Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Metamorphosis

   Unless someone thinks of themselves as super natural or god like, in order to form an intellectual view of their surroundings they must first go through what could only be called an orientation process, of how and where is the position they personally stand, in relation to those surroundings. This orientation is a prerequisite to enable a valid intellectual view of their surroundings and it must therefore be a neutral position at its first conceptions. Only from this neutral position will the objective self-evident truth of facts become revealed to the mind.
   This method I call; the Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA). This method can and does occur by chance when the mind is in a total state of confusion or self-denial about ones surroundings or intentionally for the same reason. If by chance; it lacks self motivation and is thus less thorough.
   I refer to this mental process as a metamorphosis of the mind. It enters as one existence or state of mind and emerges as something completely different. It starts out looking inward or introspective of all you know and understand and/or believe you know and understand in minute detail.
    Then establish the truth of fact of each detail that is not incontrovertible as evidenced by your own experiences, and consciously reset to an unknown position for later conformation or acceptance by future analysis or confirmation to establish credibility. Common sense plays a large role in filtering nonsense and a self determining of right and wrong is secondly in importance. For example you might decide that some things society deems to be wrong are not wrong to you, but you must also understand society will hold you responsible regardless.   
   After and during this self mental analysis is established with what only you know to be truth as personal mindsets and directions for your future along with a way to analyze future knowledge one may encounter, absent outside or peer pressures. This isolated self designed analytical capacity will become you, distinct and separate from all others. You’re reasoning process will not accept group think as truth of fact only as a point of reference for personal analysis. All things not known to be evidenced in some material way can only be evidenced by time and resultant effect, to establish the fact, if not the absolute truth of the matter. Antidotal evidence is not evidence at all, because it is taken out of context and presents an extreme view of the whole. Self deceit which is contained in the imagination is the only serious opposition to a successful metamorphosis of the mind. During this metamorphosis one of the things you will discover is no one knows or has answers to everything unless they employ the imagination, which is the liar of all time and space.

   This does not mean that those things you cannot assertion as the truth are untrue only that you have not so far been able to determine it as either, and unless you do specific research to make that determination you must accept that, as you’re own piece of ignorance, if you are honest with you’re self.
   This metamorphosis process might be akin to a solo mediation process about all ones subjective perceptions accumulated from birth, the sooner in life you go through it the shorter the time set aside in meditation to complete the metamorphosis. No living thing enters a metamorphosis and comes out the same way or condition it went into it with.
   I know these things to be true and effective because I went thru them starting in my adolescence due to the intellectual turmoil and confusion in my personal life and surroundings and my search for the truth, and the right and wrongs of life. It was my last ditch effort consciously entered, to avoid insanity as a sociopath. It was an enlightenment and of self awareness that has governed my life ever since. And I can honestly state “I know myself” which my life as demonstrated, that most are not “self” aware!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Overblown Education

  The question arose in my mind wither there is such a thing as an over-educated mind. After much thought I have come to the conclusion that under certain individual conditions the answer is yes! You might at first glance say to yourself how could there be such a thing, as knowing or learning to much and what or where is this ceiling? The accumulation of knowledge does not afford us the luxury of knowing such a limit or ceiling.
   But what I did discover was two features, distinct and apposing characters of our human nature that may act on our knowledge so as to make it appear as either delinquent or excessive. Those features are; one the certainty of our subjective ego and two the objective humility of the mind.
   The humility of the mind when looking at data points or in various areas of research is that things appear in a certain way as conclusion, but provides us with a certain element of doubt, where the ego tells us it is a certain way of fact.
   In America we have many people well educated as apposed to rank and file citizens these people have a need to provide themselves and families a living and they do so by using their education for the betterment of overall society with their research and the collection of data points for studies. The problem is there are so many of them society has no practical way of supporting them all. So what we did was have government provide them with an income at the cost of the general public w/ grants, because business arena alone could not afford them all.
   Now that they for the most part work for government or big business they have to produce result to stay employed, that’s when the ego of human nature enters the conclusions of their research and humility takes a back seat.
   Statistics, probability, polls or consensus does not represent evidence of truth of fact. So when we apply, these pseudo conclusion of fact in to law or business it is the result of over education by ego and is counter productive to the advancement of our society.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Critical Thinking

  What why who where and how to develop the skill of critical thinking or thought
  The limits of critical thinking are at the mercy of previously accumulated knowledge and the depth of understanding associated with each separate data point and all linkages to it.
   The things called generalities are not in reality generalities at all, but are refection’s as the summation of accumulated knowledge and understanding minus the linkages to many other areas of knowledge. If one was to include all possible linkages the book that would come forth would be near infinite for a student of life.
   To a less knowledgeable person that hears a generality many points or questions arise to wit many other linkages also arise. In what we call a reasonable conversation time and space should force the conversation to stay on the primary topic at hand leaving other questions or inquiry to a later time or personal investigative research in time beyond the conversation at hand. This applies to points of controversy in particular which for the most part deflect from the primary topic at hand unless for legitimate points of inquiry on topic.
   Children shut down conversation by simply asking how do you know that or where did you get that from, which is nothing more than a distraction from what is being said. If you try to tell them, you soon find out that they really didn’t want to know where or how but they can now, and will accuse you of lecturing them. As adults; many perfect this technique of avoidance by saying things like prove it or show me the facts etc. so as to remain in the ignorant status of their own mindsets. Some will say oh then you think this or that, or oh you must be a Jesus freak etc in plain language tell you what you think or gross misrepresentation of same.
   In normal and reasonable conversation between people how, where or prove something is short for I don’t believe or think so, so end the conversation they have no interest in what you think regardless. When others say things you don’t agree with don’t attack their veracity make a mental note and check or research it for yourself to establish truth of fact but when you do don’t just accept one source, but many diversified sources.
   In books as well as persons you have, books of truth of fact or what we classify as non-fiction. Then you have fiction followed by novels which are the most mentally distorting of all because most novels take points of fact and dress them up in journalistic fashion to create a story of fiction peppered with elements of truth using the imaginary skill of a fiction writer. The overall context and or summary of novels are generally fictional. The last type of book or person is what can only be called the lying deceitful kind to intentionally distort history and events are the most modern kind. This type should be viewed with nothing short of contempt.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enlightened Sparks

   How do you start a wild fire? This answer is so easy that only the most ignorant among us would have difficulty with it. With a spark!
   The next question is; how to put-out the biggest and most destructive wild fire ever seen by man, but is also just as simplistic; be there with a thimble of water when the spark occurs!
   When you have developed what is called an enlightened mind, all things are viewed with this kind of simplicity so that once a tragedy or negative event occurs the human mind instantly develops resolves for future occurrences, you need not have to have been there to understand the actions required in the future, simple awareness of the event and resultant is all that’s necessary. Many people think of this as common sense and that is true, but normal common sense is not often that simplistic. Now, anyone could generate complications to both the question and the answer by explaining them using alternative scenarios but the simplicity must remain for them to be considered of an enlightened nature. Intellectual enlightenment is not complexity but simplicity!
   The mind s of men/women, that are enlightened are the filters of all the complexities encountered in life experiences. Within societies, most of the complexities encountered by the individual are intentionally placed before us by the avarice of human nature. These complexities are to the mind like a carnival mirror is to the eye, distortions of the simplicity and realities of life. A mind that knows is not enlightened until it understands and filters those distortions.
  In firefighting it can be said and should be understood, that equipment and training etc. do not even approach the importance and significance as that of time and/or timing!
   Americas Constitution was written by enlightened men, only to have been exposed to the avarice of lesser men thereafter, and the distortions they pronounced within it, whereas today the average view of it is like a carnival mirror! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

To Dispute or Refute

   Children dispute the world that surrounds them with a simple spontaneous “uh-uh” long before they have given the topic or subject at hand a moment of thought. This is human natures way of denial, expressed by the ignorance of the individual, a way of refusal to accept the truth of fact that forces itself onto a closed and/or empty mind.
    At some point in the development of the child’s intellectual growth this self denial is overwhelmed by the truth as they accumulate knowledge which refutes the limited intellectual scope of their youth. When they learn that they can dispute, dispute, dispute and it has no benefit toward understanding until they have an enough knowledge that refutes their own unthinking disputes, and then they may understand.
  The so called liberal mind in America is nothing more than people that in spite of the accumulation of knowledge never developed the intellectual skill of refuting their own “uh-uh’s” from childhood. They take the knowledge they acquire and say “uh-uh” and dispute the very knowledge that has the information to refute, and still dispute with their childish UH-UH followed with gibberish from their childhood.
   It is the world of make believe and fantasy held in place by refusing to acknowledge their own physical maturity and the only skill given by human nature to children “denial” they can dispute but they cannot refute.
   We as humans cannot justify the unjustifiable no matter the degree of denial employed. No one has a good enough memory to be a perfect liar and you should know you are ignorant when you believe you’re smarter or more intelligent than those who came before you for it is they that enabled you.