Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Blame Game

   Blaming America as a Nation, for the acts and policies of individuals that just happen to be within her or any of the states that constitute this nation, made up of a Hodge-pod of world humanity is an act of sheer ignorance. Every ill wind that has blown across the American landscape, is the result of America’s outstretched arms too the refuse of the world at large. In this open and free society numerous occasions of socialist or collective ideas polices and practices brought here by others through immigration or communication have seeded them into American society with few of them as compatible with overall American Policies, ideals or principals.
   Only when these seeds blown in on ill winds take root does America as a whole weed them out as unwanted ideas or practices. The interim period of seeding and weeding may take some time, but during such time should not be seen as American acceptance or overall support which has never been the case, nor can it be justified.
   This is where slavery came from, it was not an American idea or part of her principles nor condoned and accepted be her as such from her founding on. It is thus an ignorant act to blame or accuse the whole for the acts of a few in the diversity of the melting pot we call America.
   America has always been in direct contradiction to and with collective or socialist ideas and practices even with the allowance of freely pursuing happiness for the individual, it could be no other way and still have liberty as our beckon call. America as a nation will always clean up the messes of those that think and act like socialists’ they can offer nothing that will or can make her a better nation. These undeniable historically self-evident truths define what America as a nation is was and will always be.
   The world has long been polluted with those who call themselves progressive’s that persist in injecting collective or socialist means and ways into the American way of life, which is and was founded on individual responsibility as apposed to community or government responsibility as the hallmark of American culture.
    America invites the poor and the downtrodden to emigrate here and if they can’t make a better life for themselves here they can’t make it anywhere. America does not invite people here for the rest of us to take care of beyond the opportunities’ provided for self actuation and fulfillment.              
   All the social and cultural ills of humanity can be laid at the door of collective social thinkers throughout the world. Only wannabe tyrants and freeloaders can openly deny the truth of what is stated here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The dream of tyrants & socialist are the nightmare of the individual.

 Worldwide government is not feasible until and if humanity can; 100% agree on some very basic human values, regarding the individual, any and all attempts before such agreement can only be instigated by tyrannical force’s.
   The American naysayers both foreign and domestic scoff at the idea that America knows what’s right and believe the rest of the worlds countries are just as right in their own ways, on the issues that confront us all as human beings. This more than anything shows the glaring ignorance of human tolerance and diversity. Right is always right and wrong is always wrong and the truth is always the truth, those principals’ are universal through out the entire world of humanity, from an individual view. Every country on earth has what are called outlaws, and many countries are themselves outlaws of the basics of individual humanity, the developed and varying ideologies not withstanding.     
   I contend that 230 + years of American innovation and success that has lifted most of the rest of the world of nations out of the dark ages, should stand as self-evident proof that America is right and they are all wrong, when it comes to what’s best for mankind taken from the basics of our treatment and laws governing humanity on a individual basis. The founding fathers of America should in all righteousness stand as the founding fathers of all mankind not just America, this should stand as an undeniable truth through-out the world.
   All religions and all governments across the world except original America’s foundational laws in the Constitution; have the same purpose, and that is to control and manipulate the individual to their own varying interests and benefit, where the individual is mere chattel. Original America was designed not to control or manipulate the individual, only to control the avarice of our individual human nature. All else was designed as sovereign status for the individual, as well as sovereign status for the individual States. The federal government is only sovereign as it relates to all the other nations of the world, and has no sovereign authority outside the boundaries’ established within the Constitution. And no persistence and nuance or parsing, changes these truths!
   All that do not understand this standard and difference’s are ignorant of America and America’s system of governance. American government is no citizen’s, sovereign, unless you are part of its bureaucracy. By hiring on to government you in effect surrender your sovereign citizen status and come under its authority and cannot lay claim to being just an ordinary citizen. You in effect become a public servant as apposed to public citizen.   GAP  

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spectator Sports

   I have always been appalled by American spectator sports; it gives the spectator the right to scream and yell at the participants but has no impact on the outcome of the game unless they don’t attend or engage in violence. I personally have always said about spectator sports “if I can’t for what ever reasons, personally participate in the game I have little interest in it. This is not intended to put down sports in general or the people, who participate in the games or have some financial or otherwise interest in the outcome.
   Only the things or objects in life that are those that have a direct impact on my own life can I find interesting or worthy enough to become engaged. Unlike many people who see life itself as a game, like sexuality, marriage, school, business, employment, raising children, etc., I find them as purposeful pursuits as apposed to just fun and games, which are the only things for the spectator, derived from spectator sports. Just having fun in life gives no one purpose for being. Without purpose, humanity itself is doomed
   American politics is not a spectator sport, unlike every other country on earth. It was purposeful by design that each individual citizen was not too being just spectators of government but active participants. This and only this is what gives America herself purpose for being.
   If you see, as an American; that politics is just a game we are playing, you are no longer a true American you are just a spectator!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


   If you refer to a czar as an appointed advisor to the president that’s one thing, but to then grant a czar the power to act with presidential authority in his ignorance of the specifics of an issue makes them unconstitutional. In plain language the president cannot commission others to act with his/her authority or any part of it without his specific and direct involvement. There is no such thing as an office of Mini President by dividing his office based on issues or the passions of the moment.
   Even cabinet members cannot carry the president’s authority unless they have specific written documentation on each issue in question, other wise we give the President the power of deniability for any and all illegal or otherwise unauthorized acts of his/her underlings that also applies to the Vice President as well. This is not Republican or Constitutional government but tyrannical government by appointment and/or department.
  The ethics and integrity of personal loyalty, honor and duty used to be the hallmark of the American character, in particular among those that emerged as leaders, yet today is rarely found except in our military. In today’s society the scum is what has raised to the top for want of such gone by character. But all is not lost, because it has been lying dormant in the aggregate of the citizenry and only needs calling forth with serious and purposeful intent.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


   Excerpts;                                       I AM Sovereign  by (G.A.P.)
  It was the night of the huge ball the day of the big coronation (on January 20th) when all accounts and no accounts where standing around, and if you were looking for me, I would have been over there, standing with all the no accounts.
   The preceding statement defines my self as well as what is referred to as the masses of the people in general. But it’s not about me, but about every American that has neither the opportunity to be heard nor the talent to express it without being smothered asunder by the elites of our society today, whom bear the responsibility for the faction and dissention that is rife throughout American society today. This is not intended to fix blame only cause and we all allowed or gave them free reign.

"The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government." --Daniel Webster
   What does it say about a people that questions whiter their nation can survive the actions and policies being enacted forcefully by a government and president they just elected into office?
 The answer is; that way too many of them are as ignorant as a brick. Need I say more? Well!!!, I will. 
 "If a nation expects to be ignorant -- and free ... it expects what never was and never will be." --Thomas Jefferson
Political Outrages;
 More and more everyday people in positions to know the truth of what goes on inside government, lament each issue and the person or persons involved. Then proceed to make suggestions on how to combat and appose the most outrageous acts. When it’s not the outrages we need to combat, but the individuals that commit them. But in America today we separate the individual from the acts they engage in.
   This represents the prevalent level of ignorance in our society from top to bottom, we no longer hold people in government to account, no matter how outrageously they behave, this shows our (the peoples) ignorance not theirs. Apparently we have dropped the words malfeasance, integrity, honor, duty, and good conduct from our vocabulary and replaced them with duh and so what!! 
                                                               I AM Sovereign  by (G.A.P.)
   Honesty; does honesty have its foundation in the truth or feelings, more simply stated, of the reasoning mind or the subjective imagination? That said requires no further room for query. 
”We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure” Thomas Jefferson 
  The same men who crafted our Constitution also explained it in detail to the public to gain support for its adoption, they then followed it up and wrote insistently in explanation of every clause and the intent of them all in detail. All of this leaves no stone unturned and requires no modern man to ask why of any part of it, their intents where clarified back then, leaving no room for modern interpretations as to why or intent!
  Constitutions Demise; 
 The American Constitution is the only Constitution in the entire world that was created, drawn up and adopted that had no provision included, that allows change to its original formula. This is the reason all the other countries in the world that have adopted Constitutions as their political base fail, because from their adoption on they are undermined by incessant change and always to the detriment of the people. 
 "If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this in one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit which the use can at any time yield." --George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796 emphasis added  
                                                I AM Sovereign  by (G. A.P.) 
  Americas’ Constitution has also suffered changes, but not openly or above board but insidiously in fact illegally and in violation of the document itself by those very socialist who apposed it at its’ inception and every succeeding generation of them, gaining support over the years from many differing foreign sources.
   Today these socialists believe they have bastardized the Constitution to a point of no return and have formed a new socialist style government incognito, that I call the Marxist Mafia. They are now in charge of all government and like all the other countries of the world to the detriment of the people.
      The current president would not surprise anyone if he were to expressed his audacity, went to the National archives, and publicly tore the Constitution up, smirking the whole  time, and declaring himself president for life.
   I have not heard a single accurate definition of America in seventy years, although I have heard much false insinuation as to what America is not. Like just a few days ago I heard, the president of this country, say that America is not just a collection of Individuals and States! Well I have this to tell him; yes!! That is precisely what America is! And that he defined accurately what America is, by stipulating what he thinks it’s not.
   He demonstrated in that one statement alone, the audacity of his own ignorance as apposed to hope, and explained in open style his opposition to the very foundations of our country in order to dismantle it and remake it in the image of Marxist principles with the full unwavering support I might add of the democrat party.
   This begs the question where the hell is the requisite indignation and counter balance to these foreign ideas and propositions’ he is so openly espousing? I keep hearing, even from his opposition where they brag about what a great orator he is; no he is not!, if you actually listen to his words minus the rhythm. 
“Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason.” Benjamin Franklin.    
 In the Constitutions original form, it truly was a most perfect document!
                                                                I AM Sovereign  by (G.A.P.) 
 Defense of liberty;
   Under the control of the Marxist Mafia the congress and the president can pass socialist and communistic laws as they please, but it will be rest assured that many will not accept or obey them, in fact defy them, and much unrest will prevail throughout the whole country. It will be this unrest that will force the hand of these tyrants into the application of force, and they are preparing for just such a necessity, which in America can end in only one way with a counter force just like our original revolution started. That is precisely why the founders used the phrase “foreign or domestic” when referring to our security posture.
   The American people have always tolerated abuses of their liberties to the extreme before responding to them, and are not weak or passive as was/is the view of every adversary we have every confronted. Americans in general could be said to be latent extremists in regards to the defense of their liberties.
   As one of those latent extremists’ and at my age, these conclusions, means only and simply said, that I will most likely not leave this world by natural causes. 
"But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution." --John Adams, letter to H. Niles, 13 February 1818 
Song & Dance;
  We Americans have become so comfortable in our wallows we can no longer see the treachery within our gates of freedom. We have been infiltrated by the worst of the worst yet we still beg tolerance and patience of those who are fully aware, while the American dream; and the city upon the hill are coming down upon us. We as a nation of free men and women are being dismantled by both foreign and domestic interlopers from within. It is almost with glee that we not only watch, but encourage our own demise. 
                                                               I AM Sovereign  by (G.A.P.) 
   We no longer need to wonder or question why and how a single man speaking gibberish can mesmerize an entire nation such as Germany, and no one tried to stop it. For we are in the early stages of the identical process by which they succumbed to Hitler’s’ rants, and like him; tears apart original and long establish laws and puts himself and his crazy ideas above the welfare of his nation, until its total destruction. We think we are immune from the same fate but human nature is about to send not only we Americans, but the entire world back into the dark ages of human history. The point of no return is in view, all we have to do is open our minds eyes. The mind truly is a terrible thing to waste.
    Back in the 1950s on the TV show bandstand, the host of the show traditionally would ask the kids in the audience what was it about a particular new song they liked, the standard clique as a response was “aaah I like the rhythm” it was usually a lousy song but performed by someone they liked. I fear that is how we are responding to our new president’s song and dance, “aaaah we just like the rhythm”. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself? 
   Benjamin Franklin said it best with brevity, when he said; “Here comes the orator with his flood of words and drop of reason”.
And from me G.A.P.; As a Nation made up of free and sovereign citizens diversity in the objects of our industries is our strength, diversity of our purposes is our weakness. 
   Resistance, defiance and refusal to adhere to Unconstitutional laws are our only and best methods between election cycles available to all citizens. And I am not talking about the Constitutional law after it was bastardized, but in its original form. 
                                                                I AM Sovereign  by (G.A.P.) 
 Imaginary, visionary, theorization, these are some of what constitutes the definition of “ideology” the believers in Marxism, communism socialism and every other type of social collective you can think of fit the definitions’ stipulated, they are true ideologists’ by every definition of the word. Yet it is they; whom accuse American Patriots as being “ideologist”,
   At the time of Americans’ founding you could have said the founders and other American Patriots were ideologist but as of today our original political system that they imagined and were visionary about and theorized about is no longer an ideology, but established fact, and an extremely effective one at that, which removes it from the category of an ideology in modern times.
   This makes the real ideologist red in the face because what they believe in is still imaginary, visionary, and pure unsubstantiated theory even after dozens of failed attempts in application. 
  All this is pure subjective accusation of ones own intellectual depravity. True American patriots subscribe to the ideology of our founding fathers only in the fulfillment of its application. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
   The only weaknesses and/or flaws in our system of governance today are the intrusive applications of socialist theories that have been bit by bit intertwined through the subversive tactics of insurgents’ within. These are the same subversives/insurgents of McCarthyism fame given free reign by our Congress in the 1950s. 
Any questions or further clarifications are welcome.  G.A.P  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Custer's Last Stand

  Social meddling is not the constitutional mandate of the federal government in any way shape or form, yet over a protracted period of time this is what it has morphed into. Well over thousands of years the progressives which are a mixture of Communists, Socialists, liberals, Marxists, Fascists’, Natzi’s or just plain elitists’ have been and still are the destroyer’s of civilized society’s.
  Obama is nothing more than the most current American leader of progressive leadership, and believes like Sitting Bull that by pooling his resources he can create his own little big horn. American conservatives are not Custer, nor foolish enough to fall into his camp of savages that have a blood thirst for conservative scalps or anyone else that gets in the way for that matter.
  Make no mistake about it; scalps are what they are after; nothing less will do. From a historical point of few they are like many differing native peoples, mentally locked in the past of backward thinking and the term “progressive” is not a defining description of their actions and intents for any society they are actively involved with. They look at the life styles of the past as idealistic as though everyone should live in a manner liken to many failed cultures of history, except themselves! They all want to be Sheppard’s and everyone else to be the sheep to be sheared or slaughtered at their discretion. Historically that has always been great for the Sheppard’s but terrible and devastating for the sheep.
  Americans see themselves as individuals not part of a flock, which is why it has taken the progressive thinkers over the last hundred or more years convincing American’s that pigs really can fly, and they now think most of us have bought into their backward ideology.
  Once a free individual you cannot go back, give me liberty or give me death.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Powers That Be!

Mutual Commerce and Defense agreements should be America’s only legal links with the rest of the world of Nations. All other associations must have no legal binding upon any others outside the specific conditions agreed too and none should be of a permanent nature.
America’s National Sovereignty was permanently set by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and it does not give any branch or office of government the authority to surrender or merge national sovereignty with any other powers of this earth! It in fact would be an act of treason to even attempt.
Any area where American sovereignty has been surrendered to others is un-constitutional, and the people will not recognize such, regardless who or what part of our government has committed such treason.
All the world discussions by the United Nations or any others regarding the sovereignty of Nations cannot and will not be condoned or accepted by “We the People” of these United States in regards to American sovereignty period.
Individual liberty is individual power, and as the power of a community is a mass compounded of individual powers, the nation which enjoys the most freedom must necessarily be in proportion to its numbers the most powerful nation. John Quincy Adams

A government that forgets where its power emanates from in the first place is a government that’s on the decline destined for the ash heap of history from which it sprang. No government of any nation of peoples can survive long term, without the power of the people supporting it. There is no substitute for the people, only the tyranny of wicked men/women.
The people are always the real power of nations, and in America to refer too the aggregate of the people as the “Workers” is a demeaning reference, implying a lowly status in the eyes of the Nations real workers in the bureaucracy that maintains it. (The people are the ultimate rulers, not the workers!) All power of all nations eventually wanes and defers to the power of the people guided only by the hands of providence.
Once as a truly free people, they can never be enslaved, genocide is the only option for the enemies of America, all else will fail! All lovers of freedom and liberty will hang together or separately, it is a love, that has no substitute.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Collapse into Socialism

Where would the world be, if America collapses into a socialist country? First one has to understand the view that from our republic to socialism is truly a collapse as much so as the collapse of the Roman Empire where the drift from the original principals that made them an advance civilization in the first place is the leading factor which reduces them to be less than what they were. A collapse of a civilization is not a matter of physical things, but of change’s in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people that were and would necessitate a collapse.
In America the change we see today is at the political and academic levels not the aggregate body of the people, this is the precise reasoning that our founding fathers used in creating the second amendment. We can all set back and make comments like “it’s interesting to watch it unfold” like the pundits on TV and Radio but at some point of no return, our only salvation is the that same said second amendment. We should not and will not take violence off the table in order to preserve our way of life and the liberty bequeathed us. It’s just a question of when we reach the tipping point. Should we be any less tolerant of our domestic government than our forefathers were with the British when they chose to make us defenseless, by coming after our guns? I think not!
The typical reaction of our human nature to the inconvenient plight of others is more like the humor we experience when some one trips or makes mistakes in society. So every time a government with a socialist bent takes or causes others loss of liberties, our human nature feels an un-righteous vindication even to the point of finding it funny.
Here is the sinister truth, if you understand the historic nature of socialist movements in the beginning many will see things as they happen to others as humor or better them than me, but you can be rest assured you will be next; there is no escape not even at the more privileged top. Socialism is slavery!, and even the masters are vulnerable sooner or later. You can only survive it by capitulation of your free will, and it is maintained by brute force. Fear is the tool to keep everyone in line.
Just like thinking you’re the toughest one there is, there is always someone tougher, so if you think you’re smarter, more educated or even more devious, the same holds true, not because the masters are better, because even they are subject to the whole system, and the system is founded on your fear of its violent powers held over you.
It is the socialist system that holds the power over men/women not, the men/women that make it work. Paradise cannot be found in slavery, by a system designed to keep all enslaved.
The black people of Africa were not historically free; they were members of tribes subject to the whims of chieftains for their very existence, that condition of birth rendered them most suitable as slaves to every country on earth not their skin color. This fact of life should make every black man/women in America who are now free men/women, to fear their potential return, via the socialism of the rest of the world, as should we all!!!
Socialism and freedom are incompatible, they cannot mix simply because, socialism has to complete is control over people; it is never satisfied with half only the whole. Once started, it will never give in, it has to be expunged, which is and was the intent of Americas’ founding fathers in the first place that we have forgotten.
Human nature is the culprit that breeds socialism and it always needs to be bred out of the people if they are to be or remain free people. The family is a socialist structured unit by the nature of nurture and all education should be geared to prepare children not to seek socialism outside of the family unit but to be individualists in their own right. Being chattel to society is voluntary slavery which leads human nature to insist on socialism overall.