we greet them by shaking hands? The understanding behind this is no different than the original purpose yet we will infer a hundred things not related of or with honest purpose which we created while forgetting why we did it in the first place.
I don’t want to get caught up in explanation of the particulars, so I will express this by an overall concept that we Americans today not only don’t understand but many have turned their backs on its in the very concept that used to be called “personal honor”
At the time of Americas founding most all true Americans had what they said was their sacred honor to wit it took precedence over wealth and life itself. Most Americans of my youth still held their sacred honor in higher regard than wealth and their personal life. But during my life little by little we have lost “personal honor”. Even as a young teenager most young men would protect with their very lives the female companion they were with. Not out a macho kind of reaction but out of respect for her femininity and perceived virtue. The girl may not have been safe from the young man she was with, but it was a certainty she was safe from all others.
Today way too many young men have no personal sacred honor to defend because this honor can only be found in personal responsibility and too many have none. This is true of many but not all it is a broad net I cast but is not the majority yet and I do see encouraging signs among the young.
The nineteen sixties and seventies were the worst of times in this regard and most of that generation, are pulling the strings in DC and academia and have wasted themselves in the field of personal honor.


Unions are nothing more than decentralized forms of Communism. They are simply the deceitful use of the collective to impose their will on others including their own, and behind the public face is the constant threat of financial ruin and/or violent force whenever negotiations, bribery, corruption and or non binding arbitration fails to satisfy their lust for power and control over others.
Some would say if it wasn't for the union they wouldn't be as well off as they are. There might be a element of truth in that, but the many years that have past, and the laws of the land perverted to cater to such intimidations belies that theory throughout the entire country. It amounts only to wishful belief.
When the founders specifically denied the use of a standing army among the citizenry, was overall intended to cover private army's also. The only private army's that were considered valid were militias, but even they were not to be active within the community unless a emergency of the community arouse.
Unions are today nothing more than private standing armies within our communities to be used as thugs with intimidation and or violence as their modus operandi. This includes many varying forms of community organization all based on the principles of civil corruption developed and learned via the communist model of organization.
It is now this same said Communist model of organization that has the black community by the throat the Hispanic community and other such minority communities. It is also now trying to reshape the entire federal government into the same model.
All this basically means, is if you are not part and parcel of this form organization as an individual you are persona non Grata or a non person within American society which makes you their chattel to be used at their convenience.
Thus slavery has returned to America. Some would say it never left it just changed Masters!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Firing Squad

Since January, it should be obvious to anyone with even a scintilla of understanding that Obama does not care one iota what the American people think or want, and is actively undermining America as a whole in an effort to reduce our nation's stature, power, to make us as a nation subservient to all the failed despotic nation's of this world.
His every action since the election constitutes only one known crime that of a traitor, done in the most despotic ways known to mankind any one of which if committed in almost any other country would put him before a firing squad or at least cause a revolution.
What does it say to a reasoning mind when an individual of awesome authority, has the audacity to ask or tell others they must pay for the bullet or rope that is going to be used to kill you, or otherwise destroy your life? Well I can honestly tell you that if it were me and I was asked to pay for the bullet that will or did kill my brother, the carrier of said request, would pay for that bullet with his/her own life in a flash. The request itself constitutes an arrogance or audacity that is so insulting to the mind that only an animal would let it pass without casting super wrath on the insulter. To those who may not understand this or value their own lives above their sacred honor I have nothing but my pity to offer.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today you can still find many people that hold in esteem and admiration almost every despicable tyrant in human history withers they are long dead or living. This is the result of the human imagination in tandem with the personal separation from the harsh realities of history.
There neither is, nor ever was glory or righteousness in the brutality of one human against another except in defense. By definition tyrant's and despot's are always inhumane in their offensive treatment of others.
It makes no difference if you make or cause one to suffer or a hundred your fate should be judged not on quantity but quality. This makes no distinction between a Hitler, King, Terrorist or religious zealot, one is no different than the other no matter how history may parse through numbers or the heinousness committed, they are all equal in their inhumanity to man.
All the various suffrages men and women have had to endure through history should stand as an awareness to all, that self-punishment or suffrages through our own physiological state of mind is a mis-focus of our intellectual powers, when so many others desire to make us suffer in real terms. Self flagellation wither physical or mental is a definite identification of ones own ignorance of self and history, which should demand their enlightenment by others for the betterment of all in any culture on earth.
It all starts with one person's observation of another that says “you know what they should do instead of what they are doing” which ultimately leads to the subjective desire to make them do it. This lack of objective thought is at the core of human nature.
Only the truly insane among men/women do not feel for the poor, sick and dying, or children etc, but only objective reality can do anything to help without causing others the same said suffrages, or to make them do it and of coarse those conditions of humanity will always exist because they are part of mankind's natural presence in life.
Providence is not within the scope of mankind's powers to control individual egos not withstanding.
How ignorant is it for some movie star or celebrities to go to some third world country and see the conditions there and return thinking they have personally discover for the first time in history the depths of human suffrages and the depravity of man? And then seek ways to make others feel the same in the futility of their efforts. What they don't understand is most other Americans are doing all they can, just to keep from sliding into those same said conditions of life, unlike themselves.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


By any human standards within any society is by far the most despicable character flaw known to civilized men and women. And those that try to justify it via emotions or pity for the hypocrite are most likely hypocrites themselves. Meaning they can imagine themselves just as hypocritical as other hypocrites thus taking a position of sympathy for the plight of other hypocrites like themselves.
It has been my observation during my life of seventy years that more hypocrites exist in the religious community by far than in the general public at large. I find this personal observation particularly ironic because if there is such a thing as evil that is always on the minds of the religious, hypocrisy is its home base.
Hypocrites are always liars but liars are not always hypocrites there in is the lesson that overall American society needs to learn and understand.
If anyone can tell me of a single man or women in politics or public office today that is not a hypocrite it could only be because I don't know of their existence, and I don't pretend to know of them all. The only thing I can be sure of in their defense.
With all that said it is my contention that all with no exceptions, officials at the federal government are in fact hypocrites and too many citizens either don't understand that, or care. It has become an acceptable flaw of their character that most people fluff-off with, “oh thats what politicians are, so what”. I hate to say this, but way too many Americans are not what Americans used to be!

Monday, September 7, 2009


All throughout human history there have been and still are people that deserve to be killed and eliminated from societies this is a self-evident truth of history. But these same said people are quite often found among the decision makers of who should die and who should live. This is precisely why the founding fathers of America stipulated that only the people by jury, or natural sovereign law (meaning self preservation) could and should make such decisions. The only exceptions were state Governors, Presidents and military officers in times of war.
If by chance you are a sociopath you have no more value to society than a rabid rat in the floor space or attic and deserve no quarter or the emotional feelings from others. All those who take sides against society with the sociopath, place themselves in the cross-hairs of civil society just as much as if they were the sociopath themselves.
The primary difference between a Patriot and a sociopath is “love of country” were as the sociopath loves only him/her self. It's what is called, “righteous or just cause” which does not exist in the makeup of a sociopath.
Everything a sociopath does within society has at its core what we call ulterior motive and intent with no exception to this rule. This is also why every person in modern societies should develop the intellectual skill of being able to identify ulterior motive in others. Although many people have ulterior motives for things they say and do, the difference is in the degree of consistency of ulterior motive, meaning a sociopath always has one no matter what they say and do. This makes them predictable in their activities within society.
All progressives, socialists or just plain collectivists are sociopaths and thus predictable no matter how they try to mask their intention or ulterior motives, and they occupy every class and level of society they are not confine to any race, gender or wealth.
The more advanced a society gets the more sociopath's it contains, you might think of them as social insurgents they will be against everything and for nothing within any society they find themselves.
I have just described most all the current administration in Washington, most of the elite of American society and most of American Academia. “Go Figure”

Fairness & the law

Most people believe in fair and just treatment for all who may find themselves confronted by prosecution in our legal system in America. But everyones idea of what is fair or just, is so varied, the objective facts are all but overwhelmed by the subjective views of all the participants in regards to, what is fair or just.
America was founded in the objective truths and self-evident facts of the natural world not by the imaginations and emotional views of fairness but the objective evidence of facts. That is where true justice exists, anyone can validate this by taking notice of America's statue of justice which uses a blindfold and balance scale, one is to remove human nature from the decision making process, the other to be objective in weighing the evidence free of human nature's influence.
To allow judges within our system to make decisions in any case before it flies in the face of our founding whenever it has direct effect on any citizen. You might say that our founding fathers intent was that judges were not intended to judge people or the actions of people but to make sure that all prosecutors functioned within the bounds of established law only.
When ever some or any judge hands down a court order to an individual or city or law enforcement that was not vetted by a jury of citizens it represents a violation of the spirit and intent of our Constitution, if not specifically of laws. It was not intended that judges were to be judges in the same way and ways they historically did under despots and kings etc. elsewhere in the world. The only judgment judges were to engage in was the strict adherence to established laws not their personal opinions. No such power was intended or granted by our forefathers.
Did you ever notice that when a judges hands down an order, it said to be the opinion, of the court or judge. We the people don't pay them for their opinions, outside their legal opinions regarding established legal statues. If and when no law or statue covers the problem they were not granted the legislative powers to make one.
We lament the many cases brought before our courts and judges, that are absurd, and outside existing laws. The truth is the judges are supposed to throw out all such suits instead of wasting the tax dollars of the citizens by even hearing them. If the people decide some issue needs a law to cover it, they will apply pressure on our legislators to makes said laws, but in no case should judges twist, parse existing laws to fit where it was never intended by the law makers. The modern day fact that our current lawmakers shirk their duty, or even allow judges to make decisions that only they have the authority to make, is and always has been malfeasance in their responsibilities.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ideology & Ideologist

Imaginary, visionary, theorization, these are some of what constitutes the definition of “ideology” the believers in Marxism, communism socialism and every other type of social collective you can think of fit the definitions stipulated, they are true ideologists by every definition of the word. Yet it is they that accuse with indignant slur American Patriots as being “ideologist”,
At the time of Americans founding you could have said the founders and other American Patriots were ideologist but as of today our original political system that they imagined and were visionary about and theorized about is no longer an ideology, but established self-evident fact, and an extremely effective one at that, which removes it from the category of an ideology in modern times. This makes the real ideologist red in the face, because what they believe in is still imaginary, visionary, and pure unsubstantiated theory even after dozens of failed attempts in application.
All this is pure subjective accusation of ones own intellectual deficiency. True American patriots subscribe to the ideology of our founding fathers only in the fulfillment of its application. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
The only weaknesses and/or flaws in our system of governance today are the intrusive applications of socialist theories that have been bit by bit intertwined through the subversive tactics of insurgents within. These are the same subversives/insurgents and blood enemies of America and of McCarthyism fame given free reign by our Congress in the 1950s, just to spite the crudeness of his patriotic and defensive passions, all in the name of tolerance. They have, and always have been blood enemies of the American way of life. The communists and socialists are and always have been the only vast political conspiracy in America to which the conservatives are mere counter measures in response.
They accused Sen. Joe McCarthy of imagining a communist under every rock, and low and behold as soon as they (Congress) gave them free reign to engage in political gaming in America, out they came from under every rock, in the 60s like little gremlins not in uniform or openly showing their membership cards, (The model for Islamic extremist) and today are running and corrupting our government and every important institution in America, and they also constitute many within the elite class of our culture. Looks to me as though McCarthy was right on, and I have borne witness to this insurgency as it was occurring thou-out my entire life. It was not, nor is not imaginary. Pinch yourself you're not dreaming. The reds are not coming; the bear is already in the house.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Benedict Arnold

Too many representative's and senator's fall-back when ever the voices of the people start to have effect with “we want to go back and try again to make this or that bill as before, only bi-partisan”. They seem to think if they negotiate across the aisle in congress that will make the bills in question more palatable to the people.
Not by a long shot, not this time!! It matters not to us, the people, if we are to be reduced into servitude by one party or both. We will defy all with much increase solidarity as “The People” if that were to be the outcome of the current impasses.
Compromise with the evils of Marxist and socialist efforts is what has brought us to this impasse in the first place, but we the people will not bend over any further. The wrath of the people is simmering and the full boil is not that far behind it. If they turn off the heat it may not come to a boil, but it will continue simmering for a long time after, until they are no more. In plain language the point of no return has already gone by. So, for them it's too late.
My only personal sorrow is that Sen. Ted (Benedict Arnold) Kennedy won't be here to share the shame, and the blame. He always was a good escape artist, and it makes one wonder if he didn't leave us on purpose, to die with out him here, to save us.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


All the enemies’ (of mankind and the individuals that constitute mankind), given admiration or even tolerance of their insidious tyranny deserves neither, but are considered a hallmark of civility among Americans today.
The truth if it is to be known and understood, the aforementioned admiration and tolerance on behave of social or public civility is and always has been a despicable and ignorant flaw in the human condition.
The burden of subservience is no man or women’s civil responsibility in America, yet from the moments of our beginnings we have always been subjected both openly and insidiously to those who work feverously to bring us under that yoke. They mostly present it as a social or civil responsibility with the tyrant’s shadow of righteousness lurking behind it. It is slowly but progressively introduced by those who ironically call themselves progressive’s in modern day America.
In today’s America progressives are mostly representative of celebrity and among the elites of our society not counting the wannabe’s which makes it obvious they are not seen by society as the truly insidious and despicable among us which they are. They openly celebrate themselves with false pride thru all the mutual admiration societies they have created with other’s dimes, and shower each other with civil, social and humanity awards which they all grovel among themselves to acquire. Their entire physiological lives are a fiction without human substance; they live in hypocrisy unaware of their own civil depravity and have no conscience or awareness of it.
We, mostly social no-accounts’, in America are at a point of critical decision. Events from this point are self perpetuating in only one direction of which has only two possible conclusions if not interfered with. America will end-up as either a Nation under the control of a dictatorial despot or a socialist system like all the other fail socialist nations through-out the rest of the world.
If we decide to interfere with those ultimate conditions, it can only be accomplished by turning against those who are currently steering our destiny. We cannot do anything subtle at this point that will stop it; it will have to be bold and defiant. But this also means we have to decide where we want to direct our destiny.
My preference is to hit the reset button, and reset to our original default system of governance and our history supports that point as the most viable and stable conditions to live by.
Our founding fathers were right back then and are still right today.