Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perpetual Motion!

A question that has plagued me and in fact all mankind since the dawn of time is the “question that no known individual or group of same can answer, like explain infinity. The question that is most disturbing is that mankind actually thinks it is explainable, like forever, is an explanation? We humans cannot explain to one another that which we don’t understand ourselves, and we cannot understand the unknown no matter how much effort we put into it, and how much we understand can rightfully be said as a measure of our intelligence.
Putting the infinite aside and just consider a machine with say, ten or twenty moving parts. A human with time and effort can easily figure it out to a degree that could be said to fully understand it without any previous knowledge as to who, what and why it was created in the first place. Maybe even document each part and its function and purpose in depth. Documenting things would save future men/women the time and effort of the investigative thought, giving them more time to utilize the capacity and or benefits of the machine.
Now expand this considered machine to one thousand parts or ten million or one hundred trillion or more, at some point no individual lives long enough to fully understand it, let alone document it, which leads us to realize that no one person could have been its creator in fact thousands even millions of minds and hands created it and no one or group of the creative whole, can fully understand it either, yet it works! Among all involved, creators or users we would necessarily have experts on various parts but none on the whole, it becomes beyond the capacity of any to understand all. Yet the ego of man cannot accept that it is part of that which it doesn’t understand.
What I have just made attempt to explain is not a machine but a dynamic free society that no man can explain or understand its economy or any structural dynamic part of what makes it work so to speak. Any and all interference of or with its various moving parts is the equivalent of throwing a monkey wrench in to its machinery.
All the systems in American society, medical, financial, industrial etc were not designed by government but by the millions of people individually and are thus vastly more complex than anyone or group can understand yet alone attempt to redesign or manipulate without destroying the very complexity that makes it work.
A free unfetter society is what America was designed to be, it was the invention of a perpetual motion and growth machine and if left without interference will remain perpetual, and American government was for one purpose only, and that was to protect it from all interference foreign and domestic period.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hypocrisy of the Left

Try as I might explaining in simple modern terms is like using a crutch, but here it is; the liberals and the religious pull together moving toward the same political ends in society, yet mostly think of themselves as in opposition. The explanation of this lies in their social outlook in regards to others and their own hypocrisy. They believe in the collective as apposed to the individual which is their common link. A socially conservative religion is oxymoronic.
Liberals and the religious both have mind-sets that drive them to believe that the way others do, is wrong and that their way is the righteous way one should live life, and they cannot convince others in sufficient number no matter how twisted their so called logic, so they must be offensively coerced, by law if necessary. This puts all others on the defensive trying to protect their right to do as they see fit as individuals. Its sort of like having tunnel vision where the goal is kept in sight but the side effects are out of sight.
Personal hypocrisy is a blind spot they both share. Their principles and values are so diverse they are a conglomeration of groups within their mind-sets and to achieve some goal, they will support things that they don’t stand for or believe in just to get support from another group for their group.
It’s always easy for people in power to go along and support by law, some of the most ridicules things because they will exempt themselves, believing they personally will never have to comply with what they impose on others. And it simultaneously garners more social power to them.
I have never met a liberal or religious person in America that thought he/she had no liberty, freedom or was unpatriotic yet they have no qualms about trying to remove the liberty of others, which of itself is unpatriotic, in America.
The bottom line is; how many individual rights and freedom denied, will it take before we all become enslaved by our own laws reducing us all under the tyrants of history?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Political Hyperbole

Most Americans have been fed a steady diet of left and right for over a century and are now coming to a point that shows that fallacy but still not showing the BS of the left-right propaganda scenarios.
America was founded on the principle of being a Nation of laws, not of men, so unless we have abandoned that principle the political center is the Constitution. If we abandon our principle of being a nation of laws and make it a nation of men, then the law is settled or determined by the aggregate consensus of the people, making that consensus the political center.
The political center if determined by our Constitution is a constant, where the political center of the people is a fluctuating center constantly moving dependant on only the passions of the moment.
If we are to believe and follow the intent of our forefathers then the Constitution is America’s political and legal center and as a written constant does not allow for left or right political turns or wings within itself. That leaves either left or right political Ideologies as unconstitutional. We Americans cannot by law make a Monarchy, Dictatorial, Democracy, Anarchist or Socialist form of government they are all unconstitutional.
We cannot even nuance, parse or other wise twist the intent as written into our basic laws in the Constitution nor can we change them via the present passions of the people without a the total destruction of it, followed by the reconstitution of it, and only the people can do that, as set forth by the precedence set by our founding fathers.
In America it is only Hyperbole allowing for a political left or right.
Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our perceptive or wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." --John Adams

"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual -- or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in
human society for which he is accountable to God and his country." –Samuel Adams

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The cost of a college education verses the cost of healthcare? Or both combined and why? Setting aside all the hyperbole, they individually rise in cost proportionately with government involvement in their respective professions. The more government involvement and particularly regulations, mandates and throwing money at each and every perceived problem, always destroys the natural mission that once defined them, which were by their default a purpose for being, has become, being in search of a purpose. Educated research and science has been flooded with people without reason for being, or purpose in their pursuits. Rebels without a cause they exist just for rebellion, their effect is to agitate reality, in the culture that surrounds them. Rather than clarify, their mission, it is to mystify, until all becomes myth.
From a political and cultural view it is referred to as corruption of our American society but that is the excuse, not the answer or solution. The solution is not in the hyperbole of political or social banter; it lies in the ability to recognize our purpose for all we do, without which our national existence has no purpose for being.
What purpose does a fence or barrier have if it does not restrict or contain? Even the past has a purpose in the present remembering of it. But if the past as remembered is myth, its present day purpose has no value beyond occupation of space and time.
Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country. John Adams

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Knowing enablers of wrong doers are as guilty of the crimes of sociopaths within society as the wrong doers themselves. This includes every voter that knowingly votes for those who would and publicly state their intentions to fundamentally change this nation, America. They are the enablers of the most despicable citizens among us. Under our laws, it is call “aiding and abetting” and is a criminal act.
"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual -- or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in
human society for which he is accountable to God and his country." –Samuel Adams
It is the most prolific crime though out American culture. For every criminal act committed, there are hundreds some times thousands of enablers. This is all justified by asking us all to be tolerant and teaching this absurdity in our schools, because we the people should tolerate their aiding and abetting of sociopaths.
Reality tells us we cannot punish them all through our laws be cause they have such large numbers. But what we forget is this, a nation of, by and for the individual citizen, and only the citizen can deal out the punishment with sufficient force to bring the enablers in line and our hired police can then control the active sociopaths.
This is not a right we posses and we don’t have to ask permission, but a responsibility we bare as Americans.
We are sovereign citizens’ and may exercise that sovereignty at our discretion that is our right and no servant of ours has authority too interfere with our intolerance of both wrongdoers and there enablers. We need to bring back things like shunning, tar and feathers and the rail to remove them or bring them to heel on a community by community basis including some judges who think they are our parents and we are their children. No judge, politician, or cop has the constitutional authority to make rulings or such over the people upholding their community standards nor can any overrule or set those standards for us, the people, because we are the cultural law not they. They are hired help not our rulers, nor are they the protectorate of the sociopath!! A sociopath and/or their enablers are not citizens but cultural outlaws and accomplishes.
We cannot remain tolerant in perpetuity if we are to be true to our heritage, what is righteous is not religious or criminal it is public virtue and integrity. Cultural corruption can only be made to heel by the people!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An American Fix

In crafting our American Constitution the founding fathers were not only well versed in history, but so open minded regarding the future they included more than adequate means for us to keep up with it. But in order for us to take full advantage of their concerted efforts, we must retain every aspect of it without usurpation, by which they called the amendment process. It was fully expected that their work was to be or act as a perfectly crafted foundation upon which future generations of Americans could build.
The intellectual skills of the founders of America have never been surpassed by any generation since. A truly intellectual person when researching the works of others does not search for error, but searches for validation that through which, any errors will surface, but if through our ignorance of our human nature we search for error in the works of others, validation is left hanging and thus any and all errors perceived become assumptions. In simpler terms intelligent people search for prove of fact not to disprove facts which has to use, nuance, parsing and twisting of purpose to make things appear false when they may in fact be true otherwise.
The old saying, that it is one thing to be thought of as a fool by others, but it is another thing to open ones mouth and proceed to prove it, fits the modern ways of thought that pollute American minds today.
If the reader views the modern minds of Americans overall as superior to the minds of our founders, stop reading here and read no further, you are lost in the wilderness of human natures’ ignorance, and no effort on my part will help to bring you into the brilliant light of intellectual enlightenment. If you are a reader that seeks truth and the enlightenment that it brings forth and takes pleasure in intellectual thought read on.
There were and are many undeniable truths contained within Americas Declaration of Independence and the specific laws as originally certified as uniquely American in the Constitution, that most all of we citizens of America today can agree on even after 230 + years of parsing, twisting and the nuanced efforts of our human nature.
So let’s start with some specifics;
Most of us still believe we are unique among the nations of the world.
Most of us still believe that our Constitution represents the basic laws of the land.
We all believe our government has checks and balances built into its structure.
Every Americans views him or her individual self as free.
We all believe we have certain inalienable rights.
We all believe that we the people, direct our course as a nation.
Most of us believe we have specific obligations to our fellow man.
Most of us believe in a creator of mankind.
Most of us believe in American exceptionalism overall.
All of these are not convictions but beliefs, past on from one generation to another, without validation or individually vetting them to create convictions. Thus meaning we know not of that with which we individually believe. And it is this we are in need of consideration.
As Americans after 230 + years we are at a impasse, that must be overcome and addressed if we are to continue the basic premise set for us as “self government”, or relinquish self government to some other form of government.
The key element of self government lies within the founders’ creation of the Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, and its organization was intended to limit the formation of cabals within the House with directions coming from constituents’ collected and applied by our representatives within the limits set forth in our Constitution. Political parties as a cabal within congress is a deterrence to good government as well as racial, sexual, religious or etc caucuses’ they are all cabals containing separations’ from the constituencies’ of each Congressman/women.
The founders found, that distance and time between a governing body and the people was a major obstacle to good government, not even considering unfamiliarity of the conditions of constituents, and this applies today in like manner. This in part is why they chose, thirty thousand in section two of article one of our Constitution, as the number of citizens that a single congressman could legitimately represent, at that time. Communication was the major problem between the legislative body and those they represent.
If it is the desire of us Americans to move forward as was constitutional intent, we the people must insist that Congress be reorganized within the context of the Constitution, but according to our present cultural experiences and conditions. As of today there is no value or reason based on the technical development of communications that requires the physical presence of congressmen/women in the capitol, and thus removed from direct contact with their constituencies, “we the people”. They have become independent of us in the decision making processes of our government, the least of us that carries any influence on them is, we the people. It can only be corrected by forcing compliance with something akin to the following.
Suggestions to reestablish the Congress and the House of Representatives and its laws of procedure as apposed to their rules;
1. Establish integrated virtual audio/visual communications to all local home offices among congress members and maintain with the latest technologies available, through which all congressional activities can be achieved. Eliminating the parties and socializing as though they are our elite leaders where favor and money is the primary governing factor. And they are free to create cabals that manipulate the entire governance of America as well as “we the People”.
2. Cut congressional pay by approximately half, and privatize their retirement plans.
3. Establish congressional districts to be no larger than fifty thousand constituents, determined by the census.
4. Limit home office staff to between 10-20 employees.
5. Establish non-partisan congressional staff for technical and research work in the capitol building accessible by all congressmen/women and all reports and or summary reports shared by all.
6. Equal distribution of committee appointments on a non-partisan basis are a must.
7. No exclusive caucuses allowed, and no formation of any kinds of cabals allowed.
8. No political parties allowed special access. And all access by non-officials but party members allowed only proportionately with non-aligned constituents’.
9. Allow for twice yearly, in person, informal conferences between congressmen/women with all rules governing cabals or cliques in place.
10. Official travel limited by necessity, and approval of a non-partisan committee.
11. At least thirty percent of daily time on weekdays, reserved and allocated to direct consultations with constituents by request, with voters given priority over non-voters and scheduled by appointment without time limits but minutes kept on each consultation, on a first come first served perpetual list.
12. Repeal the seventh amendment to return Senators to the authority of State legislatures and apply all the same rules with the exception of # 11 and portions of #1 regarding home offices and their consultations with their respective legislatures’ established by them.
In no way is this a complete list of all the things that America is in need of correcting regarding our government, but it’s a start by putting the people and the states back in their proper authority of creating our own futures’. Many of what may be seen as obstacles’ within these suggestions is for others to coalesce. All the corrections to our unconstitutional laws and procedures would automatically follow. The cost in dollars would be less than all the meddling outside of government’s authority that is currently going on, and the savings would put us all back on sound financial ground. “Seriously think about it”!! You could have had a V-8.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Abyss

The higher level of comfort one has in his/her own life, the lower level of tolerance of the comfort in others people’s lives prevails. This is pertinent only to the individuals that do not view themselves as appendages of others. All others view being tolerant as condescension, that is permissive by their superiors.
America was designed by law to be a classless society irrespective of financial worth which would be determined only by individual ambition, initiative and industry where government’s role was to be supportive only by security, encouragement and indirect support to the aggregate of the people.
Graft, corruption and avarice were considered to be under the authority of the security auspices of government. It was by design to prevent those things from taking hold within government. But given the insidiousness of human nature, government was where it all started, directly in the face of Constitutional laws. It then spread downward into American society to corrupt the whole while government got even more corrupt to the point of today’s abolition of Constitutional laws.
The graft and corruption is so ingrained in America today that simply throwing the bums out will only slow it, not get rid of it. A complete purge of the federal government in total and to reconstitute it to its 1776 status might work if the States are purged of their corruption also. This is only possible if the people rise up and make it so. Other wise we will reset the whole world to the despotism and tyranny of history never to raise again. The entire world will lament the loss of humanities last best hope for all mankind.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Self-deceit represents human natures most significant flaw, to deceive others is a social wrong among men/women, but self-deceit represents the individual development of human ignorance. The people that engage consistently in self-deceit end up in adulthood as self-righteous hypocrites and dwell in a kind of mental purgatory blinded to their own un-utilized intelligent capacity.
Self-deceit can be identified in others by simple observation like; a slave that thinks he’s free or visa-versa, treats the ideas of others as original to themselves, has only one response in conversation, denial, knows little and understand even less, hates others but loves himself. An overtly over-blown ego and is absolutely always right.
In American society today the average honest person perceives such people of self-deceit as conceded but to me that is not descriptive enough, of the mental condition of those living in self-deceit. And while speaking of honest people that’s’ honest with themselves as well as others, they socially have to be deceitful by omission in order to avoid being self-deceitful. This is because a truly honest person in America today knows that if they always speak or write the truth it quite frequently will silently be perceived by many as an unfounded lie with no chance to defend it against those who are living in self-deceit.
Self-deceit is the act of believing ones own lies. Believing is the opposite of knowing and understanding; it has little to no foundation outside of the imaginary. Like believing in a consensus of opinion based on possibility, probability, statistical data points which in the real world are only indicators or inference not evidence of fact, and no scientific or reasoned conclusion can be drawn with out self-deceit of ones own god like powers to know the future or the unknown based on a consensus of unvetted imaginary facts.
The government of the United States, views the people as mere fodder to the terrorist of the world, and persists in the wrongful viewing, of a war being waged against the people, as well as our government, as simple criminal behavior, as apposed to an act of war that gives no quarter or shows no mercy to its victims.
An enemy of such insidious and cowardly character deserves no human rights what so ever on this earthly plain and it should be left to their own stated Allah, their eternal punishment for their crimes against his children. Proving beyond human doubt; That Mohammad was a false profit that never met a man that wasn’t a sucker for want of purpose for being.
Let it therefore be resolved among all the American people;
That; Every American citizen shall pledge that if and whenever or wherever attacked by such enemies, will in kind, not defer to any government or otherwise civil authority that which is rightfully theirs, but answer said enemy in like fashion and give no quarter by merely subduing or taking them into custody, but to summarily execute them at the time and place of any and all such attacks without hesitation or mercy. That is their wish, and we must for the righteous well being of humanity grant it!
Only the honest men/women among our American culture will recognize and understand of which I have stated here, but maybe that will hopefully give them more reason to get in the face of all the fools that surround them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Over Educated

Overeducated, and what does that mean to the average American layman. To be truthful I can’t answer for them all, but I consider myself one of them and can tell you what overeducated means to me.
It all starts with an individual’s attention span which varies widely but itself has an average. Based solely on exposure time and access to knowledge, that places limits on the accumulation of knowledge. Like memorizing times tables so at least up to the twelve’s you don’t have to think you just regurgitate, but beyond the twelve’s you have to use the formulas of multiplication and divide and actually calculate.
Now let’s suppose that we put a child in math class but only mentioned the formulas for multiplication and divide once or twice, and for the rest of twelve years we just kept forcing memorization of tables as far as we could carry them. Would anyone suggest that, that now young adult was a math wiz, hardly! The reason is that child was over educated with memorizing and it cannot be undone without an equal effort and time on other mathematical techniques and memorizing tables and formulas etc if not used with some regularity will sink deeper over time in memory, becoming harder and harder to access.
Now sticking with the mathematic scenario; there is something else that could be missing, and that is practical application. You may give examples in teaching, but they will be quite limited based on the teacher’s real life experiences with the subjects at hand, and in most instances that could be quite limited or derived from myth fanciful theory or nil, and real world applications and experience is a necessary ingredient if someone is to intellectually obtain a real value of understanding of all those years of absorbing knowledge. Thus to sum it all, we have not only given knowledge, but need a thorough real life understanding of that knowledge beyond the classroom. Therein enters what is called real world commonsense. As apposed to Classroom nonsense.
If a student in there studies is fed myth and classroom nonsense in tandem with knowledge, they will enter society at large as very smart or knowledgeable; but ignorant of real life commonsense and/or understanding of the very knowledge they acquired. This condition also cannot be undone but by contradiction in the class room of real life over equivalent time and effort.
All the preceding in the overall educating of people makes for not only, overeducated people but ignorant in commonsense and real life analysis of every aspect of our American society. And the average layman doesn’t understand how to rein it in, I understand it but not very sure how to rein it in, other than to write about it in hopes of enlightening others.
Science, analysis and society when under the control or influence of so many over educated people is destined to destroy itself unless we can recognize the difference between real life ignorance of the American classroom and the real life experience and analysis of the real world.
If I tell you that wearing seat belts saves lives. That sounds logical, but how I arrived at that conclusion is important, if for no other reason than if placed into law, I lose the freedom of choice to use one or not, And although it appears logical or simply commonsense I place a higher value on my personal freedoms than a un-proportional or unrealistic risk factor.
Was data obtain in balance, like how many people killed in crashes not wearing seat belts verses those wearing them. The answer is yes! So does that satisfy me or convince me to give up my freedom of choice to risk or not to risk, the answer is no! Way too many other factors were not part of the evaluation and analysis to draw the conclusion.
For examples;
Was data collected in all those crashes of those wearing seatbelts that also died verses those not wearing them did not die the answer is no!
How many of the crashes were do to reckless driving and their relationship to wearing or not wearing seatbelts the answer is no!
Were the number of people driving without seatbelts not in accidents verses those wearing them, the answer is no!
Was seatbelt use in aircraft crashes considered in the survival rate answer no!
Was internal injuries considered, caused by seatbelts verses no seatbelts, answer no!
Was the death or injuries caused, measured in different states, roads and going up hill or down or on the flat? The answer is no!
How many people were killed by being held in place and crushed or impaled? The answer is no!
All these data points and analysis’s and others I did not include were not considered for good reason, they may point to other factors not related to wither a seatbelt was worn or not that caused the death of some and not others.
And it is all implemented via overeducated people in high places, that either don’t know how to do the job outside of a classroom or they are to lazy to do the work, and would prefer to act as mom and dad to all we laymen citizens.
Anytime and every time data collected under the dynamic conditions of moving objects and/or the dynamics of human behavior it is mandatory that every possible scenario be included in order to draw a inference as to cause and effect, and it must be done with legitimate well documented evidence before we should even consider or attempt to restrict human freedom of choice. That is, as long as you’re not my mom and dad which society is not!
Now I used the example of mandatory seatbelt use because I know many people can relate to that abuse of power, but it was not anything to do with wither seatbelts are good or bad, but the unjustified and I might say unconstitutional way they remove freedom of choice from us all.
In America today we have literally hundreds of individual freedoms already stripped from us with hundreds more in the works and virtually none come from truly educated men and women using reliable evidence and analysis, where their education was taught by teachers to supplement yours and my own judgment’s about how we control our own lives and pass it off as they know better because they went to this or that school or received such and such a degree granting their attendance before some of the most wacked out professors in the world, qualifies them to make judgments’ about you and me. When the truth is they do not intellectually hover over the ordinary layman citizen.
Global warming and it causes; Terrorism and its causes; Guns and crime; Speed limits; Constitutional law;
The economy; Not too be a bore but this list could fill several books so that’s as far as I will take it, but none have a solid foundation in the real world we all live in, they all rest on unfounded, unvetted and undocumented theory. Only those who are overeducated it seems will fail to separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s now an ego thing for them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


To be civilized and what in truth that means and why modern man no longer has the intelligence of our forefathers, particularly in the area of civilized human behavior. Many modern Americans are devoid of the knowledge about and regarding human nature that our forefathers understood to its core.
I have to admit that Neal Boortz and his radio show brought all of the following to mind. Here is a guy that decries the possible demise of America not only as a great nation but the possible break down of civilized cultures even to a distant point in mans history. All the time unable it seems to understand the value of hunting or hunters.
He suggested that he was not apposed to people hunting and killing wild animals for the need of nourishment, but could not see any value in hunting as a sport.
His comments came as a response to an asshole not a hunter to his knowledge, that shot some ones horse with arrows. If he had any understanding of real hunters he would not have thought of this asshole as one in the first place. Just because some one can get a license to hunt and go’s afield does not by any stretch of the imagination make them a hunter! The person that shot that horse with arrows is the same kind of person that would hit an innocent person up-side their head with a large board and kill them right on the streets of our so called civilized cities.
The real truth is, the more people try to become civilized the more uncivilized we become. The more we leave the wild animals to fend for them selves the more inhumane is our treatment of them. And the culling of them is to their benefit as well as mans’. Those who develop the skills of hunting are more in awe of the animal world than Neal could ever imagine beyond their beautiful bodies and understand them in more depth.
The development of the skills of our human nature as a predator, are paramount to survival of the human species where humans are not born with the instincts of survival they all have to be developed as a skill set, predatory skill is a major part of that skill set. You can’t fool Mother Nature!
So if or when mankind blows its self into the near Stone Age, Neal can come to hunters to learn how to survive because we hunters are civilized enough to take him under our wings and teach him what it really means to be civilized in a most uncivilized world. Unthinking opinion is not a survival skill except on the radio in an uncivilized society, I guess.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Justice Social or Civil

The term “social justice” does not appear anywhere in the founding documents of America, in fact social anything was and is not a function or responsibility of either federal or state government. Social justice falls to the character of, we the people, in terms of authority and responsibility. The term “social justice” is a modern nuanced and twisted incorrect interpretation of our founding documents. The word “justice” appears and the word “civil” appears but they do not combine in any way to draw “social justice” as an intent contained within or founding documents.
The words civil and social are not equivalent unless parsed in a nuanced way as to convince modern peoples to view them as the same. Properly viewed, the word civil is a reference to the aggregate body of a society, were the word social breaks up the aggregate body into segments based on the behavior of its parts.
Justice in America; is a legal expression under the authority of our justice department regarding the aggregate of the people as viewed from a civil expression. Whereas justice in America; is a legal expression under the authority of the people via our jury system from a social point of view. Both civil and social justice are guided to there respective resolves by government authority, but through different structures and actions. So to put civil and social justice under either single authority in total, nullifies not only intent, but the specifics inherent within our Constitutional republic.
All social justice not specifically designated to the Federal or State authority is thus by default to the people. This is why all National Socialism or State Socialism is in contradiction to our founding documents, and is illegal under our primary and basic laws.
Social justice was always viewed by the framers of our Constitution as the sole authority and responsibility and overall goodness of, We the People!!! Whereas civil justice was always the authority of Government.

Individual liberty is individual power, and as the power of a community is a mass compounded of individual powers, the nation which enjoys the most freedom must necessarily be in proportion to its numbers the most powerful nation. John Quincy Adams