Monday, November 22, 2010

Atta-boy Vs Awe-shit

   Every man/women as an individual gives by action or word to the society they live in “enlightenment”, whither we notice or not, even if it is, but a one time occurrence. It’s sort of like the Atta-boy/girl or awe-shit contributions to a job or to society at large. In self-evident truth, each individual gives far more awe-shits than Atta-boy/girls’.
But this does not lessen the value to a job or a society just because Atta-boy/girls may be rare, it means we need to be on the alert not to let them slip by unnoticed regardless the individual source. Unlike the joke, one or many awe-shits do not wipe out or lessen from the value of the Atta-boy/girls.
   I could list a lot of awe-shits that came from Albert Einstein as an individual, but no one can claim they even in aggregate deter from his Atta-boy contributions to the knowledge and thus additional enlightenment of mankind.
   Regardless of the personal awe-shits of the founding fathers of The United States of America they produced more Atta-boys by far than awe-shits yet our modern educational system focuses on their personal awe-shits and by inference tries to degrade the value of their Atta-boy contributions to America and the entire world of man. All that should tell us is, that American academia can no longer tell the difference between an Atta-boy and an awe-shit. This also stands true for American history in general.
   Overall that comes to one big awe-shit for American academia.    

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Half Measures

   Half measures won’t do anymore in America; that is if the American people have truly woken from their slumber of a hundred plus years. We the people must not only put a stop to the corruption of collectivism but must undo all the damage to the systems of our government and society without backsliding in our efforts.
   It will be like a child of wealth being disinherited, the shock of suddenly having to be individually, personally responsible and is never psychologically or physically pain free. It will require a strength of character that hasn’t been seen in the world since our founders stood up against all the powers of the world and the internal status quo of people locked in time simultaneously, but is the bitter pill each American has to take to heal the whole of our sickness.
   All forms of collectivism must be limited in both social and political power in size and scope which includes; business, labor, political parties and religion creating a better balance between the individual and collective powers that develop within. This includes all levels of government, federal, state, cities and towns. The growths of all political and civil powers have to be kept proportional with the individual’s ability to cope with.
   Only intelligent people absent personal ambition will be able to create a working formula fitted into and compatible with the Constitution, will have the capacity to rectify the imbalances that have rendered the individual impotent in American society.
    America was created for the individual, not the group, and a return to that individuality of persons will be the salvation that reunites a Nation that once held out hope to all Nations of the world.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

About The Past

   The past of the great of the Mayan empire the great Egyptian culture The great Persian empire The great Roman empire the lost Continent etc. when it comes to the primary ethnicities highlighted in today's modern cultures just how far back in history can any of them lay claim or deny previous advances or declines of their own ethnicity in evolutionary terms when in all reality the further back you look at the details of the past they become less and less relevant to anyone living today and even the major events of history have no more relevance than the lessons we today can draw from them and certainly no connection to ethnicity. Every culture of humans in all history has had and will have its bigots, racists, bullies and ignorant among them which leads men astray from advancement and/or progress into the future, it is the why of human nature. It has only been the original founding documents of America that has made a serious attempt at correcting the cultural and social errors of earlier humanity.
   While it is human theology that has contributed most to past human behavior by teaching men about what they think god or Allah or what ever deity, wants us to do or what it would do or has done regarding whatever transgressions’ that man has committed. For example; the Jews and Christians teach that god has punished mankind’s posterity for the sins of Adam and Eve. If this was true, it is then logical for man, that he is doing gods work by punishing the ethnicity of others for perceived sins against man and/or God, contradictions not withstanding.     
    It’s like a reputation, you have to live up to it or live it down but you can’t have it both ways, history is fixed and only the ignorant in time will not see it by it’s deceitful presentations by the present. The known truths in human history can set man free from the errors of the past in today’s world, but the deceit and self deceit in our beliefs have to be the first to go.
    This writer knows at this time in history the universal application of known truths is not feasible, so I suggest we start where Americas’ forefathers left off and create the most enlighten nation on this earth as god or Allah most certainly intended. (Skip the middle men and flimflam artists)
    It has to start with accepting history as it was, not how we wished it had been, by all American citizens including your own personal history.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


   The primary impediment to Americans today is the co-opting of our language, by this I mean we the people believe the meanings of our words so much so that when a liberal or communist group call themselves by words that we understand the meaning of we accept them as one of us, when in truth they are just the opposite of what we believe them to be. Like; “Students for a Democratic Society” (SDS) where the last thing they desire or seek is a more democratic way while what they seek is a collective society at best or anarchy at worst.
   Many of the words they use to describe their organizations like; freedom, liberty, justice, human rights, fairness, truth, children etc. are all to mislead and raise money for collectivist theories’ and undermine the very system of government via our Constitution most of us love and understand and wish only to carry forward.
   So basically in this modern world the American people need to learn how to keep from being duped by names or misapplied use of words by being skeptical and never, never judge a book by its cover.
   The Communists and the Muslim’s are/have become expert at using our own language and systems against the people to make further inroads that at some point we may not be able to recover from unless the people at large can recognize they are being duped.
   Our current president, Obama speaks like he really believes the words he uses at the same time his every action contradicts every speech he gives. He raises our concerns about things like excessive spending and deficits in his speeches while simultaneously rising spending and deficits with gusto without blinking an eye. He uses words as the smoke and mirrors of his intent and those of us that still believe his words are fools or cohorts.
   Do precisely what he himself told us to do, Judge him by those he has surrounded him self with!!!     
Crooks, Communists, Muslims, elite disgruntled un-American pro-socialist egotistical A-holes!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't Tread On Us

   There are a few simple and basic things all American children must learn and understand before the older generation or even their peers for the most part, will accept them as mature adults with an intelligent capacity.
   These type responses’ are at first defensive, but always harbor an offensive response. That is what Americans are all about because we individually view none, as our superior or ruler and in that sense even from uppity children we will always become belligerent when we think we are being put upon. (Notice I didn’t say feel we are put upon)
   The greatest weakness we Americans have is a slowness to catch on to the manipulators and the ignorant in society and the world, but once we catch on, we will never back-down or submit to them.
   This child-like behavior when used by government officials will garner nothing short of offensive action from the adult citizens among the populace. American government was created to only do for the people, not to them, and pick and choose, what segment or segments of society will garner government support, is not within its province.
   We will discriminate, so they may as well start building the gulags’ to hold us in, and I’ll bet there will be many black Americans right along with all the rest, once they catch-on that it’s not about skin color but individual sovereignty, then they will no longer give Obama a pass because of his skin color.
   Every black American whose slave ancestors chose to remain after emancipation, are full fledged Americans as any others, and I cannot bring myself to think, that just after they achieved that recognition across the board, they will re- subjugate themselves under the banners and cry of socialist fairness. (Misery does not enjoy company!!)   
  “Tolerance” of individuals or groups to abuse, particularly by government is not an American value and never has been, and if you don’t believe me, ask any man or women descended from slavery, it is a socialist tool of submission. True Americans are compassionate both in the benevolent and offensive behavior of our character.
The best defense is a strong offence!! And offence used in defense is no vice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disperse you Rebels

   Mankind by his very nature is a lobo animal, but is always seeking a perceived advantage in his/her life and living conditions. Once he came to the realization that in hunting gathering, mating and security there were advantages too be had, so he started civilizations or tribes as it were above and beyond the blood line of immediate families. But for civilization to grow and prosper required a strong individual or group to keep it even a little bit secure for its entire membership. This means each citizen had to surrender some parts of their individual sovereignty to the ruling entity or monarch.  
   For many centuries this system for growth was a hardship akin to slavery and in fact sometimes was outright slavery and during those times the ruling class found the power of human control addicting, and abused the authority vested in them to the extreme suffrages of the masses. To keep an edge the ruling class engaged the masses in war after war to expand their power and keep any challenges to their authority at bay with brute force.
   Flash forward to the human migration to America were only many small tribes occupied the land and a variety of exploring armies from around the globe sought to make claims to the land.
   The first who came to actually settle here and make a new home in America held no loyalty or respect for the tyrants or nations they fled and all they wanted was to be sovereign individuals again free men/women, like it was in mankind’s beginnings.
   By 1840 69% of America’s population were farmer’s, still sovereign people as per the end of the revolution against Great Britain and in accordance with our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  By 1900 only 38% were farmers due to the industrial revolution. By 1950 12% and by 1990 2.6%  
   By farmers today, we are really talking about people that live in a dispersed rural setting, where many live in the suburbs but travel to the cities and towns for their employment. Which condition opens the door to the power manipulators in the metropolitan areas becoming despotic and the making of laws and ordinances that go against all the very principals of our founding that spurred us to greatness as a nation in the first place. This dependence on elite government officials takes men/women of the masses back in time by a thousand years of individual development and in our civil intercourse. In plain language a return to the slave mentality that kept mankind from moving forward until America burst onto the scene from our history showing sovereignty of mind is equally as important to mankind as physical sovereignty and that mankind needs both to reach his/her fullest potential.
   If we; that are humanity in general, wish to continue the forward growth to which America has shown in the past is our destiny, we need a new technological revolution akin to the industrial one of the past. We can call it whatever we chose, the communications revolution or digital revolution or what ever, but it holds the modern equivalent of a new improved revolution for human progress. To avoid a retrograde condition for men/women as individuals it would logically require a dilution of authority over them, this authority cannot be diluted in the current compact hovels of large towns and cities and the human nature of man within them, without thinning the herd so to speak..
   For example; if a large city made an ordinance or law that forbid residency to all those whose physical presence is not critical to their employment more than half would have to take up residence outside its geographically established boundaries. The savings to the city in transportation, energy use, police etc. alone would be monumental thus requiring a much reduce need of that cities resources, leading to a reduction in the governance of it. The follow on conditions would then stand to reason that businesses, that cannot not show the necessity of being located within the boundaries likewise forced to relocate to a less densely crowded place. With the advantages of modern technology dispersing the hovels of large cities and towns of people would in every instance be cost effect and free people from the √©lite power grabbers, giving them back their individual sovereignty while at the same time forcing the thousands of civil freeloaders to become personally responsible.
   Collectivism of all its varying degrees at one time or another had its advantages and man needs to recognize when it becomes counter productive to his/her individual growth. America could very well be the innovator for its own progress and lead the world anew, by example. I’ll leave the specific details on how to reverse the effects of the industrial revolution that has compacted people in such unnatural conditions to better minds than mine but remember you heard it from me first.
   How do you keep them in the hovels of cities once they’ve seen freedom and sovereignty?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Critical Thinking

   The skill of “critical thinking” what is it and how does one acquire it or is it just something that really smart people can develop? Ever since I first heard the Phrase coined “critical Thinking” and that modern day students are not being taught this important skill, made me wonder what it is and how do they know what critical thinking is, being as most of them were taught the same way the students are taught today. Possible it’s, they that have this deficit and it’s their ego expressing feelings of superiority.
   So I decided to do some critical thinking on the subject of “critical thinking”. How many different kinds of thinking are there; shallow thinking, reactive thinking, concentrative thinking, imaginative thinking, subjective thinking, objective thinking and the grand master non thinking. I’m sure I missed a few like introverted or extraverted but maybe I’m being too critical in my thinking. But adding it all up tends to make me think we didn’t need to add to such a list by adding the phrase “critical thinking” to it, couldn’t we just get along with one of the older descriptives of thinking.
   Then I decided that what is needed instead of addition to a long list of how we think, maybe what we need to do is synthesize the list for simplicity. This ultimately led me to think that there are only two kinds of thinking, subjective and objective of which I think they are trying to coin a substitute for objective thinking in a more modern vernacular because they don’t think that all of us that lack the skill of critical thinking know what objective thinking is, “it’s critical thinking you egotistical maniacs”!
   Now that I did all that critical thinking on critical thinking brings us to the point they are trying to make, and they are right we no longer teach students the skill of objective thought and its because academia no longer trains teachers in objective thinking they only teach them in the art of propaganda to produce monolithic zombies for the great world wide social collective that dances in their heads.
   The bottom line in my rant is this; only slaves and chattel of the human mind fall or sucker for their propaganda, the rest of society developed “critical thinking” on our own dime thank you, in spite of academia.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Just so Much Noise

   To what practical purpose or value does sound have if no living thing can hear it or understand it? The same holds true for light, or any other of the sensors of the body, if you cannot sense them or understand them they would be valueless tools with no purpose or value to human life. Isn’t it great that we humans have no choice but to experience the benefits of the senses of our own bodies?
   A loud sound to an infant gets its attention but sadly it has no attention to apply. If it’s just a loud sound but has no follow up to the child it will learn to ignore it but it will, always be heard. Eventually the child will investigate the source of the sound but when it finds the source will it understand, most likely not? It will most likely chalk it up to Normal background noise in life and learn to ignore it.
    The preceding is what has developed between people in general because we make noise just for the sake of making noise, so most ignore it and no understanding is ever arrived at. Normal conversations between people appears to be each person making noise and neither understands the source of the others noise. For all practical purposes we talk past one another and only hear the noise with no understanding.
   The more literate American society becomes the more and wider the disparities of understanding between us becomes, and do to the ego no one wants to say I don’t understand what you’re saying! What we do, do is assume we understand instead of demanding clarity and our conversations end up like sound bites on TV totally lacking mutual understanding. We tend to assume what the other persons thoughts are when we don’t clarify.
   As a third party listening, I am fed up hearing one say to the other “so what you’re saying is” followed by gross misinterpretation of the others words. A false premise in conversations is the leading culprits and in failing to clarify those false premises leads to pure nonsense.  Any conversation that ends with, “we just have to agree to disagree” is a complete cop out and nothing short of having just made noise for its own sake, not an intelligent conversation.
   The truth in any matter under discussion is undeniable if the conversation is completely synthesized, and failing to discover that truth leaves both sides of the conversation with but one reality, “neither one knows what they are talking about”. (Just noise)
   We all make poor or bad decisions in life but after 71 years of life I can tell you that everyone, that is every bad decision or judgment I made, was always from using my emotions over my better objective thought processes without exception. I can also tell you that through objective observation of my fellow man it appears to me, to be a universal flaw in the character and thought processes of mankind in general.
   It primarily occurs for what can only be described as ignorance meaning that when we don’t have the knowledge and/or understanding to make a sound objective decision we humans fall back on how we feel about it. That does not include all those that emotionally think they know and understand everything, it is their home base of thought or thinking at all times, and becomes totally out of objective control completely, through the ego of celebrity. 

Friday, July 23, 2010


   The mind of man is not in its entirety photogenic, particularly when it comes to the spoken or written word. Although some phrases may be recalled specifically, the general context goes through a process of synthesizing that arrives as a conceptual picture of it for memory, the details are still there but must go through a focused internal study to find them. (That is why we have reference books etc!)
   Modern educated people today use many words from their learned vocabularies that are not chosen appropriately for the context in which they are used, sometimes intentionally, most times out of their own ignorance were they just seem to fit. This all leads to the listener or reader being unable to synthesize the context giving them an incomplete conceptual picture like a redacted, incomplete or edited picture. So what they might see from memory; the landscape may be yellow, the grass blue, the sun black, the clouds green, and the trees pink, which is nothing like the context of what the speaker or writer was trying to impart. Other times it may be or have a more subtle impact on the context but more than likely a key part of it like using may or can or may and shall inappropriately. Sometime and most prolific misuse is saying you believe something when in fact you don’t know or understand it. All of the fore mentioned degrades the understanding in our civil intercourse in fact bastardizes it.
    This impairment of our communicative skills leads us to make assumptions like; putting someone in authority over others just because they may be skilled at a job, but not shown to be skilled in leadership.
   Those today considered as intellectuals are more likely to be street wise manipulators as apposed to being intellectual in a general or well rounded educational sense.
   Our educators today tend to teach manipulation of the general population by appealing to the emotional as apposed to intellectual enlightenment. Intellectual skills are part of what moves societies forward but rarely leads it constructively. Most truly intellectual people today are like the Germans after WWII, they deny association to the word “intellectual” like the Germans denied association to the word “Nazi”. Modern day, so called intellectuals are for the most part are self promoters as apposed to social or political innovators. They demean the very word “intellectual”.
   Pollution is the hallmark of human civilizations. The most hazardous of pollution to humans is that of the pollution of the human mind some more so than others, but in modern times all. Most pollution of the human mind is caused by societies or cultures and is intentionally polluted to satisfy the ambitions of avarice.
   This problem as far as the individual is concerned needs filtering today as much or more so than has ever been because modern communications between us has accelerated polluting at a rate that is unsustainable to the human condition. The only effective filter known is truth of fact applied to each and every pollutant thereby reducing the aggregate of the effects on humanity at large.
   The truth of fact cannot be imposed on the individual it has to be self acquired and can only be so acquired by recognition of the pollution each holds within and then filtered with the truth. Once filtered is called enlightenment.
   There is only one truth for each pollutant, the idea of multiple truths is just one such pollutant that has infected the minds of men. The truth of fact is established when no objective argument can refute it thus making it undeniable. The only thing that causes a change as to the truth is acquired human knowledge over time. As an individual if you don’t have the knowledge to objectively refute the otherwise known truth, you cannot then declare your own truth separate and apart from the otherwise known truth.
   The truth does not exist in the subjective and can only be found by the objective applications of the human mind. The recognition of the reality of mankind's history does not establish the truth’s of today, but of yesterday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama & Islam

   The world known truth of fact, when it comes right to it regarding individual human rights, English law and American law set the world standards, which all other nations and cultures only give lip service to internationally.
    The proposition put forth to NASA by the Obama administration that it was due to Muslim countries that advanced the world in mathematics justifies sharing state secrets with them now is only fair, is by all history a farcical understanding of history garnered from his Muslim up bringing.
    At the time in history when Arabic countries were advancing in mathematics they were not Muslim but when Mohammad imposed his Islamic theory on them he damned their efforts toward progress as a people by use of the sword against any and all intelligent people in order to keep them in his century forever as slaves to his will. Mohammad for all intense and purpose was an opportunistic barbarian that would not tolerate decent from his personal dogma and backed it up with brutality and death to any and all dissenters.
   The Arab peoples have as much potential intellectually as any others but can only use it in destructive ways as per the instructions left them via the Koran, on punishment of death even to this day. The true believers of Islam are ignorant barbarians they offer others of this world only to join them in their ignorance or death. Obama is only following Islamic dictate and is only using his western education to further the cause Mohammad initiated, which is capitulation or death.
   Only the most ignorant of humanity could conceive that the purpose for human life was to be satisfied with perpetual sex in the here after. I can assure you that if Allah made anything better than sex he/she kept it for himself in the here after. And to top it off virgins are the worst lay any man will ever get unless he is also sexually ignorant.
   It is this writers conviction that Obama desires to be the modern equivalent of Mohammad over the United States where it is only his personal will and dictates that all Americans must submit to, but American history tells us how that will end.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why We Shall Prevail

   As long as Americans have the right to keep and bear arms there can never be a complete government take over of our lives because when push come to shove in a show of force all we have to do is step out of back doors take one shot each, and the takeover will be decimated.
   Fifty percent of those who elected BHO made an idealistic mistake and they are in regret as I write. The rest are hard core but only represent 30-35 percent of the whole, which is a world wide percentage in every country on earth even under the strictest controls governments can put in place. The only difference between Americans and other peoples is the ownership of personal weapons which enables us to push back against overwhelming government power and we will always push back when push comes to shove. We are born of the gun and can only die by it.
    Those who imagine they are oppressed in America have no idea what real oppression is like. When the imagined oppressed become threatening and violent against there imagined oppressors, they will experience suppression of their efforts but will still not be oppressed under our Constitution.
    In every culture on earth there are individuals and groups that seek to oppress others, but in America any of their successes will soon be put asunder under the cleansing light of our Constitution by, “we the people”.    
   "The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment." --George Washington emphasis added. By GAP
     Make note; Washington used the phrase “of all our rights and privileges” making clear that our rights and privileges exist only within our jurisdiction not recognized universally of or in the whole world of peoples, thus making ones propriety and conduct a limiting factor to the rights of citizenship. This is why illegal immigration should exclude the right to become a citizen of the United States of America.
"The dons, the bashaws, the grandees, the patricians, the sachems, the nabobs, call them by what names you please, sigh and groan and fret, and sometimes stamp and foam and curse, but all in vain. The decree is gone forth, and it cannot be recalled, that a more equal liberty than has prevailed in other parts of the earth must be established in America." --John Adams, letter to Patrick Henry, 1776
"[W]e ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems, before they are capable of appreciating their own." --George Washington, letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, 1795


Friday, July 2, 2010

Parties & Caucus's Vs Representation

"They are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose. To consider the latter phrase not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which may be good for the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please.... Certainly no such universal power was meant to be given them. It was intended to lace them up straightly within the enumerated powers and those without which, as means, these powers could not be carried into effect." --Thomas Jefferson, 1791
   Elected officials today and how they represent their constituent’s compounds what Jefferson decried by not considering all equally by; Balkanizing the Congress, the Judiciary and the Bureaucracy through the Administrative Branch by specialized groupings of citizens and specialized considerations for each. No such view of American citizens was ever contemplated by the Constitution but is the hallmark of progressive minds in government.
   No Caucus formed in Congress on specialized issues that exclude any other members from participating because of party, gender, race or sexual preference etc is Constitutional. The Constitution gives congress the right to establish there own rules but only if those rules fall within the spirit and intent of equal representation of there constituents, which the present caucus system fails miserably to do, and is the example they have set for society at large that has created most of the civil strife we all live with today.  
   This illegal activity in congress must stop and their rules regarding Caucus’s changed if they are to ever be able to represent all their constituents on a equal footing. While were at it, party control of branches of government is also unconstitutional.
   Party control and influence in government is the source and cause of government corruption through-out, that is why our representatives no longer care what individual constituents think about anything only what the given party leaders say or instructs them that counts anymore, they have all become rubber stamps for the civilian unelected party elites as a forth and I might say Unconstitutional branch of government.
   Politics is the art of deceit once elected we the people expect politics to stop at door of all government offices.
Political Science (sic) is just that, the teaching of our youth in the art of deceit.
   Under these conditions in American government all they have accomplished is to make all true Patriots enemies’ of the State    

Monday, June 28, 2010

Unified Theory

           Unified Theory of the Human Thought Process
  When a human being is born we empirically know it has a physical brain developed sufficiently and specifically as a biological engine that controls the entire body determined primarily by the blueprints in the genetic codes inherent in it, but the personality and character is developed after birth.
   Then comes, the mind to which we have only circumstantial evidence of its existence but we know from experience that all imaginative and reasoning of thought is inherent within it.
   All things in our human existence that have little to no empirical evidence of form or design are considered metaphysical, if and until we develop physical, empirical evidence. Based on circumstantial evidence alone we (mankind) develop philosophical theories regarding these circumstantial phenomenons such as God, love, origin of a species, universal systems and laws etc.
   This theory is based on both observed and personally experienced circumstantial evidence regarding the system of universal human thought. (How we all think) (The art of critical thinking, or not!)
   All human thought is developed and takes place in the mind of man and is a separate entity from the physical brain. The brain contains in the frontal lobes a buffering transceiver as its link to the metaphysical mind of man, a window as it were for the mind into the physical world of our existence. The metaphysical mind has the ability to deliberately override the functions of the brain/body and contains all learned knowledge in both subjective and objective categories’ contained in mind-sets in like kind.
   The subjective mind-sets are developed, controlled and set by the imagination thru the perceptions’ of the body. (Fantasy) (Imaginative suppositions)Whereas the objective mind-sets are developed independently from, “reasoned learned knowledge”, or by application of reasoning applied to the imaginative mind-sets and are reset after vetting with full understanding in the objective category of mind-sets. The objective mind will not accept incomplete reasoned and vetted knowledge, which is reserved to the subjective and imaginative mind-set category. All the fore mentioned determine this; the brain/body is what you are, while the mind is who you are! The personality and/or character of us all are developed within the mind.
   Because the metaphysical mind has this duality of thought processes that can interpret the real world, the question that needs definition is which process is in overall control or doing the interpretation at any given or specific time.
   This difference is between the imaginative and the real world of mans existence. We start out in the imaginative and as we physically mature our minds mature in kind into the real world. This is normal with one fundamental glitch for many, that is a learned control switch that makes the determination as to when we mentally function as a pure subjective animal, or when we switch to the real objective and empirical world of our humanity. This mental control switch must be established under the authority of the objective mind in order to achieve full intellectual maturity because it is what determines recess or play time, (imaginative) verses development and growth time (truth of fact)! There is a time to sow and a time to harvest so to speak.
   The educational efforts on the part of a society or culture of these principals will determine the development or the decline of that society over time. Each generation must be taught this theory, if cultural progress is to be achieved, continued and unending. The basics of which is; what an individual sees, hears, feels, does not define them or anyone else for that matter. The mind teaches itself, we only need to teach it how to think, not what to think.
   They are each unique as individuals, and the sum of who they are known only to themselves. By the time of full intellectual maturity of the individual their physical presence is the least of who they are!
   Intellectual maturity is not an education it is the development of a thought or the thinking process in anticipation of an education. It is a process by which the individual not only acquires knowledge but in depth objective understanding of it.
   The imaginative powers of the mind are the most effortless and fastest in terms of drawing resolves to the intercourse between us but is also fraught with error and usually governs the earliest stages of human life. Society usually refers to them as smart people. Once a large data base of objective knowledge and understanding is acquired the speed of recall is slower but seldom erroneous in its application. Society usually refers to them as intelligent, then there are those that vacillate between the subjective and objective in thought spontaneously, they constitute the large middle class of thinkers.
   The objective Mind-sets do not contain gender, ethnicity, fear or anger among them for reaching a resolve, but recognizes those consideration in thought as subjective only, like when someone prefaces a statement with; “as a woman I think” which is the subjective mind expressing its self. Or that they cannot accept something for consideration because it upsets them in one way or another,
   Wisdom and truth rarely comes forth from those locked in the subjective, while imaginative things rarely come forth from those locked in the objective mode of thought. No normal person is permanently locked in either mode of thought that is why the control switch needs to be in conscious objective control, to provide the best overall and advantages conditions for both the animal pleasures and intellectual growth and development of each individual.
   In regards to cultures or nations it is incumbent on the people contained within and their thought processes that determines the growth and/or development that each may enjoy or not. Governments can influence but not control with certainty how its peoples think. Those that contain a majority of subjective thinkers will develop least over time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Enterprise

The big lie that young Americans are living with today is the big lie taught in American schools regarding American history. Its one thing to slant history for favor of the overall country but it’s a crime against the people to teach it as a total lie and rob generation after generation of their rightful heritage among the entire world of mankind. It is taught by telling lies that appeal to the emotions and that can be done by telling it only from the loser’s point of view and antidotal evidence, instead of the whole truth as it was in the cold hard facts of history. Appealing to the emotions in our educational system works as propaganda on all those to young or ignorant that didn’t experience it as it was.
   This country was built by the free enterprise and the ingenuity of her people with government as a Johnny comes lately or after the fact, imposing it’s self on the efforts and accomplishments of the people and taking credit for those accomplishments civilly.
   The Indian tribes of America were overall by their nature; combatants against each other constantly at war, thieves, slave masters, savages and destroyers of their own environment without regard, long before the white man come to this land. They did not think of the land as something that men owned until the white man moved in along side of them, and then only if it could be profited by them to claim such. The white man didn’t kick them off there tribal lands until he could no longer suffer their crimes against humanity. Until such time the white man wanted only coexistence and cooperation and they only wanted marks and/or gifts of tribute. It was the Indians that desired apartheid or death to wit the white man simply complied by forming reservations as the only means to achieve it.
    This is not intended of a put down on individuals within our American population it is simply the cold hard facts of history. In today’s world the American Indian is no longer strictly confined to those reservations and after more than two hundred years most of the American Indians still refuse to blend into the American melting pot and prefer living a subsistent life on those reservations as slaves to their own traditions, seemingly unable to leave the past behind.
   Every society on earth has racist in their midst and in many they constitute the majority. (Mexico  comes to mind first) It is an injustice for our educators to use anecdotal racism by individuals or groups as a blanket indictment of Americans as a whole; nothing could be further from the truth of our history. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Medusa Tenacles

   Human nature is the natural inclination that all human beings share and those inclinations vary between the extremes of compassion and the sinister. Aside from the influence of the natural world and its powerful influence on societies of men, there is nothing else on this earth that is an all too powerful influence on the individual than the peer pressure of his fellow man. The less we function intellectually as individuals the more we function as a herd with a hierarchy imposing its will on the whole.
   America was founded on the principle of individuals intellectually and independently following their own best interests first and the rest of society secondly. Once a group or small herd formed within society they were held in check by the individual actions of the majority, but as the groups became larger in numbers the individual actions of others were insufficient to contain their power and influence.
   Groups that contained wealth were the first to apply them selves at the expense of the rest which caused government to generated special laws to contain their power and influence while simultaneously making special laws to enhance the power and influence of the less than wealthy groups. Both of these efforts coincided with the formation of groups or herds within government each trying to gain advantage over the others, for all practical purposes individuality in America died, where even the average individual had to join hands with one group or herd just to survive the struggle.
   Today the most powerful groups are political parties both socially and inside government, they are unelected, have no authority within our under the Constitution which is why as a nation we no longer recognize the authority of those documented laws contained within. We have become a lawless and lost country influenced and manipulated by a world wide Medusa snake like creature out of control.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

   Conspiracy theories are the product of social political conspirators (SPC) and the theories are the functioning of over active imaginations. They are the culmination of stories created by our human nature to entertain the subjective mind, in like fashion too novels of fiction and fairytales created in Hollywood fashion and presented as fact and truth minus vetting by the objective mind of man.
   Conspiracies are always implied as the sinister unseen motives of people that do not conform to the political views of the actual social conspirators. When mom and dad work in tandem to raise a child the best way they can the child sees that as a sinister conspiracy against them as apposed to a collective effort to aid their development.
   Children who’s world view of others is in like fashion that the actions of others is nothing more than a sinister conspiracy against them, causes a inability to see the real objective social and truly sinister political conspiracies that they themselves have become part of.
    The Nazi party was started as a conspiracy against the German government and ended as a conspiracy against the German people on behalf of one man. All those who joined were in effect conspiring against their own best interest ignorant of that reality. The question in the conspiracy to kill Hitler; was it on behalf of the people or the conspirators, but being that it failed we will never know!
    The afore mentioned shows that there are potentially good and bad conspiracies’ it all depends on which side of the social politics involved and where each individual stands that determines wither its viewed as good or bad.
    Conspiracy theorists’ are in reality apposing social and political people creating myths to degrade the opposition in the eyes of the general population to enhance their own political and/or celebrity positions in society. (Adulterated but pure propaganda)
   A conspiracy theory is like any other theory until you can prove it out by making a bomb it has no practical application to benefit society and until such time the rest of society should not waste time giving it any attention.
   Mankind develops societies by what works, not by what might work on it’s behave.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Government Vs Politics

   When I was a young man of 12 and do too the ignorance of my youth, and my personal search for truth, right and wrong along with how I personally fit into the big picture of human life on this world, finding the source of human life was not my great quest. This was simply because by 12 years old I learned and understood that of all humanity that proceeded myself, had failed miserably on that quest and unless I was by chance the son of god it was outside my abilities and ego to achieve such understanding within the prevailing mass ignorance of mankind either.
   While excluding the myths created by men in my search of the origins of the powers in society, lead me first too the originators of the country within which I was born. I was not interested in what others had to say about America’s beginnings, I researched from the direct words and deeds of those involved at America’s inception. The thing that jumped out at me more than any other was how distorted modern men had painted our history to the point of mythology. (This is politics)
   Government on the other hand was and is a completely a different animal from politics, and American government especially. American government is so unique in terms of human governments historically; it’s like night and day. Yet in America most people think of politics and government are like two peas in a pod, when in truth politics is a process by which society chooses people to government offices and the least honest and most deceitful process known to man. If a person so chosen for office carries on with social politics while holding office he or she would not be a government official but a political official thus bastardizing the original purpose of that government office laid out in the Constitution.
   The first two tenants of politics are dishonesty and deceit, which are the opposite of Constitutional intent for men/women holding an office in American government. High moral and ethical people must be kept in office by the enforcement of law whereas the laws governing malfeasance in office should be sufficient to remove politicians that don't leave politics at the door when entering office.
   To the people of more modern time these truths may seem Pollyannaish but unless the people stop clinging to the corrupt precedence set by out past elected officials, America will be doomed to the fate of all governments of world history. Only a new and bloody revolution lies in our future.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Excuse!

   Any government of men that acts outside the boundaries originally established at its founding is destined for the trash heap of histories failed governments. What works or what doesn’t work in the governing control of human societies are not the criteria by which one can judge success, but by the method by which success is implemented.
   It is not wither we win or lose that matters it is how the game is played that matters. If we play out side the rules originally established any success we enjoy will be short lived, and treated with distain by the future.
   If all that matters to people is confined within their individual life span without consideration for what follows, those people are nothing short of narcissistic animals not worthy of positions of authority in societies of men. The future has bearing only on mankind and it is the past that shows us the path to failure and/or success in the affairs of mankind and the societies we become embroiled in or with.
   Neither man nor woman can be competent in judgments of anything until they first understand their own human nature and to that, way too many Americans in particular are totally ignorant of human natures existence let alone understand that what they think is influenced by it more so than their learned knowledge in life.
   A wild beast does not have the capacity to think beyond his/her nature whereas humans can and do think to the exclusion of their nature. Yet overall way too many humans cannot escape the bonds of their human nature because they are kept in this limbo by the influence of others within the societies they exist. The past is not the cause of today’s conditions in life for anyone, nor is it an excuse, the past or history is but a mere lesson to be learned as an aid to the future. If one dwells on the past, one cannot live in the present free from it but suffer the effects in perpetuity absent the lessons it should have established. All men at one point in history could be said to be mere savages and without the lessons will remain just that savages.
   In America we are in desperate need of educating our youth in the skill of thought minus the excuses of our human nature. In simpler terms stop teaching our human nature by teaching with human nature. The myth’s of human nature are not true history and create only the savages we once were once again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Name of Education

   Thirty five years ago when my children were in school is the time when my awareness of governmental malfeasance was awakened. My children at that time had no choice but to tell me of various things they were being taught in school simply because they were contradictory to the things I was teaching them. This was not in all cases, because it is a natural thing for kids to want to disagree with their parents, so when the educators in school gave them license to disagree, many contradictions, were not relayed back except under questioning.
   My first reaction was to think the kids misunderstood what they were told. This I soon learned was not the case, so I decided to join the PTA thinking I might gain some influence over what my kids were being taught in school.
   At the first and only meeting I attended I raised numerous questions and many differing points of view as to those things I had previous knowledge of via my own children. For these efforts I was commended by the teacher acting as chair of the meeting for my concerns and suggestions several times, while citing that efforts to communicate with the school authorities on the part of parent’ was the main cause of misunderstanding between parents’ and teachers’.
   After accumulating the questions and points of view of which the majority came from me, the panel sitting at the head table commenced one by one to address each and every concern presented.
   Each and every issue was set or cast aside by one or the other of two standard resolves; either the educators knew better how to deal with the issues, or they didn’t have any choice but to handle them by specific directives as mandates handed down from on high by federal authority or lose funding from the federal government. The content of what they teach was always secondary in importance to higher authority, a pass the buck upward kind of answer to avoid accountability. This knowingly done with full understanding that the run of the mill parent lacked the resources to take their concerns higher in the red tape of a giant bureaucracy.
   All this left me as a concerned parent to leave with the only statement left in my arsenal, so I told the entire meeting of the futility of their gathering, but with assurance that as far as my kids were concerned I would contradict what was being taught to them and at every turn, point out the lies and deceit being taught in the name of educating them, and that it would be my only hope that very little of their propaganda will take hold.
   So if the liberals wonder where all the conservatives today are coming from, it’s from all the kids whose parents got involved with the intellectual abuse being inflicted on our kids by American education. GAP       

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Individual Standing

   Any and all laws since the creation of our Constitution that do not conform to it are in fact non-laws. No court has the right or authority to make non-laws legal laws by opinion alone, but by evidence of conforming to the Constitution. No elected body may make laws outside the parameters of the Constitution as well.
   Accordingly all individual citizens are to be free to conduct their lives in a manner which suits them so long as such conduct does not have direct interference with the lives of others.
"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

 Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.  Thomas Jefferson

   I have the right to smoke cigarettes, so long as I do not deny that right to others. The idea that my smoking in the presence of others has been show to have a direct interference of harmful effect on them has never been shown except by biased opinion and manipulated/doctored statistics any more so than the carbon dioxide I exhale or colognes, or any hundreds of other things we breathe in society. So if you take the same tack and say you have the right to breathe unadulterated air and wish to stop me from smoking in your presence, you must equally stop all the other hundreds of potentially harmful elements we humans emit into the air around us all. Failing this you are violating my Constitutional liberty to be un-obstructed in my freedom of choice to smoke when and where I choose.
   If I come to your house and you have a personal rule about smoking I must conform. But you have no right to tell others they must have the same rule on their premises. This extrapolated means; that government cannot make public facilities smoke free zones because they would not be treating all equally they in truth would be singling out a smoker which is un-Constitutional and the taxation on smokers is criminal to say the least. When will Americans wake up to the fact that what society may see as a personal vice is not a matter for law and what some may opine is a public health concern does not raise to the level that justifies illegal law making.
   "The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."
-- Thomas Jefferson (Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 17, 1782)
   The abuse in the making of modern laws and its effects on everyone’s liberty is the ongoing destruction of freedom as bequeathed us all by our forefathers.
   Mathematical Statistics, probability or chance, along with any consensus have no place in social justice or the laws governing a free people.
   Almost all traffic laws that have fines and or arrest are based on the false premise’s of the fore mentioned. The government sets an arbitrary speed limit, red lights, passing zone strips, stop signs, etc. not to aid the flow of traffic but to collect revenue when not obeyed regardless of the circumstances. Those aids are good indicators for drivers to follow, but a violation is not justification to pick the pocket of the driving public unless recklessness is in the mix and recklessness is rarely part of the fine. For every driver stopped by going over an arbitrary speed limit how many accidents would be saved from happening. My guess; would be none in a million dollars of revenue collected, because for everyone they catch a thousand more are not caught on any given stretch of road.
   Cops are hired to catch criminals not fine citizens who violated arbitrary traffic laws, just imagine how many more real criminals would be caught if the focus was removed from traffic to crooks, but of coarse that would mean a serious reduction in police because they wouldn’t be needed.
   Police need to get back to policing for real crime and away from law enforcement on citizens and maybe then they may pay heed of crime instead of just reacting to crimes you know, like in crime prevention only that might be asking them to actually work. And while we are at it get them out of domestic and child care squabbles they should not be mediators in domestic squabbles unless weapons are involved or a complaint of violence as apposed to the use of force, are we saying that only government has the right to use force?
   When a person in a domestic condition knows they can push an issue without recourse they will, especially children in the challenge of parental authority and cops should not be substitutes for parents even when asked, they are not domestic engineers by any stretch of the imagination.
   The American public does not need coddling by any part of government it needs security only beyond its capable abilities to provide for itself. The American Constitution does not allow for a nanny state but it does allow for individual responsibility and if someone does not apply their individual responsibility that’s just tough, government should not fall into the breach.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dumb as a Rock

   I’m just a no-account everyday American citizen; over the years I’ve had numerous occasions to have pro and con discussions with people from above and below our American borders as they may be. They too were just ordinary citizens’ of there own respective countries and in case you’re geographically ignorant I’m referring to Canada and Mexico.
   During my conversations with these foreigners it should be noted that most of them were employed where I also happened to be employed some illegal some legal. I asked them mostly comparison question, like one from Canada who lived in Canada drove across the boarder everyday to his job in America. Being as I had tried to get a job in Canada and the red tape was obviously written to keep Americans from being employed there, I ask one Canadian I worked with in Buffalo NY why I couldn’t get work there, yet he had no problem getting work in America. His answer I was to find out later is the same answer I got from Mexicans living and working in America almost as though they colluded with each other. Their answer was simply because “Americans are stupid” where their respective countries were smart to restrict Americans but America was so dumb to allow them access, it was like why should they pass up a good job when we were dumb enough to make them available to them.
   So based on these multiple replies to my questions there should be no doubt that as far as the rank and file is concerned we are a stupid people for allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of, not only in employment but in many other policies we have in regards to foreigners and how we regard and treat them it’s because we are just dumb as rocks as one guy put it.
  This is not made-up it was actual experience over a 50 year period of my working life and after all those years while I never heard any foreigners working here showing any gratitude or otherwise appreciation for our lax treatment of them, I have come to the conclusion that they are right and smarter than us dumb Americans.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Metamorphosis

   Unless someone thinks of themselves as super natural or god like, in order to form an intellectual view of their surroundings they must first go through what could only be called an orientation process, of how and where is the position they personally stand, in relation to those surroundings. This orientation is a prerequisite to enable a valid intellectual view of their surroundings and it must therefore be a neutral position at its first conceptions. Only from this neutral position will the objective self-evident truth of facts become revealed to the mind.
   This method I call; the Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA). This method can and does occur by chance when the mind is in a total state of confusion or self-denial about ones surroundings or intentionally for the same reason. If by chance; it lacks self motivation and is thus less thorough.
   I refer to this mental process as a metamorphosis of the mind. It enters as one existence or state of mind and emerges as something completely different. It starts out looking inward or introspective of all you know and understand and/or believe you know and understand in minute detail.
    Then establish the truth of fact of each detail that is not incontrovertible as evidenced by your own experiences, and consciously reset to an unknown position for later conformation or acceptance by future analysis or confirmation to establish credibility. Common sense plays a large role in filtering nonsense and a self determining of right and wrong is secondly in importance. For example you might decide that some things society deems to be wrong are not wrong to you, but you must also understand society will hold you responsible regardless.   
   After and during this self mental analysis is established with what only you know to be truth as personal mindsets and directions for your future along with a way to analyze future knowledge one may encounter, absent outside or peer pressures. This isolated self designed analytical capacity will become you, distinct and separate from all others. You’re reasoning process will not accept group think as truth of fact only as a point of reference for personal analysis. All things not known to be evidenced in some material way can only be evidenced by time and resultant effect, to establish the fact, if not the absolute truth of the matter. Antidotal evidence is not evidence at all, because it is taken out of context and presents an extreme view of the whole. Self deceit which is contained in the imagination is the only serious opposition to a successful metamorphosis of the mind. During this metamorphosis one of the things you will discover is no one knows or has answers to everything unless they employ the imagination, which is the liar of all time and space.

   This does not mean that those things you cannot assertion as the truth are untrue only that you have not so far been able to determine it as either, and unless you do specific research to make that determination you must accept that, as you’re own piece of ignorance, if you are honest with you’re self.
   This metamorphosis process might be akin to a solo mediation process about all ones subjective perceptions accumulated from birth, the sooner in life you go through it the shorter the time set aside in meditation to complete the metamorphosis. No living thing enters a metamorphosis and comes out the same way or condition it went into it with.
   I know these things to be true and effective because I went thru them starting in my adolescence due to the intellectual turmoil and confusion in my personal life and surroundings and my search for the truth, and the right and wrongs of life. It was my last ditch effort consciously entered, to avoid insanity as a sociopath. It was an enlightenment and of self awareness that has governed my life ever since. And I can honestly state “I know myself” which my life as demonstrated, that most are not “self” aware!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Overblown Education

  The question arose in my mind wither there is such a thing as an over-educated mind. After much thought I have come to the conclusion that under certain individual conditions the answer is yes! You might at first glance say to yourself how could there be such a thing, as knowing or learning to much and what or where is this ceiling? The accumulation of knowledge does not afford us the luxury of knowing such a limit or ceiling.
   But what I did discover was two features, distinct and apposing characters of our human nature that may act on our knowledge so as to make it appear as either delinquent or excessive. Those features are; one the certainty of our subjective ego and two the objective humility of the mind.
   The humility of the mind when looking at data points or in various areas of research is that things appear in a certain way as conclusion, but provides us with a certain element of doubt, where the ego tells us it is a certain way of fact.
   In America we have many people well educated as apposed to rank and file citizens these people have a need to provide themselves and families a living and they do so by using their education for the betterment of overall society with their research and the collection of data points for studies. The problem is there are so many of them society has no practical way of supporting them all. So what we did was have government provide them with an income at the cost of the general public w/ grants, because business arena alone could not afford them all.
   Now that they for the most part work for government or big business they have to produce result to stay employed, that’s when the ego of human nature enters the conclusions of their research and humility takes a back seat.
   Statistics, probability, polls or consensus does not represent evidence of truth of fact. So when we apply, these pseudo conclusion of fact in to law or business it is the result of over education by ego and is counter productive to the advancement of our society.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Critical Thinking

  What why who where and how to develop the skill of critical thinking or thought
  The limits of critical thinking are at the mercy of previously accumulated knowledge and the depth of understanding associated with each separate data point and all linkages to it.
   The things called generalities are not in reality generalities at all, but are refection’s as the summation of accumulated knowledge and understanding minus the linkages to many other areas of knowledge. If one was to include all possible linkages the book that would come forth would be near infinite for a student of life.
   To a less knowledgeable person that hears a generality many points or questions arise to wit many other linkages also arise. In what we call a reasonable conversation time and space should force the conversation to stay on the primary topic at hand leaving other questions or inquiry to a later time or personal investigative research in time beyond the conversation at hand. This applies to points of controversy in particular which for the most part deflect from the primary topic at hand unless for legitimate points of inquiry on topic.
   Children shut down conversation by simply asking how do you know that or where did you get that from, which is nothing more than a distraction from what is being said. If you try to tell them, you soon find out that they really didn’t want to know where or how but they can now, and will accuse you of lecturing them. As adults; many perfect this technique of avoidance by saying things like prove it or show me the facts etc. so as to remain in the ignorant status of their own mindsets. Some will say oh then you think this or that, or oh you must be a Jesus freak etc in plain language tell you what you think or gross misrepresentation of same.
   In normal and reasonable conversation between people how, where or prove something is short for I don’t believe or think so, so end the conversation they have no interest in what you think regardless. When others say things you don’t agree with don’t attack their veracity make a mental note and check or research it for yourself to establish truth of fact but when you do don’t just accept one source, but many diversified sources.
   In books as well as persons you have, books of truth of fact or what we classify as non-fiction. Then you have fiction followed by novels which are the most mentally distorting of all because most novels take points of fact and dress them up in journalistic fashion to create a story of fiction peppered with elements of truth using the imaginary skill of a fiction writer. The overall context and or summary of novels are generally fictional. The last type of book or person is what can only be called the lying deceitful kind to intentionally distort history and events are the most modern kind. This type should be viewed with nothing short of contempt.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enlightened Sparks

   How do you start a wild fire? This answer is so easy that only the most ignorant among us would have difficulty with it. With a spark!
   The next question is; how to put-out the biggest and most destructive wild fire ever seen by man, but is also just as simplistic; be there with a thimble of water when the spark occurs!
   When you have developed what is called an enlightened mind, all things are viewed with this kind of simplicity so that once a tragedy or negative event occurs the human mind instantly develops resolves for future occurrences, you need not have to have been there to understand the actions required in the future, simple awareness of the event and resultant is all that’s necessary. Many people think of this as common sense and that is true, but normal common sense is not often that simplistic. Now, anyone could generate complications to both the question and the answer by explaining them using alternative scenarios but the simplicity must remain for them to be considered of an enlightened nature. Intellectual enlightenment is not complexity but simplicity!
   The mind s of men/women, that are enlightened are the filters of all the complexities encountered in life experiences. Within societies, most of the complexities encountered by the individual are intentionally placed before us by the avarice of human nature. These complexities are to the mind like a carnival mirror is to the eye, distortions of the simplicity and realities of life. A mind that knows is not enlightened until it understands and filters those distortions.
  In firefighting it can be said and should be understood, that equipment and training etc. do not even approach the importance and significance as that of time and/or timing!
   Americas Constitution was written by enlightened men, only to have been exposed to the avarice of lesser men thereafter, and the distortions they pronounced within it, whereas today the average view of it is like a carnival mirror! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

To Dispute or Refute

   Children dispute the world that surrounds them with a simple spontaneous “uh-uh” long before they have given the topic or subject at hand a moment of thought. This is human natures way of denial, expressed by the ignorance of the individual, a way of refusal to accept the truth of fact that forces itself onto a closed and/or empty mind.
    At some point in the development of the child’s intellectual growth this self denial is overwhelmed by the truth as they accumulate knowledge which refutes the limited intellectual scope of their youth. When they learn that they can dispute, dispute, dispute and it has no benefit toward understanding until they have an enough knowledge that refutes their own unthinking disputes, and then they may understand.
  The so called liberal mind in America is nothing more than people that in spite of the accumulation of knowledge never developed the intellectual skill of refuting their own “uh-uh’s” from childhood. They take the knowledge they acquire and say “uh-uh” and dispute the very knowledge that has the information to refute, and still dispute with their childish UH-UH followed with gibberish from their childhood.
   It is the world of make believe and fantasy held in place by refusing to acknowledge their own physical maturity and the only skill given by human nature to children “denial” they can dispute but they cannot refute.
   We as humans cannot justify the unjustifiable no matter the degree of denial employed. No one has a good enough memory to be a perfect liar and you should know you are ignorant when you believe you’re smarter or more intelligent than those who came before you for it is they that enabled you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Individuality & leadership

  The civil discourse we witness between men/women is the refection of our individuality but to then add the influence of collectives to that discourse raises the potential level to extreme violence between them. Every individual within a collective has surrendered his/her individuality to the group, thus they are no longer individuals but members of the herd or a band of brothers. The only place this form of collective effort by people becomes a positive affect to a society is in the military for the security purposes’ of the whole society.
  No two given people agree on everything, so in order to maintain our individuality certain limits must be imposed by the whole of a civilization and they must always be mutually agreed on or self imposed. Standards are obvious to all, beyond that everything else, is off the table and individually decided. That represents Americas’ Constitution and every new civil law created moves America closer and closer to a collective and further and further from individuality which is always the opposite of the primary goal and purposes of our Constitution.
   I have never met an American that didn’t view themselves as an individualist and I have come to understand that many of them are delusional or don’t understand what it means. You can’t say you’re an active member of a union and claim the mantel of an individualist at the same time. You can’t say you’re an active member of any collective group and claim the mantel of an individualist unless you loudly protest and appose them when you don’t agree with them.
  What Americans are witnessing in the tea party movement is pure individualism that is why they have no head person to represent them nor do they want one. The organizers of tea parties do not claim leadership and if and when they ever do, they will cease being representative of individuals but of a collective. Every individual that attends tea parties agrees on certain things but disagree on many others and it is those certain things only that they agree on, that brings them together, and no leader will ever decide what those agreements or disagreements’ are. That is what makes them true American patriots.
   Having said all that, it should be noted that the congress and the entire federal government are not the peoples leaders the people of the United States have no leaders of our society we accept leaders only in war.