Saturday, May 29, 2010

Government Vs Politics

   When I was a young man of 12 and do too the ignorance of my youth, and my personal search for truth, right and wrong along with how I personally fit into the big picture of human life on this world, finding the source of human life was not my great quest. This was simply because by 12 years old I learned and understood that of all humanity that proceeded myself, had failed miserably on that quest and unless I was by chance the son of god it was outside my abilities and ego to achieve such understanding within the prevailing mass ignorance of mankind either.
   While excluding the myths created by men in my search of the origins of the powers in society, lead me first too the originators of the country within which I was born. I was not interested in what others had to say about America’s beginnings, I researched from the direct words and deeds of those involved at America’s inception. The thing that jumped out at me more than any other was how distorted modern men had painted our history to the point of mythology. (This is politics)
   Government on the other hand was and is a completely a different animal from politics, and American government especially. American government is so unique in terms of human governments historically; it’s like night and day. Yet in America most people think of politics and government are like two peas in a pod, when in truth politics is a process by which society chooses people to government offices and the least honest and most deceitful process known to man. If a person so chosen for office carries on with social politics while holding office he or she would not be a government official but a political official thus bastardizing the original purpose of that government office laid out in the Constitution.
   The first two tenants of politics are dishonesty and deceit, which are the opposite of Constitutional intent for men/women holding an office in American government. High moral and ethical people must be kept in office by the enforcement of law whereas the laws governing malfeasance in office should be sufficient to remove politicians that don't leave politics at the door when entering office.
   To the people of more modern time these truths may seem Pollyannaish but unless the people stop clinging to the corrupt precedence set by out past elected officials, America will be doomed to the fate of all governments of world history. Only a new and bloody revolution lies in our future.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Excuse!

   Any government of men that acts outside the boundaries originally established at its founding is destined for the trash heap of histories failed governments. What works or what doesn’t work in the governing control of human societies are not the criteria by which one can judge success, but by the method by which success is implemented.
   It is not wither we win or lose that matters it is how the game is played that matters. If we play out side the rules originally established any success we enjoy will be short lived, and treated with distain by the future.
   If all that matters to people is confined within their individual life span without consideration for what follows, those people are nothing short of narcissistic animals not worthy of positions of authority in societies of men. The future has bearing only on mankind and it is the past that shows us the path to failure and/or success in the affairs of mankind and the societies we become embroiled in or with.
   Neither man nor woman can be competent in judgments of anything until they first understand their own human nature and to that, way too many Americans in particular are totally ignorant of human natures existence let alone understand that what they think is influenced by it more so than their learned knowledge in life.
   A wild beast does not have the capacity to think beyond his/her nature whereas humans can and do think to the exclusion of their nature. Yet overall way too many humans cannot escape the bonds of their human nature because they are kept in this limbo by the influence of others within the societies they exist. The past is not the cause of today’s conditions in life for anyone, nor is it an excuse, the past or history is but a mere lesson to be learned as an aid to the future. If one dwells on the past, one cannot live in the present free from it but suffer the effects in perpetuity absent the lessons it should have established. All men at one point in history could be said to be mere savages and without the lessons will remain just that savages.
   In America we are in desperate need of educating our youth in the skill of thought minus the excuses of our human nature. In simpler terms stop teaching our human nature by teaching with human nature. The myth’s of human nature are not true history and create only the savages we once were once again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Name of Education

   Thirty five years ago when my children were in school is the time when my awareness of governmental malfeasance was awakened. My children at that time had no choice but to tell me of various things they were being taught in school simply because they were contradictory to the things I was teaching them. This was not in all cases, because it is a natural thing for kids to want to disagree with their parents, so when the educators in school gave them license to disagree, many contradictions, were not relayed back except under questioning.
   My first reaction was to think the kids misunderstood what they were told. This I soon learned was not the case, so I decided to join the PTA thinking I might gain some influence over what my kids were being taught in school.
   At the first and only meeting I attended I raised numerous questions and many differing points of view as to those things I had previous knowledge of via my own children. For these efforts I was commended by the teacher acting as chair of the meeting for my concerns and suggestions several times, while citing that efforts to communicate with the school authorities on the part of parent’ was the main cause of misunderstanding between parents’ and teachers’.
   After accumulating the questions and points of view of which the majority came from me, the panel sitting at the head table commenced one by one to address each and every concern presented.
   Each and every issue was set or cast aside by one or the other of two standard resolves; either the educators knew better how to deal with the issues, or they didn’t have any choice but to handle them by specific directives as mandates handed down from on high by federal authority or lose funding from the federal government. The content of what they teach was always secondary in importance to higher authority, a pass the buck upward kind of answer to avoid accountability. This knowingly done with full understanding that the run of the mill parent lacked the resources to take their concerns higher in the red tape of a giant bureaucracy.
   All this left me as a concerned parent to leave with the only statement left in my arsenal, so I told the entire meeting of the futility of their gathering, but with assurance that as far as my kids were concerned I would contradict what was being taught to them and at every turn, point out the lies and deceit being taught in the name of educating them, and that it would be my only hope that very little of their propaganda will take hold.
   So if the liberals wonder where all the conservatives today are coming from, it’s from all the kids whose parents got involved with the intellectual abuse being inflicted on our kids by American education. GAP       

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Individual Standing

   Any and all laws since the creation of our Constitution that do not conform to it are in fact non-laws. No court has the right or authority to make non-laws legal laws by opinion alone, but by evidence of conforming to the Constitution. No elected body may make laws outside the parameters of the Constitution as well.
   Accordingly all individual citizens are to be free to conduct their lives in a manner which suits them so long as such conduct does not have direct interference with the lives of others.
"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

 Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.  Thomas Jefferson

   I have the right to smoke cigarettes, so long as I do not deny that right to others. The idea that my smoking in the presence of others has been show to have a direct interference of harmful effect on them has never been shown except by biased opinion and manipulated/doctored statistics any more so than the carbon dioxide I exhale or colognes, or any hundreds of other things we breathe in society. So if you take the same tack and say you have the right to breathe unadulterated air and wish to stop me from smoking in your presence, you must equally stop all the other hundreds of potentially harmful elements we humans emit into the air around us all. Failing this you are violating my Constitutional liberty to be un-obstructed in my freedom of choice to smoke when and where I choose.
   If I come to your house and you have a personal rule about smoking I must conform. But you have no right to tell others they must have the same rule on their premises. This extrapolated means; that government cannot make public facilities smoke free zones because they would not be treating all equally they in truth would be singling out a smoker which is un-Constitutional and the taxation on smokers is criminal to say the least. When will Americans wake up to the fact that what society may see as a personal vice is not a matter for law and what some may opine is a public health concern does not raise to the level that justifies illegal law making.
   "The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."
-- Thomas Jefferson (Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 17, 1782)
   The abuse in the making of modern laws and its effects on everyone’s liberty is the ongoing destruction of freedom as bequeathed us all by our forefathers.
   Mathematical Statistics, probability or chance, along with any consensus have no place in social justice or the laws governing a free people.
   Almost all traffic laws that have fines and or arrest are based on the false premise’s of the fore mentioned. The government sets an arbitrary speed limit, red lights, passing zone strips, stop signs, etc. not to aid the flow of traffic but to collect revenue when not obeyed regardless of the circumstances. Those aids are good indicators for drivers to follow, but a violation is not justification to pick the pocket of the driving public unless recklessness is in the mix and recklessness is rarely part of the fine. For every driver stopped by going over an arbitrary speed limit how many accidents would be saved from happening. My guess; would be none in a million dollars of revenue collected, because for everyone they catch a thousand more are not caught on any given stretch of road.
   Cops are hired to catch criminals not fine citizens who violated arbitrary traffic laws, just imagine how many more real criminals would be caught if the focus was removed from traffic to crooks, but of coarse that would mean a serious reduction in police because they wouldn’t be needed.
   Police need to get back to policing for real crime and away from law enforcement on citizens and maybe then they may pay heed of crime instead of just reacting to crimes you know, like in crime prevention only that might be asking them to actually work. And while we are at it get them out of domestic and child care squabbles they should not be mediators in domestic squabbles unless weapons are involved or a complaint of violence as apposed to the use of force, are we saying that only government has the right to use force?
   When a person in a domestic condition knows they can push an issue without recourse they will, especially children in the challenge of parental authority and cops should not be substitutes for parents even when asked, they are not domestic engineers by any stretch of the imagination.
   The American public does not need coddling by any part of government it needs security only beyond its capable abilities to provide for itself. The American Constitution does not allow for a nanny state but it does allow for individual responsibility and if someone does not apply their individual responsibility that’s just tough, government should not fall into the breach.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dumb as a Rock

   I’m just a no-account everyday American citizen; over the years I’ve had numerous occasions to have pro and con discussions with people from above and below our American borders as they may be. They too were just ordinary citizens’ of there own respective countries and in case you’re geographically ignorant I’m referring to Canada and Mexico.
   During my conversations with these foreigners it should be noted that most of them were employed where I also happened to be employed some illegal some legal. I asked them mostly comparison question, like one from Canada who lived in Canada drove across the boarder everyday to his job in America. Being as I had tried to get a job in Canada and the red tape was obviously written to keep Americans from being employed there, I ask one Canadian I worked with in Buffalo NY why I couldn’t get work there, yet he had no problem getting work in America. His answer I was to find out later is the same answer I got from Mexicans living and working in America almost as though they colluded with each other. Their answer was simply because “Americans are stupid” where their respective countries were smart to restrict Americans but America was so dumb to allow them access, it was like why should they pass up a good job when we were dumb enough to make them available to them.
   So based on these multiple replies to my questions there should be no doubt that as far as the rank and file is concerned we are a stupid people for allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of, not only in employment but in many other policies we have in regards to foreigners and how we regard and treat them it’s because we are just dumb as rocks as one guy put it.
  This is not made-up it was actual experience over a 50 year period of my working life and after all those years while I never heard any foreigners working here showing any gratitude or otherwise appreciation for our lax treatment of them, I have come to the conclusion that they are right and smarter than us dumb Americans.