Sunday, August 29, 2010

About The Past

   The past of the great of the Mayan empire the great Egyptian culture The great Persian empire The great Roman empire the lost Continent etc. when it comes to the primary ethnicities highlighted in today's modern cultures just how far back in history can any of them lay claim or deny previous advances or declines of their own ethnicity in evolutionary terms when in all reality the further back you look at the details of the past they become less and less relevant to anyone living today and even the major events of history have no more relevance than the lessons we today can draw from them and certainly no connection to ethnicity. Every culture of humans in all history has had and will have its bigots, racists, bullies and ignorant among them which leads men astray from advancement and/or progress into the future, it is the why of human nature. It has only been the original founding documents of America that has made a serious attempt at correcting the cultural and social errors of earlier humanity.
   While it is human theology that has contributed most to past human behavior by teaching men about what they think god or Allah or what ever deity, wants us to do or what it would do or has done regarding whatever transgressions’ that man has committed. For example; the Jews and Christians teach that god has punished mankind’s posterity for the sins of Adam and Eve. If this was true, it is then logical for man, that he is doing gods work by punishing the ethnicity of others for perceived sins against man and/or God, contradictions not withstanding.     
    It’s like a reputation, you have to live up to it or live it down but you can’t have it both ways, history is fixed and only the ignorant in time will not see it by it’s deceitful presentations by the present. The known truths in human history can set man free from the errors of the past in today’s world, but the deceit and self deceit in our beliefs have to be the first to go.
    This writer knows at this time in history the universal application of known truths is not feasible, so I suggest we start where Americas’ forefathers left off and create the most enlighten nation on this earth as god or Allah most certainly intended. (Skip the middle men and flimflam artists)
    It has to start with accepting history as it was, not how we wished it had been, by all American citizens including your own personal history.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


   The primary impediment to Americans today is the co-opting of our language, by this I mean we the people believe the meanings of our words so much so that when a liberal or communist group call themselves by words that we understand the meaning of we accept them as one of us, when in truth they are just the opposite of what we believe them to be. Like; “Students for a Democratic Society” (SDS) where the last thing they desire or seek is a more democratic way while what they seek is a collective society at best or anarchy at worst.
   Many of the words they use to describe their organizations like; freedom, liberty, justice, human rights, fairness, truth, children etc. are all to mislead and raise money for collectivist theories’ and undermine the very system of government via our Constitution most of us love and understand and wish only to carry forward.
   So basically in this modern world the American people need to learn how to keep from being duped by names or misapplied use of words by being skeptical and never, never judge a book by its cover.
   The Communists and the Muslim’s are/have become expert at using our own language and systems against the people to make further inroads that at some point we may not be able to recover from unless the people at large can recognize they are being duped.
   Our current president, Obama speaks like he really believes the words he uses at the same time his every action contradicts every speech he gives. He raises our concerns about things like excessive spending and deficits in his speeches while simultaneously rising spending and deficits with gusto without blinking an eye. He uses words as the smoke and mirrors of his intent and those of us that still believe his words are fools or cohorts.
   Do precisely what he himself told us to do, Judge him by those he has surrounded him self with!!!     
Crooks, Communists, Muslims, elite disgruntled un-American pro-socialist egotistical A-holes!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't Tread On Us

   There are a few simple and basic things all American children must learn and understand before the older generation or even their peers for the most part, will accept them as mature adults with an intelligent capacity.
   These type responses’ are at first defensive, but always harbor an offensive response. That is what Americans are all about because we individually view none, as our superior or ruler and in that sense even from uppity children we will always become belligerent when we think we are being put upon. (Notice I didn’t say feel we are put upon)
   The greatest weakness we Americans have is a slowness to catch on to the manipulators and the ignorant in society and the world, but once we catch on, we will never back-down or submit to them.
   This child-like behavior when used by government officials will garner nothing short of offensive action from the adult citizens among the populace. American government was created to only do for the people, not to them, and pick and choose, what segment or segments of society will garner government support, is not within its province.
   We will discriminate, so they may as well start building the gulags’ to hold us in, and I’ll bet there will be many black Americans right along with all the rest, once they catch-on that it’s not about skin color but individual sovereignty, then they will no longer give Obama a pass because of his skin color.
   Every black American whose slave ancestors chose to remain after emancipation, are full fledged Americans as any others, and I cannot bring myself to think, that just after they achieved that recognition across the board, they will re- subjugate themselves under the banners and cry of socialist fairness. (Misery does not enjoy company!!)   
  “Tolerance” of individuals or groups to abuse, particularly by government is not an American value and never has been, and if you don’t believe me, ask any man or women descended from slavery, it is a socialist tool of submission. True Americans are compassionate both in the benevolent and offensive behavior of our character.
The best defense is a strong offence!! And offence used in defense is no vice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disperse you Rebels

   Mankind by his very nature is a lobo animal, but is always seeking a perceived advantage in his/her life and living conditions. Once he came to the realization that in hunting gathering, mating and security there were advantages too be had, so he started civilizations or tribes as it were above and beyond the blood line of immediate families. But for civilization to grow and prosper required a strong individual or group to keep it even a little bit secure for its entire membership. This means each citizen had to surrender some parts of their individual sovereignty to the ruling entity or monarch.  
   For many centuries this system for growth was a hardship akin to slavery and in fact sometimes was outright slavery and during those times the ruling class found the power of human control addicting, and abused the authority vested in them to the extreme suffrages of the masses. To keep an edge the ruling class engaged the masses in war after war to expand their power and keep any challenges to their authority at bay with brute force.
   Flash forward to the human migration to America were only many small tribes occupied the land and a variety of exploring armies from around the globe sought to make claims to the land.
   The first who came to actually settle here and make a new home in America held no loyalty or respect for the tyrants or nations they fled and all they wanted was to be sovereign individuals again free men/women, like it was in mankind’s beginnings.
   By 1840 69% of America’s population were farmer’s, still sovereign people as per the end of the revolution against Great Britain and in accordance with our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  By 1900 only 38% were farmers due to the industrial revolution. By 1950 12% and by 1990 2.6%  
   By farmers today, we are really talking about people that live in a dispersed rural setting, where many live in the suburbs but travel to the cities and towns for their employment. Which condition opens the door to the power manipulators in the metropolitan areas becoming despotic and the making of laws and ordinances that go against all the very principals of our founding that spurred us to greatness as a nation in the first place. This dependence on elite government officials takes men/women of the masses back in time by a thousand years of individual development and in our civil intercourse. In plain language a return to the slave mentality that kept mankind from moving forward until America burst onto the scene from our history showing sovereignty of mind is equally as important to mankind as physical sovereignty and that mankind needs both to reach his/her fullest potential.
   If we; that are humanity in general, wish to continue the forward growth to which America has shown in the past is our destiny, we need a new technological revolution akin to the industrial one of the past. We can call it whatever we chose, the communications revolution or digital revolution or what ever, but it holds the modern equivalent of a new improved revolution for human progress. To avoid a retrograde condition for men/women as individuals it would logically require a dilution of authority over them, this authority cannot be diluted in the current compact hovels of large towns and cities and the human nature of man within them, without thinning the herd so to speak..
   For example; if a large city made an ordinance or law that forbid residency to all those whose physical presence is not critical to their employment more than half would have to take up residence outside its geographically established boundaries. The savings to the city in transportation, energy use, police etc. alone would be monumental thus requiring a much reduce need of that cities resources, leading to a reduction in the governance of it. The follow on conditions would then stand to reason that businesses, that cannot not show the necessity of being located within the boundaries likewise forced to relocate to a less densely crowded place. With the advantages of modern technology dispersing the hovels of large cities and towns of people would in every instance be cost effect and free people from the √©lite power grabbers, giving them back their individual sovereignty while at the same time forcing the thousands of civil freeloaders to become personally responsible.
   Collectivism of all its varying degrees at one time or another had its advantages and man needs to recognize when it becomes counter productive to his/her individual growth. America could very well be the innovator for its own progress and lead the world anew, by example. I’ll leave the specific details on how to reverse the effects of the industrial revolution that has compacted people in such unnatural conditions to better minds than mine but remember you heard it from me first.
   How do you keep them in the hovels of cities once they’ve seen freedom and sovereignty?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Critical Thinking

   The skill of “critical thinking” what is it and how does one acquire it or is it just something that really smart people can develop? Ever since I first heard the Phrase coined “critical Thinking” and that modern day students are not being taught this important skill, made me wonder what it is and how do they know what critical thinking is, being as most of them were taught the same way the students are taught today. Possible it’s, they that have this deficit and it’s their ego expressing feelings of superiority.
   So I decided to do some critical thinking on the subject of “critical thinking”. How many different kinds of thinking are there; shallow thinking, reactive thinking, concentrative thinking, imaginative thinking, subjective thinking, objective thinking and the grand master non thinking. I’m sure I missed a few like introverted or extraverted but maybe I’m being too critical in my thinking. But adding it all up tends to make me think we didn’t need to add to such a list by adding the phrase “critical thinking” to it, couldn’t we just get along with one of the older descriptives of thinking.
   Then I decided that what is needed instead of addition to a long list of how we think, maybe what we need to do is synthesize the list for simplicity. This ultimately led me to think that there are only two kinds of thinking, subjective and objective of which I think they are trying to coin a substitute for objective thinking in a more modern vernacular because they don’t think that all of us that lack the skill of critical thinking know what objective thinking is, “it’s critical thinking you egotistical maniacs”!
   Now that I did all that critical thinking on critical thinking brings us to the point they are trying to make, and they are right we no longer teach students the skill of objective thought and its because academia no longer trains teachers in objective thinking they only teach them in the art of propaganda to produce monolithic zombies for the great world wide social collective that dances in their heads.
   The bottom line in my rant is this; only slaves and chattel of the human mind fall or sucker for their propaganda, the rest of society developed “critical thinking” on our own dime thank you, in spite of academia.