Friday, November 27, 2009

Power to the People

As an individual citizen of America I have choices in living my life as I see fit which no one can deny me. We all talk about them day in and day out the catch is, our conversations are usually about what choices are being denied us via the authority of law. The question that then rises, is if a law is unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful its self should it be considered in the minds of citizens a law, when it has no legal authority behind it other than brute force, it is what I call a non-law and is not worthy of the citizens to accept or acknowledge nor adhere too.
The true judge and authority of what is Constitutional does not lie in the hands of Congress or the Supreme Court but in the hands of the people at large. This condition is of their own making by the malfeasance and conspiratorial behavior on display for all to see in the form of tyrannical governance beyond the Constitutional authority they have sworn to defend and protect. Power to the people!!
Look at these scenarios not as sunshine Patriots, but as a true Patriot;
If you and I as ordinary citizens are taxed to pay for things like prisons the more of us they arrest and throw in prison for civil disobedience the less money they have to keep us there. It's a cinch there are not enough cowards and sunshine Patriots in America to hold their socialist system up; it will collapse of its own weight just like the Soviet Union. That's even without the people engaging in violent revolution.
In order to engage in violent revolution requires organization which they will suppress upon inception. If we engage in violent revolution as individuals without an organization at its core it will decay into anarchy which is even worse.
So if we fail to bring American government to heel by our constitutional vote today, because of the depth and degree of corruption that is prevalent, the fore mentioned scenarios are the only options left for the people to employ if we are to ever expect restoration of our sovereignty as individual citizens.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


“Oh-Oh Harry, you shot a good guy”! That line from a Dirty Harry movie is being played out in real life and real time all over the world. All based on the false and ignorant assumption that if someone or group in one instance validates its value to society at large, it for ever more, needs no validation of its actions in future instances. When in all truth and reality, a good precedence of ones reputation does not contain a cover for new or present deeds, because people and their human nature are only trustworthy if and when subjected to “Reagan's Rule, trust but verify”.
Within America and in fact all over this world, long established institutions and individuals have and are no longer held to that Reagan standard, and are in effect working feverishly against humanity's best interests. This phenomenon is not new from a historical point of view, but America as the one nation on earth that used to act as the filter of truth has for decades now refuse to change our filter and it is all plugged up both in the domestic and foreign activities of the avarice inherent in human nature.
The latest event exposing the myth and lie of global warming or if you prefer climate change, is only the latest case in point, but because of its worldwide effect, should cause nations and their peoples to reconstitute across the board “Trust but Verify” all human alarms of pending danger or harm and expose them for what they are in truth, manipulations of the minds of men/women for the empowerment of the few over the liberty of all.
All of this afore mentioned is simply a resurgence of the insidious communist ideology which only the ignorant and fools still favor as the tool to manipulate and subjugate the entire world of mankind.
When soviet communism was shot down and laid down dead in the eyes of the world of man, we forgot a cardinal rule of the kill, we forgot to “poke it”, with the “big stick” too ensure and/or confirm its demise. We instead felt sorry for it and applied CPR, to breathe new life into an ideology that deserves not compassion, only death. This is a lesson that we all should forevermore have tattooed on the inside of the lenses of our eyes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The blurring of right and wrong in American society starts with equivocating, some of us think of it as patronizing ignorance. But the overall social mind-set created is the equalizing value of right and wrong and good and evil. You cannot have right and wrong or good and evil within society if all is equally accepted with equivalent weight in the minds of the majority, nor can we expect civil behavior to reign under equivocation.
Equivocating is the art of deceit in its perfected form. People who equivocate are personal and social cowards by any measurement known. Equivocating is a form of justification of the “wrong”.
There is not equality between legal and illegal, thoughts and actions, political parties. Religions, socialism and the Constitution etc. you may find similarities but nothing that approaches equal. By acknowledging the similarity does not make someone or thing of equal intellectual value.
When a Democrat does something wrong, we cannot equivocate that because someone else in the Republican Party did the same or similar sometime in the past or present. That's like saying two wrongs make a right or all sex is rape or a terrorist is just an ordinary criminal or the teacher at school is just like your mom and dad. This is what we do by acknowledging equivocation between them. It's a form of social comparison between apples and oranges.
All that said, this type of equivocation is the rule in American discourse and stands apart from commonsense or intelligence as the mainstay of our social and political intercourse.
The longer we as a society continue to patronize the ignorant by equivocating, the deeper we sink into the abyss of human natures purgatory on the road to its hell.
There really is black and white, right and wrong!! And nuanced parsing and equivocation destroys those truths!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mouse That Roared

One of the things Americans need to have ingrained to the degree that when they hear one thing they think something else. Every time you hear someone brag or otherwise state they are liberal or progressive what you should think is communist, for that is what they truly are and it is their mind-set, they use liberal and progressive as cover words to mask and hide their political objective of communism.
Obama, Pelosi, Reid in fact most all the leaders in congress today publicly have announced they are in fact communist in they politics and intents for this country, America. Unless your one of the thirty some odd percent that thinks “better red than dead”, that is necessary to place them all correctly within their political goals. They are not soviet communist or Chinese communist they are American communist just like Fidel Castro is a Cuban communist that called himself a freedom fighter for democracy until he took complete control then he came out of the closet.
Within history, the first thing communist in power do is what is called a purge of all that do not accept their ascension to power and it is done by spilling the blood of patriots.
Obama is forcefully without regard doing this very thing in similar fashion and given enough reign, the blood letting will follow the destruction he is currently bringing down upon America. He is a communist tyrant if there ever was one. Based upon his public posturing he thinks of himself as an American Lenin, and is waging a communist revolution in America. He is the consummate believer of the socialist, communist ideology to be brought about by insurgency.
He has only one known weakness, that he does, not know his enemy. He no more understands Americans or America then Osama bin laden. Americans will always prevail from our darkest point under his revolution of subterfuge. His fate is preordained only he and his followers don’t know it yet. The entire communist conspirators all around the globe (read; United Nations) will feel America's wrath, and in time he will be known as American history's biggest laughing stalk, (The mouse that roared) and all the time Senator Joe McCarty will be turning in his grave rolling with laughter he will truly have the last laugh and told you so from fifty + years hence!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Losing the Argument

Within all cultures about thirty three percent of which when losing most arguments; children, fools and the ignorant develop deep psychological problems that ultimately drives them, do to frustration, into the automatic condition of devils advocate where truth, reality and commonsense are nonexistent commodities, and the subjective imagination reigns supreme. The majority overcome this syndrome as adults, the rest are called liberals as adult human beings.
War is war with or without official documentation as much as a common law marriage under the law. The acts of war themselves constitution a declaration more so than words or documents. A congressional declaration of war is only for the official benefit of nations and to enlighten the America public as to national intent in case they may be too dense to comprehend it.
A congressional declaration of war is nothing more than officially documenting the obvious; it in no way is the granting of permission to the executive branch, but a showing of support.
The Korean war, Vietnam war, Desert Storm and others that America has engaged in without a congressional declaration were and are what only can be described as congressional malfeasance by hedging their bets leaving the total responsibility to fall on one person and giving themselves deniability from the outcome if it goes south or credit if not.
The power to declare war given to congress in the Constitution was intended as a backup authority in case we had a weak kneed commander and chief making him or her wage a war wither he/she wanted too or not.
The parsing and hyperbole of American academia and its unholy alliance with political parties is the reason the general public no longer has understanding regarding the very laws that govern our society. The ignorance of academic intellectuals follows in precise tandem, America's unconstitutional social and political decline.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Precedence; is what every mother and father historically tried to warn us about and like all children we couldn't see the forest because of all the trees. In simpler terms the word precedence as expressed in today's social experience means the absence of what used to be called reasoning or common sense.
Our parents repeatedly told us that just because others choose a different path w/ “just because Johnny jumped off the bridge doesn't mean we should necessarily do like wise” was the wisest way or thing to adhere to.
The legal and or political aspects of American society have adopted the idea that if some ignorant or even stupid act or illegality is set as precedence, reasoning the of such is out of bounds, based solely on how long the ignorance or stupidity held sway over society.
The first President, Congressman/Woman, Senators or Judge that knowingly agreed to something unconstitutional set the precedence that all succeeding ones cite. This is the nuanced way of breaking with the past precedence set, by constitutional law, by setting a new precedence bit by bit little by little which defines insidiousness, where original precedence is reset by modern precedence. This of coarse makes the word precedence meaningless, when the original precedence was set by deliberate reasoning of the human mind and modern precedence is set for transient and subjective purposes, completely unrelated and at cross purposes to the original precedence set.
All of this raises the question of intelligence verses the ignorance that is so prevalent in modern law and jurisprudence and American government.
I know America has some intelligent men and women, but they appear to be short on insight when they allow themselves to be sidetracked by the minutiae of the issues that stare them in the face on a day to day year by year basis totally obscuring the obvious inversion of America's original constitutional laws and the culture that once was unique in the world but has yet to reveal its latency.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change of Mind

“A change of mind” is not what we typically see or experience within our selves or among others, particularly those in the public eye, with the result being a lie or at minimum deceitful.
All human mind-sets once established are “permanent”. We cannot erase them. Sort of like a judge ordering a jury to disregard something said or done in a courtroom, which can only be superseded by contradiction, not erased or ignored. Without contradictive knowledge we all revert to the mind-sets previously established. The single most individually restrictive mind-set is the one that automatically rejects all contradiction, and it is always a subjective mind-set. We mostly call that a closed mind, which is an accurate description of it, it acts like a barrier to new knowledge and enhanced understanding.
When we consider mind-sets we must make a distinction as to their creation within the mind, in other words how they come about. There are only two modes of thought that create them, one is subjective through perceptions and the imagination which is a reactive response, the other is through objective cognitive reasoning and analysis within the core mind.
The reactive becomes a mind-set instantly and confirmed only by repetition, whereas the reasoning and analysis of the core mind delays the establishment of the mind-set, and leaves it open to amendment. In either case no change ever occurs.
These two modes of thought are independent of each other at birth, even in the sometimes contradictive mind-sets they may contain. Which of these two modes is predominant determines the degree of mental maturity each individual may ascend too.
Subjective thought; is at the level of animal thought.
Objective thought; is and represents only, the potential acme of human thought.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here are some quotable quotes drawn from my American experience;
Today all politicians in fact the American government as a whole, is but a facade, what's on its face is one thing, but behind the facade, is an asylum for the ignorant. (G.A.P.)
The birthplace of modern ignorance is Academia. (G.A.P.)
Knowing the words is not the conclusion, but the starting point. (G.A.P.)
Men/women of true intelligence need not be careful of the word/s they utter, that is a requirement of the deceiver only. (G.A.P.)
There is no justification for redo of the words we utter, unless we intend to deceive or enlighten. (G.A.P.)
The context and intent of the words we use should always stand on their own merit. (G.A.P.)
Once said; cannot be taken back, we cannot justify ignorance! (G.A.P.)
The presence of men/women tells us nothing, only their words and/or deeds. (G.A.P.)
Slow but sure; is the path of higher thought. (G.A.P.)
Little by little, bit by bit; is but treachery by the insidious. (G.A.P.)
Vacillating in thought is what makes the truth into a lie. (G.A.P.)
If one cannot discern ulterior motive from honesty they dwell in the realm of the ignorant. (G.A.P.)
The birth of a person does not grant him/her virtue. (G.A.P.)
Risk aversion is the hallmark of treachery as of the sunshine patriot. (G.A.P.)
The instincts of mankind may grant survival only, as like the animal. (G.A.P.)
The ego of mankind is but an insurgent within. (G.A.P.)
The egotist is intellectually deaf, blind, and ignorant. (G.A.P.)
There is no such thing as a healthy ego, that modern phrase is oxymoronic. (G.A.P.)
"One single object ... [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation."--Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Livingston, March 25, 1825
"[T]here is not a syllable in the plan under consideration which directly empowers the national courts to construe the laws according to the spirit of the Constitution.- "Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 81, 1788
"[J]udges, therefore, should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men." --John Adams
"The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded." --French political philosopher C. L. De Montesquieu (1689-1755)
"The soundest argument will produce no more conviction in an empty head than the most superficial declamation; as a feather and a guinea fall with equal velocity in a vacuum." --English cleric and writer Charles Colton (1780-1832)
"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." --author Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
The historical compilation of objective reasoning passed on to their posterity through time represents the true intellectual progress of mankind, whereas the subjective reasoning from history represents mankind s' folly and repetition of historical ignorance to which modern man is prone to follow. (G.A.P.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forgive Them ?

We; meaning American citizens, have allowed a mass mind-set to take root in our society that is slavish to all diversity of thought under the false premise of tolerance. This diversity of thought has robbed the average citizen of our purpose as it was established in and by our founding as a Nation among Nations.
America was founded due to intolerance of long established precedence of the world's governments and their tyranny over the individual in the name of the sovereign rights of the few. It was not just England and it's Sovereign, but the entire world of, and the behavior of, all sovereign claims over the individual citizen. The politics and the political matters and concerns were no business of the general population and America turned this principal on its head where the political matters of society was to be a “responsibility” of each individual citizen held as a sacred trust by all for all.
Based on our founding and its limited authority it was thought to be able to keep the people from working at cross purposes as long as it's constitutional authority was held inviolate. Diversity of political matters was and still is nothing short of civil abuse of the individual in the name of diversity and tolerance for the few, at the expense of the many until all become chattel, where no diversity or tolerance can co-exist for any individual.
For all those who actively seek enslavement within, it represents surrender of “the self” and a return to the womb in the face of the harshness of life itself, a silent wish to have never been born. Too the creator of humanity; this human attitude most certainly must cause doubt of the wisdom in the creation of mankind.
“Forgive them they know not what they do”. Not in my life time!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Bill Clinton didn't realize at the time that better than any other he pointed out the key deficit of modern American minds by the simple question of what the definition of the word is, is.
In essence we don't understand the definitions to most of the words in the English language, we look them up in the dictionary but that gives us only more words we don't have understanding of within the definition. A definition if not compared to the real life working applications in our lives, is only half of what we need to understand about all the words we use.
The void in Clinton's mind is what most call ignorance and what he calls intelligence. So for Clinton I have just given him the answer to his question, not the definition of the word “is” but to his question “ignorance”!
All of the previous is to say we may know the definitions to the words we use but we don't fully understand the words until we understand the definitions of them. This is one of the most profound weaknesses we suffer from as a people.
The definitions of words found in dictionaries are only relevant to the intended use of the word by any particular individual and the understanding it may or may not convey to the listener or reader. These confusions exist from the lack of understanding within both listener and speaker or writer and reader.
What this all represents is a fertile ground for mental deceit between us all where few raise questions and few have answers to them for fear of appearing ignorant. When in truth not asking the questions or giving the answers is where ignorance flourishes and prevails.
Example; I just heard on TV some politician start his speech with; “in regards to Americas first Constitution”, what the hell does that mean, like does that mean we have a second and/or third Constitution. What it means is he misused the word “first”. Or he doesn't know how many there were or are or finalized and when, or maybe he doesn't know anything about it, only that there “are” or “is” one “at least”. The last possibility might be he thinks no one understands anything anyway, so it matters not to him the accurate use of his own words.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Path to Serfdom

The school teacher's job in modern America and their primary responsibility to educate our children has followed the identical path as our government, by reassigning and restructuring their basic organizational structures and I might say unconstitutionally. The entire resultant is to remove and separate public office holders from the public eye or scrutiny. It first started due to inappropriate use of modern technology as a buffer zone. This is sort of like answering machines or computers to avoid or ignore direct communication or contact with those they are supposed to serve and each other. Many large businesses have done or do the same thing.
All the technology available to modern Americans today has both positive and negative applications and if we do not work with it, it works against us individually and as a nation and our entire culture. It all represents the difference between use and abuse, like the difference between music and just noise, sense and nonsense, conversation or just words, teaching or propaganda, government or anarchy etc, etc. this all leads to a society of pure ignorance on a individual basis and repetition beyond the sensibilities of sanity where insanity and ignorance becomes the norm or excepted standards we all must live by, Its not that our modern technology is bad or a negative. We appear not to use it to our advantage but to our own detriment. Like five men with shovels in their hands but only one is using it, the other four are worthless to the task at hand.
The American public began to recognize in the TV news what we called appropriately “talking Heads” and TV news has paid the price for the most part. Well today that is what elected officials have become as well as educators they are empty suits, or figure heads that wallow in the celebrity of public office while unelected staff and party members and others inform them what to say and do.
I don't know about you but when I purchase a computer program, I want more control of the process not less where the program will not allow for what I want it to do is but control of me by the programmers. That is the path to serfdom.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Spirit of Party

The democrat party has become the nemesis and the adulteration of the American way of life. It has done so by stealth and infiltration of the most crucial institutions of America, including its opposition the Republican Party, turning it into its unofficial subsidiary while simultaneously pretending they are the loyal opposition. Thus in essence removing all political choice and making our political system a one party system.
The entire idea of political parties is contradictory to our Constitution in the first place; if and when any single aspect of their platforms or goals is in conflict with our founding documents. The purpose of political parties is to raise public attention to the worthiness of potential office holders not too change our original system or provide services to the people outside of the limits of our original founding. Political parties are not nor ever were considered as additional branches of American government in or by the Constitution. This makes official congressional recognition of them or any official authority within its self illegal. Political parties at all times are part of the public sector not governmental.
The last thing ever to be contemplated as part of official office in the United States was to change or redesign our Constitution and its specified form of government. Any political party or any member of same that advocates on behalf of contradiction to our Constitution should not receive any official sanction as a legitimate political party or member of such. All political parties represent public individuals not government or its elected members.
George Washington warned us about what he referred to as the “spirit of party” which admonition we have ignored to our own peril. Any American citizen; that places loyalty to party above loyalty to country is UN-American, and a potential traitor too his/her countrymen.
Any political party that does not hold our Constitution as its platform should be denied by all true and patriotic Americans now and for ever more. Damn democracy, Hail the Constitution! GAP

Monday, November 2, 2009

Psycological Forensics

The past hates the future for its lack of memory and the future hates the past for the same reason.
One should never try to live in the past, but one should always learn from it.
The past is history so don't drag it into the present, just make new history!
Restoration of past truths is the refreshing of the present and validation of them, absent self deceit.
Self doubt and self deceit are both products of the subjective mind, neither of which exists in the objective and open mind.
The view of the subjective mind is always twisted and full of spin and always expands this distortion over time.
The subjective mind is a cripple that is incapable of caring for itself, lacking self awareness or the truth and cannot be enlightened by self pity or self righteousness.
The mind that is a subjective cripple is always unaware of how it became a cripple and it cannot find the answer via the consistent exercise of the imagination.
The subjective mind learns the answers while the objective mind learns the formulas and they rarely work in tandem.
Time in a life is wasted without objective thought as its guide and reduces man to the level of pure animal.
Most men/women vacillate between subjective and objective thought, the degrees of which determines their intellectual capacity.
For a man or women to be mostly ignorant does not grant them worthy of mental maturity as compared to physical maturity in time.
The single most deficiency of academia is its failure to enhance mental maturity among American youth, they in fact diminish it.
Subjective thought is the harbinger of most mythology and is the cold blooded killer of truth.
It is the subjective mind that predicts the thoughts of others as it pretends to know the unknowable.
A racial or sexual act or word does not a raciest or a sexist make, a raciest or sexist is a state of mind which no one can judge unless habitual or confessed too, otherwise it is but civil abuse.
Criticism just for its own sake, withers public or private is another form of civil mental abuse unless done in a most constructive way.
Criticism to the subjective mind is always perceived as abuse as it can only be view constructively by the objective mind.
The more compacted a society is the more it deters intelligent objective thought and encourages ignorant subjective thought in individuals. (We call it socializing or partying) Comprehensive objective thought is best achieved under solitary conditions or nearly so. Subjective thought is a distraction to objective thought and vise versa.
Historically speaking the best objective minds were mostly solitary in the area of objective thought or thinking while the subjective minds were acquiring social celebrity and it is the same today.
Celebrity rarely produces truly intelligent people unless the celebrity comes as a result of previously acquired objectively arrived at intelligence and never via social or other wise civil networks.
Celebrity, wealth or social standing offers no contributions to the intelligence of individuals.
Mankind can develop tests and such to measure how smart someone is, but cannot or has not been able to measure intelligence, so if you are deemed smart or knowledgeable this is what is passed off in society as intelligence.
Intelligence is a thought process as apposed to accumulated knowledge or smartness which can only act in support of the process.
If one accumulates a vast amount of knowledge and/or smarts, that will make one useful to a society but without the understanding that comes with intelligence, you will never be intelligent, just smart and knowledgeable.
Most truly intelligent people avoid as much as possible social celebrity because they understand how it acts as a deterrent to their own intelligence, its mostly unavoidable do to that which is referred to as the ego.
The most ignorant in society have inflated egos to match with precise proportion, and ignorance is the hallmark of subjective thought that has no understanding to speak of.
I lay no claim to being intellectual but I have acquired enough intelligence in my life to know what it is and is not