Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Half Measures

   Half measures won’t do anymore in America; that is if the American people have truly woken from their slumber of a hundred plus years. We the people must not only put a stop to the corruption of collectivism but must undo all the damage to the systems of our government and society without backsliding in our efforts.
   It will be like a child of wealth being disinherited, the shock of suddenly having to be individually, personally responsible and is never psychologically or physically pain free. It will require a strength of character that hasn’t been seen in the world since our founders stood up against all the powers of the world and the internal status quo of people locked in time simultaneously, but is the bitter pill each American has to take to heal the whole of our sickness.
   All forms of collectivism must be limited in both social and political power in size and scope which includes; business, labor, political parties and religion creating a better balance between the individual and collective powers that develop within. This includes all levels of government, federal, state, cities and towns. The growths of all political and civil powers have to be kept proportional with the individual’s ability to cope with.
   Only intelligent people absent personal ambition will be able to create a working formula fitted into and compatible with the Constitution, will have the capacity to rectify the imbalances that have rendered the individual impotent in American society.
    America was created for the individual, not the group, and a return to that individuality of persons will be the salvation that reunites a Nation that once held out hope to all Nations of the world.