Monday, August 31, 2009

The Moon

The first man or women that looked long and hard at the moon, walked away with the perceptive impression that the moon was made up of green cheese. His/her conclusions were simply, that being they, were the first to perceive the moon as green cheese it must be so, and they want to be the first to take credit for this awesome discovery.
As soon as the word got out many others felt left behind in the world of individual perceptions, so they started looking long and hard at the moon also, only every one of them got a different perception of the makeup of the moon. This created arguments among the people as to the truth of the matter and they even held official debates arguing their points of view based solely on each individual’s perception of it. Over time this degraded into fights among the people where many were killed and injured.
The head honcho of this society decided, that he would decide what the moon was made of, and demand that everyone else was to subscribe to his belief or opinions, and if people were going to die over this issue he would be the one to kill them, thus avoiding anarchy within his province. He was going to save us from ourselves.
All of this took place before mankind develops written history, and I would like everyone to know that I discovered this first and demand social recognition for this profound discovery, and I will fight anybody who says otherwise.
This my friends, neighbors and countrymen is the true accurate and full history of humanity since the dawn of time, and could be told on a small piece of paper and read in five minutes. But I would bet half the people today that might take the time to read it won’t see the truth of it and would like to argue about it, maybe even fight.
This is the human nature of history, and it has not grown or matured one iota since our beginnings. It is the subjective way of all cultures that rules.
America as a Nation for the first time in human history was designed in defiance of this way, thru-objectively arrived at self evident truth for the benefit of “the people”, but our human nature is now reverting to type, discarding the full knowledge of human history in the process.
Debating or arguing the pros and cons of our subjective opinions is what Americans today think is healthy debate, what it is, is history repeating itself.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was “a people” that had courage, integrity, perseverance and above all recognized only nature as their superior and loathed the impositions of other men. No man or woman stood on a pedestal above them and they admired others only and I repeat “only” if they stood solidly on the same ground they stood on.
These people were self reliant and would only voluntarily recognize others to lead them in defense, in all else they shunned all others authority over them. They would risk it all to defend the weak and helpless without batting an eye. They voluntarily gave of their time and industries to assist one another in order to thrive as a whole body of sovereign individuals, and they would not tolerate or abide fools and or the ignorant and shiftless among them.
The only emotional part of my being, beyond my own family, is an undying gratitude to those men and women from which I descended. My fervent desire for myself and my country would be for them to return from their hiding places to once again show the entire world of man how to live an enlightened cultural life with intolerance to the fools, the ignorant and the shiftless leaches we have come to abide and even embrace as equals. I deplore the pedestals’ they stand on and preach to us all of their superiority of which like my forefathers I do not and will not recognize or acknowledge.
Most Americans today who look inward see our present modern cultural condition as progress while I see it as decline, and not without a multitude of reason that only a few seem too see or understand. Yet I understand you can lead ignorant animals to fresh water but cannot make them drink it when they have been raised to drink only tainted cool-aid.
The only segment of American society that still has most of the individual attributes passed down from our forefathers is our military, which is used and abused by all the ignorant fools while they preach tolerance of and to all those who would and are drooling at the mouth in anticipation of Americas’ total destruction.
These fools and ignorant in our government are right about one thing they espouse, “yes many do hate them for what they do, and they get so sick they puke in thought of them” and they should be fearful as officials, of the wrath that so far is being held in abeyance by true Patriots because not one wishes a blood revolution, but tolerance does have a demarcation line which they appear determined to cross like children daring and taunting the beast that lies within his own pride.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


  Where does wisdom in humans start and where does it come from or how did it get there? Hold on, I know the answer to this, just give me a little time!!
First of all it does not come or can be acquired all at once, second an individual who wants some must clear the way for it to be put in place. If one has no place for it, one can not keep it, and if you wait to long in you life to start acquiring it, the space for it will be to filled-up with nonsense to keep much of it, and you wont have the time left to acquire it anyway.
  The first thing you have to clear away to make room for “wisdom”, is subjective perceptions; throw them away they are not needed anymore anyway or at least not past 20 years old. Next remove all social emotions you may have acquired keeping only the most personal ones, you will need them to aid in understanding the wisdom as it arrives.
  When you pick up your first installment of wisdom you won’t understand it so you must analyze it in the clean-room of objective analyses and reason. After a full vetting you will understand that installment, and it will be placed in the space you provided for it. Each future installment must be handled the same way only with one more step to fit it precisely with any and all previous installments, a merging technique that is crucial to your overall accumulated Wisdom. As this accumulated wisdom builds it automatically compounds like interest at the bank, or like investment of valuable assets that compound in value over time. This can happen quite fast if you understand the value of compounded interest.
  As soon as the compounding of wisdom commences, you might reconsider clearing-out more of your nonsense to make more room for it. The next thing is someone will ask how you got so wise and acquired so much “Wisdom”. So I would suggest you print several copies of this explanation, to save yourself from having to explain it to others who may want to become as wise as you are now.

P.S. Do not pass this on to others as a perceived joke, but only if serious query is sought, if you do, it will only show that you didn’t discard sufficient nonsense and the wisdom you accumulated is only pseudo Wisdom, not fit for consumption by others.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Song & Dance

   We Americans have become so comfortable in our wallows we can no longer see the treachery within our gates of freedom. We have been infiltrated by the worst of the worst yet we still beg tolerance and patience of those who are fully aware, while the American dream; and the city upon the hill are coming down upon us. We as a nation of free men and women are being dismantled by both foreign and domestic interlopers from within. It is almost with glee that we not only watch, but encourage our own demise.
   We no longer need to wonder or question why and how a single man speaking gibberish can mesmerize an entire nation such as Germany, and no one tried to stop it. For we are in the early stages of the identical process by which they succumbed to Hitler’s’ rants, and like him; tears apart original and long establish laws and puts himself and his crazy ideas above the welfare of his nation, until its total destruction. We think we are immune from the same fate but human nature is about to send not only we Americans, but the entire world back into the dark ages of human history. The point of no return is in view, all we have to do is open our minds eyes. The mind truly is a terrible thing to waste.
   Back in the 1950s on the TV show bandstand, the host of the show traditionally would ask the kids in the audience what it was, about a particular new song they liked, the standard clique as a response was “aaah I like the rhythm” it was usually a lousy song but performed by someone they liked. I fear that is how we are responding to our new president’s song and dance, “aaaah we just like the rhythm”. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?
   Benjamin Franklin said it best with brevity, when he said; “Here comes the orator with his flood of words and drop of reason”.
  As a Nation made up of free and sovereign citizens diversity in the objects of our industries is our strength, diversity of our purpose is our weakness.

   I have not heard a single accurate definition of America in seventy years, although I have heard much false insinuation as to what America is not. Like just a few days ago I heard, the president of this country, say that America is not just a collection of individuals and states! Well I have this to tell him; yes!! That is precisely what America is! And that he defined accurately what America is, by stipulating what he thinks it’s not.
He demonstrated in that one statement alone, the audacity of his ignorance as apposed to hope, and explained in open style his opposition to the very foundations of our country in order to dismantle it and remake it in the image of Marxist principles with the full unwavering support I might add of the democrat party.
This begs the question where the hell is the requisite indignation and counter balance to these foreign ideas and propositions’ he is so openly espousing? I keep hearing, even from his opposition where they brag about what a great orator he is; no he is not!, if you actually listen to his words minus the rhythm.